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  1. Used to enjoy learning the differences between grilll/turnsignals set ups on very similar cars like 1952, 1953, 1954 Ford etc.
  2. I very rarely post, but read with interest. My first driver was Dad's '54 Super, then his '54 Century. The first car i owned was a '57 Special convertible, I have phots of all if anyone is intersested. Stan
  3. I have one good rim and one which has been ruined; they are from a straight axle from the front end of a Chrysler (at least the small caps say Chrysler). They have been used on a small homemade trailer which I have used to haul firewood. The spindles on the axle have screw-on caps. Are these something I should not send to scrap yard? If they are rare and/or desirable, I guess the ruined could be repaired if someone really needed it.
  4. (When I logged in, it said I had last visited on Dec. 31, 1969 - wow, I am getting older, must be my memory, I don't recall being online back then? !!) Will windshield and distinctive Belvedere side trim on a 1956 model two door be same as two door hardtop? thanks stan
  5. There's currently a yellow/black Ford ragtop on Ebay, yellow on bottom/black on top, could that color scheme be reversed from the factory? I seem to remember my buddies' being black on bottom. Thanks
  6. A friend from Effingham, IL tells me of the Corvette museum there being in the midst of a restoration (rebirth) of a rear engine Corvette from maybe 1961 or so. The story he got from their shop is that Smokey Yunich was in charge of destroying a concept car, cut it into three pieces, took it to a scrap yard, had it certified as being demolished, and made a secret agreement to take the remains into his (Smokey's) possession. My friend saw the car, said it looked like a StingRay, but pre-dated that series by a few years. Passing it along for what it's worth.
  7. Sound of Music is listed as a 1965 movie, may have been actually filmed a little earlier. Would Olds have given her a used car?
  8. Someone in the Buick forum said a rear window from a 56 Special might also fit above model. I have one for no charge to anyone. I offered it a few times with no sucess as a pick up only deal. (St. Louis area). I have loaded it up twice to haul it away, but have then held back, thinking someone somewhere must need this. So - I would attempt to package it up for UPS, for anyone who would pay the shipping. I ship from my workplace, we have very good rates with UPS. PS Loved that exhange about the Florence Henderson 61 Starfire - I had a 63 Starfire convertible. All I have left other than the memories is the inner vanity mirror with chrome surround. Anyone need it?
  9. Several times I have mentioned that someone could have for no charge a rear window for above model, if they pick it up. No takers, and I have twice loaded it up to take to throw away, but I have pulled back, thinking "someone surely needs this or wants it". So, offer is still good, but this time I would attempt to package up for UPS, at whatever cost that shipping would be. I would ship from my workplace, we have excellent shipping rates with UPS. Going, going and soon gone.
  10. I've been trying to give away for a couple of years now, a rear window from a Special 4-dr hdtp. Probably wouldn't work.
  11. I have a pair of Dietz 1409 headlamps. Any idea if these were aftermarket or OEM? I will post a photo tomorrow? Appreciate any help. I am going to put them up for auction. New condition
  12. Anyone need a rear window for a 1956 special four door hardtop? You can have it free, cleaning my garage. I live 45 miles from St. Louis, MO in southern Illinois.
  13. Thanks for mentioning Riverside. I must admit my interest went beyond hand tools to batteries, etc. Was Riverside the name for the miscellaneous automotive items, or just for tires?
  14. I believe Master Mechanic is True Value hardware's line of tools. thanks
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