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  1. Used to enjoy learning the differences between grilll/turnsignals set ups on very similar cars like 1952, 1953, 1954 Ford etc.
  2. I very rarely post, but read with interest. My first driver was Dad's '54 Super, then his '54 Century. The first car i owned was a '57 Special convertible, I have phots of all if anyone is intersested. Stan
  3. I have one good rim and one which has been ruined; they are from a straight axle from the front end of a Chrysler (at least the small caps say Chrysler). They have been used on a small homemade trailer which I have used to haul firewood. The spindles on the axle have screw-on caps. Are these something I should not send to scrap yard? If they are rare and/or desirable, I guess the ruined could be repaired if someone really needed it.
  4. (When I logged in, it said I had last visited on Dec. 31, 1969 - wow, I am getting older, must be my memory, I don't recall being online back then? !!) Will windshield and distinctive Belvedere side trim on a 1956 model two door be same as two door hardtop? thanks stan
  5. There's currently a yellow/black Ford ragtop on Ebay, yellow on bottom/black on top, could that color scheme be reversed from the factory? I seem to remember my buddies' being black on bottom. Thanks
  6. A friend from Effingham, IL tells me of the Corvette museum there being in the midst of a restoration (rebirth) of a rear engine Corvette from maybe 1961 or so. The story he got from their shop is that Smokey Yunich was in charge of destroying a concept car, cut it into three pieces, took it to a scrap yard, had it certified as being demolished, and made a secret agreement to take the remains into his (Smokey's) possession. My friend saw the car, said it looked like a StingRay, but pre-dated that series by a few years. Passing it along for what it's worth.
  7. Sound of Music is listed as a 1965 movie, may have been actually filmed a little earlier. Would Olds have given her a used car?
  8. Someone in the Buick forum said a rear window from a 56 Special might also fit above model. I have one for no charge to anyone. I offered it a few times with no sucess as a pick up only deal. (St. Louis area). I have loaded it up twice to haul it away, but have then held back, thinking someone somewhere must need this. So - I would attempt to package it up for UPS, for anyone who would pay the shipping. I ship from my workplace, we have very good rates with UPS. PS Loved that exhange about the Florence Henderson 61 Starfire - I had a 63 Starfire convertible. All I have left other than the memories is the inner vanity mirror with chrome surround. Anyone need it?
  9. Several times I have mentioned that someone could have for no charge a rear window for above model, if they pick it up. No takers, and I have twice loaded it up to take to throw away, but I have pulled back, thinking "someone surely needs this or wants it". So, offer is still good, but this time I would attempt to package up for UPS, at whatever cost that shipping would be. I would ship from my workplace, we have excellent shipping rates with UPS. Going, going and soon gone.
  10. I've been trying to give away for a couple of years now, a rear window from a Special 4-dr hdtp. Probably wouldn't work.
  11. I have a pair of Dietz 1409 headlamps. Any idea if these were aftermarket or OEM? I will post a photo tomorrow? Appreciate any help. I am going to put them up for auction. New condition
  12. Anyone need a rear window for a 1956 special four door hardtop? You can have it free, cleaning my garage. I live 45 miles from St. Louis, MO in southern Illinois.
  13. Thanks for mentioning Riverside. I must admit my interest went beyond hand tools to batteries, etc. Was Riverside the name for the miscellaneous automotive items, or just for tires?
  14. I believe Master Mechanic is True Value hardware's line of tools. thanks
  15. Sears had Craftsman, Western Auto had Wizard, what was the Montgomery Ward in-store brand of merchandise? Where else can a house bound guy pick the brains of fellow old pharts???
  16. Bought a 1955 Ford, the front crossmember has been replaced with a single leaf spring, Had to take the entire front end off to fix.!!
  17. I'm one of six kids born in the late 40's, grew up with the early 50's Buicks. Haven't been around one in ages, an early memory is sleeping on the back floorboard on a trip, late at night. Was there not much of drive shaft hump, or none, in those Buicks? Thanks for your indulgence.
  18. Growing up here in Southern Illnois (born 1948) I have seen all my life, up through the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today, a good deal more of those late 40's - early 50's Chevrolet pickups on the street than I have of the Ford pickup trucks from the same era. Do you reckon this is because there were just a lot more Chevys sold initially? Or was the Chevy a hardier vehicle?
  19. 1953 Buick station wagon now on E-Bay with five holes - somebody added one?
  20. I am a Buick admirer, but don't know all that much (my first drive was a 1954 Super of my dad's). In another post, a fellow said "a 1958 Roadmaster 75 is a work of art," regarding the chrome. Is the Limited an upgraded Roadmaster? or a separate model? Was the Roadmaster discontinued after 1958? The Limited seems to me to be more massive than the 1959 Cadillac, never saw the two of them side by side, though.
  21. A beautiful 4-dr stripped for a demo derby - I observed with broken heart. I pulled from the dumpster: complete grill/headlight pieces, taillights, outside mirror assembly, hubcaps. Any interest?
  22. "Cadillacin' around in my Model A" - Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys
  23. Front grill badge "Cutlass Cruiser" NOS
  24. Grill, complete headlight surrounds & trim, complete tail lights, four very good hubcaps, outside mirror & remote cable