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  1. I need a pair of park light / turn signal lenses for a 65 LeSabre. I have heard that Wildcat and Electra also interchange.
  2. Thanks to all. It was too late to save the ABS when I originally posted, it was already removed. This is a guy I know, a good guy, when I found out about him changing he was at the auto parts store looking for brake line. I told him I would inquire here to get what info I could. But he has not contacted me again. I showed him some stuff he didn't know about lines and fittings etc. Offered my assistance, best I could do. Again, Thank You to all. You posted enough information and showed me how you had done this swap. If I get the chance I could better assist him now. Mike
  3. Posting for a friend, his 89 is having problems. He had already removed the huge abs system and has a vacuum booster and a master cylinder hanging there. He is wondering if anyone has done this and would know an efficient, proven method to plumb the new parts to the existing lines. The master has a 11x1.5 port and a 16x1.5 port. No idea what the existing lines are. Anyone have suggestions to share? Thanks, Mike
  4. Lots of different cars listed. I read all of the responses and I am the only person so far who took the test in an EDSEL. It was a 1959 2 tone green 4dr sedan which belonged to my Grandmothers sister. It was April 1965. My family did not own a car, I learned on a tractor and hay truck, and drove an uncle's car and truck sometimes. I had gotten out of school and was about to walk home from the bus stop over a mile from my house, my great aunt as I called her happened by and asked if I wanted to go to town, about 15 miles, with her. I said "sure". When we arrived in the county seat in Greenup Co. Ky. I asked if I could borrow the car to take my driver test. I had never ridden in the car before that day and certainly never drove it, I passed the test with no problem but I was sweating the parallel parking. Also I never drove the car again. Mike
  5. Offering my Sport Wagon, located in Ironton Ohio, zip 45638. Price is $9500. Pictures on Photo Bucket; 1967 Buick Sport Wagon Slideshow by mike_phelps | Photobucket Story on my closed ebay auction here; Buick : Skylark Sport Wagon in Buick | eBay Motors Contact me here or or 74o-533-o24o
  6. I feel sure I could never be a PI, police dective etc. I can't seem to find one of these anywhere. I see small 2-3" but none in 6" size, or near that. Any help is appreciated. Mike Phelps
  7. Go here to learn the correct way to use the method in your picture; Measuring Bolt Patterns - How to Measure Your Rim's Bolt Pattern , even then it doesn't work perfectly. We agree they are Buick wheels, GM didn't use a 4.5" bolt pattern when these wheels were used, they used 4.75", so even though I didn't use a ruler I feel confident in saying they are 4.75" bolt pattern. Buick did have a wheel similar to these, but not exactly the same, that has a 5" pattern. Cheers, Mike
  8. They are indeed Buick wheels, 4 & 3/4" bolt pattern.
  9. Hello, 4.5 bolt pattern is not GM. Buick didn't use SS1, Olds did. If you could post the pictures a lot of us will know what they are. Not my rules, but board rules say asking price is required. Regards, Mike
  10. The original post is 7 years old, I sort of figure the car has been sold. All threads have the date at the top.
  11. I would like to buy a 4bbl intake for a 340 engine. Must be willing to ship to 45638 zip code, Ironton, OH. Thanks, Mike