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  1. I know its not a movie but what about Buicks in music videos? I remember the Go Gos song "Our Lips Are Sealed" The video featured the girls riding around in, if I'm correct, a 1960 LeSabre convertible. My dad had a 60 LeSabre sedan so I've always liked the video. No matter what you think of the Go Gos the car is great!!! The video can be found on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrYM2Gt9sMw
  2. There is another one on ebay now. I didn't see the first one but this one looks great. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2486165355
  3. My first ride was a 1960 LeSabre Sedan. That is the car I was taken home in from the hospital. (I'll be 40 in May) My dad bought the car brand new two years before he married my mom. (Their still together but now drive Chrysler products) After the 60 LeSabre they had a 68 LeSabre. They drove Chevys for a while then got an 84 LeSabre which I bought from them and drove until it died. I now have another 84 LeSabre (daily driver) an 87 Century and an 89 LeSabre T-type (my Toycar). Guess that first ride in the 60 LeSabre put Buick in my blood!
  4. A while back I found a picture of two LeSabre T-Type limos. I actually saw one on the Tri-State Tollway in Chicago years ago. I have searched the internet and cannot find anything on them. Does anyone have any info on them? Does anyone know where one is? It looks really cool. My son thinks it would be a great way to go to school. Thanks for the help. Click on Attachments for a picture.
  5. I'm still looking for tickets to the banquet. Anyone? E-mail me at buickman@illicom.net
  6. I am looking for 2 tickets for the banquet on Saturday during the Natl. Meet for myself and my son. If you have two available please e-mail me at " buickman@illicom.net Thank you.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I think I will look for someone who can do the job for me. I don't know if I'm that patient.
  8. I have a 1984 LeSabre. The car is in great shape but now the headliner is sagging. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to repair and/or stop it from getting worst? My 87 Century's headliner is a major mess right now and I would like to stop the LeSabre from getting in that condition. Thanks for any help.
  9. I am wondering what was the original tire (brand, etc.) that was put on the 84 LeSabre. I do not have a brochure from that date to look at. Does anyone out there have that information? Appreciate your help.
  10. I have an 87 Century. It has the Tech 4 engine in it. My mechanic is amazed that it is still running. It has just under 190,000 miles on it. I pu 100,000 on it myself. It is now just starting to use oil. My mechanic said that my 87 is unusual in that the engine has run that long. I have seen may of these in the salvage yards with this engine. It is my understanding that they last until 130,000 to 150,000. The six cylinders are a tougher engine and last longer. I love the car and it serves as my work car. Check it out. If you feel comfortable with the car get it. You be the judge.
  11. Me, I'm 38. My LeSabre T-Type is 13, my Century is 15 and my LeSabre 4 dr Custom is 18.
  12. I attended the BCA Natl show on Saturday and was trilled with all the Buicks! I took my 11 year old son and his 10 year old friend. On the way they noticed many different makes of cars but were always sure to point out the Buicks. They have decided they want to own a Buick when they are old enough. (My son wants my LeSabre T-Type. Don't hold your breath son.)<P>This was a great way to spend the day with two boys who have taken an interest in cars. I think it is important to share our interests with our children as they will be the ones who carry on the traditions we have started.<
  13. Thanks for all the information guys! I appreciate it. Turns out I joined the BCA after the roster was published last year so I did not receive a copy.<P>Thanks to Mike at the BCA office for helping me out with the Model Numbers?
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