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  1. What gives you the idea they were talking about a CAR body ? Sounds like perhaps a hoax ?? Please, give us more info....
  2. I GIVE UP anyone else wonder if we are talking about a person's body or a vehicle's body? Maybe I missed that in reading ( my eyes are getting weak ).???
  3. Now If only I could get someone to check the width of my row at Hershey to see why it is sooooooo narrow that a motor home can just about clear and it is near impossible to cut around to make it into my spots....(near C3D41 &42 )Just kidding but it would be nice to get the problem looked at.
  4. Anyone needing 57 pontiac parts, I have some extra parts such as transmission ,fender, rocker panel, wheel bearings . Ask and I'll let you know if I have it. I'm sure we can come up with a fair price , Also have 56 motor and trans, complete.Thanks, Gordy in Vermont
  5. When they sent me a confirming e mail they said that I should get my card in about two weeks. Perhaps with all the CHRISTMAS mail it is taking longer. Seems to me that two weeks is a long time but it should come in time to sent the forms back in for Hershey. In my State we can renew our car plates and driving licences on line and it only takes about three days to get them back in the mail. But like I said, still plenty of time , someday I'll renew when I'm in Hershey and get it out of the way.
  6. Received my Hershey pre reg forms and recalled that I did not have 2005 dues paid yet. Saw where you could renew on line and thought that I would give it a try. Worked great, no envelope or stamp needed. Would recommend any one that has not renewed already.
  7. Stowe is not at the same place that it was in the early 70s( The town is but the car show is not ) Is has grown to a nice meet. They advertise about 900 cars and many hundred venders. Normaly the weather is fine but not this year.
  8. Anyone out there go to the Stowe Vermont antique car show this weekend( or tried to ) I was to vend at this show, arrived set up on Thursday and after spending a great time arranging all my wares found out that a nearby brook had become a raging river due to the large amount of rain we have been getting for that last few weeks . The rain the last few days was real bad and the river rose so high it was decided that the lower part of the field stood a chance of getting flooded so we had to pack up in the hard rain. By now the farmer's field was beginning to look like the Hershey of the old day
  9. I have a 1972 Motobecane moped that I will part out on E bay if you need a certain part or parts. let me know and I will list them .The only thing I see missing is the side panels and the carb. E mail me at classcentre@aol.com
  10. Some how or another I got "logged out " and it took me some time to get the right password to sigh in with. As you get older your mind must get smaller or perhaps just crammed with usless junk. Anyways I'm back and I got my hershey confirmation also on the 20th.
  11. Have you thought of trying the micro wave? I heard that it kills mildew.
  12. I wrote a note on my calender that the Hershey confirmations are due anytime now.Am I wrong or are they due and has anyone got theirs yet ?
  13. Because two looked cool., one looked like an "add on ". Thats the only answer that I had for doing it.Some of the chrysler products even came from the factory with two on the rear as I recall.
  14. Thanks. I just mailed my letter before I read this so I guess I will wait to see if I hear anything. Hate to go in two directions and end up making it more confusing.
  15. Guess I am not as smart as you thought I was...Didn't know they had a phone .Know what the number is ?
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