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  1. We have two 1930 Model 70s, not a CJ. The engine in the instruction book calls for S.A.E. 30 or 40 weight, the transmission and rear axle calls for 50 or a light S.A.E. viscosity No. 60. The rear axle calls for fluid gear lubricant. Do you have a manual for your car or a lubrication chart? There have been several on Ebay in the past. Good luck with your car and enjoy the hobby & the people. Tim
  2. Any parts left? How about a clum switch for the headlights, spare tire lock assembly? wolfe@wesnet.com
  3. Looking for a supplier of the lower windshield seal for a model 70, this is for a Murray body with a crank up glass. Steele Rubber seal is for a Fisher body. Any help would be appreciated. Also, have a coupe with a Northway body. Can someone tell me where this company was located? Need seals for it too.
  4. I'd also like to see a photo of your product and a price of it. Have a couple of the model 70's and am in touch with ither owners. Thanks, wolfe@wesnet.com
  5. Pauls Chrome did all my parts and did an excellent job. Price was fair and none of the parts were lost. Very easy to work with. Check out his web site.
  6. We own two 1930 model 70's. I purchased two complete sets of gaskets from Northwestern Auto Supply in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (616) 241-5611. Make sure to tell them if you have the smaller 218 or the later 268 engine. As soon as you get the gaskets, make sure they fit your engine, do not wait until you rebuild it to look at them. Let me know what else you need and I might be able to help you out. Good luck and enjoy the cars and the people. wolfe@wesnet.com
  7. I had all my reflectors polished and then coated with aluminum and the covered with glass. My headlights and cowl lights are bright. I could look up the address if you want to contact the company who did mine. By the way, I drive a Dodge 4x4 and two '30 Chryslers! wolfe@wesnet.com
  8. Just had to contact the Better Business Bureau about a company who has an ad in the WPC. Have been waiting over two years to get my reproduced manifolds, sent him mine off my cars to use as patterns. I gave pleanty of warning for him to work with me before I filed. Be very careful if you do any business with MFT/USA. Will post again when & if I get the new parts and mine are returned.
  9. Ft Wayne Clutch can rebuild your clutch, They are in Ft Wayne, Indiana. There is an excellent brake shop in Ft Wayne too, they turned my drums with the wood spokes still on and relined the brakes, had new lines and fittings in stock. I'd have to look up the address if you need it. They were fast, reasonable and did good work. wolfe@wesnet.com
  10. I'd try Max Merritt maxmerrittauto.com, I purchased trippe lights from him ( and other parts ) He restores them and should have the bulbs. He also has the dash switch for these lights.
  11. Bought my shock insulators from Steele Rubber, a bit on the expensive side- $500+. But, they look like they will fit. Might have to order another set for our other car. Give them a call, it looks like they have them in stock and packaged in sets for different car models.
  12. A while back I ran across a company on ebay that was making replacement coils for old cars. The name was Atwater Kent. Now that a friend needs a coil, I can not locate the information. Can anyone help?
  13. www.restorationspecialties.com Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc. 814-467-9842 Email info@restorationspecialties.com
  14. Doorsills 81 Graham Avenue North Haledon, NJ 07608 (973)423-1196 FAX (973) 904-0433 I've bought them from here and they look just like the originals. Give him a call. wolfe@wesnet.com
  15. A friend is looking for an engine and transmission for his 1929/30 model 66. Anyone have one for sale?? I need a good passenger door handle with lock & keys for a 1930 Model 70. wolfe@wesnet.com
  16. Looking for a rumble seat lid latch assembly for a 1930 Chrysler Model 70. Can anyone help? Any other seat parts for the same car, our seat & parts were removed and we need everything.
  17. The build sheet for our 1930 Chrysler lists NORTHWAY as the body builder. Can any tell me anything about this company?
  18. Try Pulfer& Williams, PO Box 67, Forest Road, Hancock, N.H. 03449 I bought mine from him for my 1930 Chryslers and they were excellent. Sorry, I don't have his phone number any more. Good luck! <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  19. Seals are on order---thanks!! Now if I could only find a source for the rubber shock isolators for mounting the leaf springs..
  20. Looking for a supplier of shock insulators. Has anyone purchased and installed these from Scott's in Australia? Steele's show them but ask for the old ones to be sent to them and mine are about all gone. Can anyone help? wolfe@wesnet.com
  21. I am having two manifolds custom made for our 1930 model 70s by MFT in Texas. He's had my old ones for samples for a year now, so I hope you aren't in a hurry. My engines are 218 cu in - not the 268 cu in. There might be a chance that he has yours in stock. contact info@mft-usa.com tell him I sent you--maybe he'll hurry a little on mine... wolfe@wesnet.com
  22. Where can I find rear outer axle seals for my Model 70's? Need 4, a friend needs 2. wolfe@wesnet.com <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  23. Wanted : 1930 Chrysler parts, Dome light and switch, rear spare tire lock assembly, interior door handles, other misc. parts.
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