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  1. Had some really nice cars at a local concours show that we have attended for years, but not again. Car with rust on fenders, dirty rumble seat and was missing two center caps on the wheels was awarded an award over other nicer cars. Didn't make a lot of sense. Talked to some others that said they wouldn't return to this show again. Sad to hear and see things like this about the hobby. I'll stick with the AACA judging.
  2. One steel rivet , latch is bent to fit up in a channel to keep it from turning.
  3. 1930 Chrysler model 70 Royal Coupe. The flat latch is 1 1/2" wide. Can take other photo's if needed.
  4. Farmer I worked for as a kid had a model t buck rake. I like the steering on this one. How did he work the clutch and brake?????
  5. We have two 1930 Chrysler model 70s, a Royal Coupe and a Brougham. They were built a few days apart and signed off by the same inspector according to the build sheets. The coupe is a show car and the Brougham is all original, no repaints or anything. I haven't been able to locate another 2 door 1930 model 70 Brougham in the US, found one in England. Has to be more of them out there.
  6. If you send me an email address or cell number, I'll send you a photo of my clamp.
  7. Would the clamp on a 1930 Chrysler be the same? I'll measure mine this weekend for you, looks the same. Car is in the shop getting touched up for a concours show. Someone looked in the rumble seat at the last show and their belt buckle did a number on my fender.
  8. The reflectors for my headlights were dull, I sent them to a company called Albrico. They did an excellent job. 1930 lights are now safe to use at night.
  9. Did you find a gas cap? I have one that fits my 1930model 70 and is same size OD and has a knurled rim. Can send pictures to your email address or cell phone. Send me a personal message if you want pictures. It is nos and hasn't been chromed yet.
  10. A large antique shop or mall in Springfield, Ohio has a huge assortment of used tools that are very reasonable. A lot of nice Craftsman tools, hammers, screwdrivers, files and misc. I cleaned out my chest box and found I had 42 screwdrivers! You can't have enough tools.
  11. Glazier Pattern & Coach Works, Ltd. Steven Glazier 3720 Loramie-Washington Rd. Houston, Ohio 45333 937-492-7355 gpcwsteveg@centurylink.com Steve does fantastic work and his restored cars have won many awards. Houston is a small town in Ohio and Steve lives in the country in a woods. I highly recommend him. Check out his web site and give him a call.
  12. My 1930 Chryslers use the coil that is pointed out too. Ignition switch is mounted to the base of the coil. It is a key switch not a lever. If so, you might check Chrysler suppliers. I can send you a picture of a coil with a switch if you send me your email address and you want the photo.
  13. Trouble is putting him in jail cost tax payers a lot of money and he'll live better then some tax payers.
  14. This might be the same company that started as MFT-USA, then changed to Empire. I had a terrible time with them.
  15. Good luck! I looked for other owners of a 1930 Model 70 Brougham 2 door and didn't hear from anyone who had one. a lot of 4 door cars and other models.
  16. My 1930 Chrysler has an adjustment to raise or lower the steering column. My steering wheel tends to rub my belly when I drive. I think people weren't fed as well as we are then!
  17. Don't forget to torque them again after the engine has been run for a while. The soft studs will stretch and need to be gone over again. I forget how long to wait until you should re torque them, maybe some knows.
  18. You are correct, the wider the tire- the more the dynamic balancer is needed. The older narrow tires worked well with the static ( bubble ) balancing method. I static balanced a 6" x 42" flywheel on a static balancer. I dynamic balanced it and was way out of balance--it wanted to wobble. When the balance beads are used, it also takes into consideration of all the rotating parts. Brake drums and all. Glad to hear or see that someone understands this. But, do watch the demonstration about Dyno Beads on the web site. It is very interesting. Enough on this subject !
  19. Google Counteract balance beads or Dyna Beads.
  20. Have you any experience or done any research on balancing? I corrected the steering and had the front end aligned and had vibration. I then added the balance beads and it eliminated he vibration. I was in charge of balancing flywheels in heavy industry. We dynamically balanced flywheels that weighed up to 20,000 lbs. Dynamic balancing if far better than static balancing a wheel. I respectfully disagree with your opinion.
  21. Restoration Supply Company in Calif. I bought mat material for 1930 Chryslers from them.
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