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  1. The car is located in Howell, Michigan between Lansing and Detroit
  2. The ride on a 1985 Buick Riviera comes pretty close with Factory equipped torsion bar suspension in the front, and Air Pillow suspension in the rear. > > The original transmission offers four speeds through an oil coupling that continues to offer smoothness with each shift and reduced engine revolutions and the forth speed providing economy up to 26 miles per gallon! > > This 1985 Riviera 44,000 miles has never been driven winters, has new tires, battery, and factory option wheels. It’s a Great Long distance car with up to 26 mpg it’s a steal at $7800. The owner loves the car but has turned too old to travel distances required by the hobby.
  3. BCA 2366 Straight Eight Had a 41 super. Now its a 47 56C see photo
  4. Change of subject. Has anyone tried the new pressure plate and disc from Bob's Automobilia for 1947 Super? I ask strictly because this is a new product, and I have purchased one of each and could probably benefit from someones experience who has installed this reproduction set. thank you. Cliff Edited 12 hours ago by Straight eight
  5. Change of subject. Has anyone tried the new pressure plate and disc from Bob's Automobilia for 1947 Super? I ask strictly because this is a new product, and I have purchased one of each and could probably benefit from someones experience who has installed this reproduction set. thank you. Cliff
  6. Speaking about efficiency, that's all the Water Wetter does, is remove the air bubbles so the water can do its job effectively.
  7. Are you Buick lovers driving on antique plates? Do they permit this kind of use? Michigan is kinda restrictive so I kinda wondered if all the states were more liberal than good old Michigan.
  8. Well most of the oil manufacturers have cut the ZDDP in half from what it was. There are a few who haven't. I came accross BRAD PENN DBA PENN GRADE 1 HIGH PERFORMANCE OIL They maintain a very high level of ZDDP and say they won't change it. Anybody heard of this stuff, it used to be called Kendall OIl the 2000 mile oil.
  9. Hey Guys, I have a 47 56C that runs 160 degrees since I added Red Lines "Water Wetter" This stuff comes in a bottle of 12 oz, and makes the water more efficient so the water absorbs the heat better by disposing of air bubbles. I've been using it for several years, and it really works. Mfgd by RED LINE. a well known supplier in the auto parts business. Would like to hear from others who have used it.
  10. Looks like the ZDDP is being reduced and a few places are continuing to provide enough to help out our valve-in-head power plants. One such business known as Brad Penn is doing just that. They are the place with the GREEN OIL. and are providing plenty of ZDDP. Has anybody heard of these folks? Looks like they were part of Kendall OIl, the 2000 mile oil. I have heard about Kendall, but wonder if anyone has heard of this pure Pennsylvania Grade oil. I am thinking of changing from Rotella as they are shifting the ZDDP values around.
  11. I had the 47 out for a spin in the country. I had just replaced the stabilizer grommets in the suspension, wow what a difference. Sure was a jog to the memories of the 50's and cruises in the country.
  12. HI FRANK! The last set of these I saw was in Mason Michigan at a car show. The instructions led one to believe the shields were to be fastened to the seat in such a way as the wind could not antagonize the rear seat passengers. You might try contacting Joe Taubitz known in the club as The Old Guy Sorry I can't be of more help!
  13. The 1957 Buicks used this item with 1957 showing the year of the car. Just look at the grille of any 1957!
  14. Dyna Flash Eight, just in case you overlooked adding an oil supplement for the sliding effect of the tappets on the valves, Shell and most all of the oil producers have changed their formula due to Federal requirements. It seems our catalitic converters on our modern cars were suffering from premature failure due to the zinc for anti wear qualities.So Uncle Sam had the zinc removed. Shell has made the Rotella Oils that combat this shortage. You may inquire from Shell, and they will fill you in. Here is a copy of what they sent to me. -----Original Message-----From: shelltechnical-us@shell.comSent: Friday, January 11, 2013 2:43 PMTo: alglen@comcast.netSubject: Re: Fw: 1947 Buick Super Convertible On Fri, 11 Jan 2013 14:35:49 -0500 you wrote: All Rotella T Multigrades have 1200 ppm zinc including the T5 oils.Thanks >>Attn Keith Perry.
  15. 1947 cream steering wheel 1948 Black or grey steering wheel 1947 hood ornament torpedo floating in space surround by a chrome ring 1948 has a cross bar between floating torpedo and outer ring 1947 has no series designation on front fender 1948 Has series designation on front fender, some Roadmasters with Dyna Flow say Dyna Flow, and some say Roadmaster 1947 Engine mount front lower corner, 1948 Engine mount half way back in center of block on both sides. Buick crest on hood 47 is painted metal, 48 enclosed in plastic. Should be enough to help you identify. Here are the 47 paint colors, just change the date to 48 for 48 colots http://www.autocolorlibrary.com/aclchip.aspx?image=1947-Buick
  16. It might be a good idea to fill a container with spare parts. Such things as spark plugs, points, condenser, coil, thermostat, gallon jug of coolant, windshield cleaner for bugs, an inner tube, radiator cap, for the Buick, and one for the humans, flash light, cell phone, moisture, and snacks. The Buick directory to locate members if you break down and need assistance.
  17. Thanks, Willy. I've always admired your down to earth solutions.
  18. What would cause the stabilizer sway bar grommet to loosen after 20 years of limited service. How can they be held in place? Should I just replace it and rely on friction and the clamp to hold it in place?
  19. Larry, How about good ole Northwestern Auto Parts in Grand Rapids? Cliff in Howell, Mich
  20. Looks like a cracked block alright. I had a much smaller leak above your leak area, and was able to weld it with a special welding rod made up of the same material as your block. Not everyone has this rod, and many try to use rods made up with metal that should hold. If you decide to fix, rather than replace with another block, I could try to locate the name of the company representative that sold me the welding rod. This type of welding rod is desirable so the weld can expand and contract with the block, at the same rate of expansion. I had the welding done by a professional welding company.
  21. The Rainman car was a 1949 Roadmaster, not a 1948!!
  22. Most glass shops can replace the mirror glass if that is what is broken
  23. Looking for vacuum controlled switch for dash board of a 1964 Rivie heating and cooling system. Can anybody help? a working unit or NOS not necessary Thanks, Cliff Herold BCA 2366
  24. Check the advertising literature for next years meet in the Bugle. This part is on the car, right? Look at the photo S Martin submitted above, your part is the outline of the rear fender.
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