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  1. Are you Buick lovers driving on antique plates? Do they permit this kind of use? Michigan is kinda restrictive so I kinda wondered if all the states were more liberal than good old Michigan.
  2. I had the 47 out for a spin in the country. I had just replaced the stabilizer grommets in the suspension, wow what a difference. Sure was a jog to the memories of the 50's and cruises in the country.
  3. Looks like there was at least one Christmas card with white beauty rings.
  4. Here are three lovely gals and the new 55 Buick in the Flint Motorama.
  5. I wish I could make this larger. Dad is just getting home in the new Buick, the back seat loaded with gifts, and through the windows a Christmas tree is glowing, and in the dining room the guests are standing around a loaded table with Christmas delights. Dad must be a little late as close examination of the rear tires shows they are spinning just a little trying for traction in the fresh snow.
  6. I have seen actual torque balls with the rubber vulcanized to the ball, and also some with the retainer vulcanized with rubber, both in an effort to eliminate the triangular seal. Don't know which worked, and which failed and which should be used.
  7. Our 48 Roadmaster delivered new was a blue engine block and valve and tappet cover all the same color. The Buick Dynaflash Eight was in baby blue letters. Very little contrast with the block color. Here are the colors on the wrong engine.
  8. I managed to contact the GMpartsman and here is his reply: On the later Dynaflow, I don;t think it would work as there have been internal changes to the "Flow", such as in 56 a change to allow the turbine vanes to change pitch in low and reverse that was not in the 55 units, and then in 58 IIRC with the twin turbine design. There is a place in Ohio, outside of Cincinnati, Northwest Transmission Parts, 1-8 00-327-1955. Call them and see if John is still there. He is VERY good with older transmissions. There is some (?) interchangeability with Dynaflow bellhousings I have been told but not actu
  9. I think all dual carb 41 engines were red.
  10. Would you mind if these photos were published in the Buick Bugle and the Torque Tube papers? These has been a sudden interest in this project, and they are asking permission to print these photos. Cliff Herold BCA 2366 alglen@comcast.net
  11. Hi there old tank, Are you planning on selling this puller, and puter on her, too? Straight eight alglen(nospam)@comcast.net.
  12. The 53 Special was a straight eight, and the DynaFlow will transfer to an earlier model.
  13. Sure do, BUT we need to know what year, model, of Buick as well as the engine size.
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