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  1. Not necessarily, early production model 70's had a pennon louvered hood too.
  2. Several years back I looked a Model 70 in Illinois that was built from other cars, owner was very upset when I pointed that out to him. Got a lot of hate mail from him and started calling my wife very nasty names. I filed a complaint with the post office and they stopped that.
  3. Came home from SE Asia as a S/Sgt. in 1970 and bought a 1970 Chevy Chevelle , had it a few weeks and was hit head on by a drunk in a new Impala totaled both cars. Bought a 1969 Mustang 428 SCJ, sold it when I got married. Kids are grown and gone so we now have two 1930 Chrysler Model 70s. Coupe is a show car and the Brougham is an all original driver.
  4. Gave up finding one and a local machinist is making them for me.
  5. It is 11/16" I had one measured from my other car. Thanks Harry! Jay Astheimer said he had some.
  6. looking for the adapter for front brakes that join a brake hose to 1/4" brake line for a 1930 Chrysler model 70. They are mounted on a bracket under the front left fender, made of brass. All I need to get my all original car back on the road.
  7. Doing this one for a friend and going by what he told me, I don't know anything about a Plymouth. Thanks for the info!
  8. Outstanding chrome looks to be NOS. $110 Call John at 937-726-5734 Looking for a 1933 Plymouth "ship" hood ornament
  9. I took a spare front wheel to a local shop for a pattern and had one made for my '30 Chrysler. It worked great, has been in the cabinet ever since!
  10. I referred him to a restoration shop several years back and they were very impressed with his work.
  11. I'm looking into buying blocks and carving them. $739 for blocks of tire rubber seems way to high! I think I paid $500 for them when I restored my coupe.
  12. Does anyone know of a source for the rubber spring mounting blocks other than Steele Rubber?
  13. You make it sound soooo easy! Had to pull the back of the spring down while jacking the center up. It wouldn't slide in. But I was successful!
  14. Nice photo, I somehow knew someone would comment on it.My springs have cups on each end that the blocks fit in, they can not slide. I think I'll get a steel bar and use c clamps to compress the springs, sounds a lot safer too.
  15. Is there a trick to reinstalling the leaf springs in a 1930 Chrysler with rubber block shock isolators? I think the mounts are called parabolic ?
  16. Brazed it the best we could, still leaked around the welded area with porosity. I used JB Weld steel stick and added it to the damaged area. So far there are no leaks and the car runs great. It's not my show car, just an all original driver.
  17. Doesn't leak where I silver soldered it, but does where it was welded. Weld had porosity and had to be removed. Going to try to braze it. If that doesn't work I'll be looking for a replacement intake. Glad it isn't my show
  18. Company in Piqua , Ohio will put special paint in spray cans. Send me a PM and I'll get the contact information for you if your interested. I'm not sure if you have to supply the paint or they can.
  19. Didn't take a picture of the repair. Look at Muggy Weld SSF6 cast iron manifold repair.
  20. Manifold is repaired, the silver solder worked when instruction are followed.
  21. Has anyone repaired a cast iron manifold using Muggy Weld SSF6? Video looks good.
  22. The last picture shows a devise behind the fan to catch air and connects to a metal hose to go to the firewall / dash for the defroster! Sort of a neat thing, like the manifold heater.
  23. Paint Library has trim/strip colors listed up to 1934, you could contact them and ask about your specific year and model.
  24. Emblemagic.com Don't know if they are still restoring yet or not. They should be able to help or maybe have a restored one for sale...
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