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  1. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I said he sent me an email and that club members should beware of this fellow. I didn't say he was a member of the WPC Club or that he had contacted me thru the web site.
  2. nicolasburwell@gmail.com was the name.
  3. I have received two emails from Nicolas Burwell offering to sell me parts being removed from his fathers 1930 Chrysler he is parting out. He sent photo's of the car, it is a very nice Imperial coupe convertible. Funny, the same photo of this car was for sale and sold a long time ago on the web. Beware of this fellow!
  4. Had a great time at the show, saw a lot of old friends. Invited West to go with us this Friday to a private museum. Bought a new trailer, old toy hauler had large pictures of of car on the sides, never had a problem. Don't forget to check on shirts for women !
  5. Where can You get the large AACA decal for trailer doors ?
  6. Forgot to say that the beveled mirror is rectangular and not round.
  7. Mirror bracket is made of several turned parts that screw together, mirror is beveled glass. Need one for passenger door. It is not a Muswell mirror. timandjuliawolfe1@roadrunner.com
  8. installed the intake and engine runs great!
  9. My build sheet for our 1930 Chrysler model 70 Brougham shows a North East horn. I am looking for a North East horn tag.
  10. Thanks Jon for the information. My car is a show car and I try to keep it original. I knew the DX3 had a fixed main jet, but I bought a parts carburetor and it had the adjustable jet and I was curious. The main jet on my show car is a fixed .062", correct for a 218.6 engine?
  11. yes #4 , I have an adjustable main jet that was in a DX3 when I bought it.
  12. Found out they made a jig to hold the manifolds steady on the mill table. The manifolds look great and are perfectly flat and in line with each other. So I guess it was worth the money.
  13. A machine shop just billed me about $500 to machine an intake manifold to match my exhaust manifold. Does this seem high to you? I have no choice but to pay it, but will tell him I think it is very high. At $100 an hour that means it took 5 hours to set up and fuzz cut it!
  14. Anyone ever seen or have any experience with a Stromberg DX3 with an adjustable main jet?
  15. The ones on my 1930 Chrysler's look original, but inside are hidden modern filters. The housings come apart to hide the new filters.
  16. It looks like parts of the clutch or brake pedal adjustment for a car, might be from a different car.
  17. Then and Now Automotive has new pumps like this, I've bought them for my '30 Chryslers.
  18. Snubber material is no longer available, Restoration Supply sews hood lace together and sells it. It looks and works just like the original material. I bought hood lace and had it sewed together for my '30 Chrysler Brougham.
  19. Why not take it to a body shop that does hail dent repair?
  20. The casting numbers are very hard to read looks like 303975 4 or 808975 4. manifold has a 1/8" pipe threaded hole on bottom for a drain tube, later models had a larger hole for a fumer. I can send you a picture if I can get an email address or cell number.
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