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  1. Bill, I will need to figure out how to haul it, but possibly a week from this Saturday. I'll confirm with my wife and get back with you. Thanks, Steve
  2. Bill, I may be interested in getting the front from you. How far are you from St. Louis? I might have to make a road trip over. Let me know or you can PM me. Thanks, Steve
  3. You can try this place. I haven't bought from here (yet), but plan to give them a try. http://www.profitautointeriors.com/products/Buick/Seat-Covers--Front-Buckets-and-Rear-Bench--Set--1966-Wildcat-Sport-Coupe/10140440/66BWILDBU.html Good luck.
  4. If you are looking for one in good shape, good luck. It's like they all crack. They are the same wheel for both 65 & 66.
  5. What time does the swap meet open on Saturday morning? I'm think of driving down from Seattle in the morning. Also, is anybody bringing any 66 Wildcat stuff? Thanks, Steve Smith
  6. Hopefully for the next 7 years, Roberta, then I can retire! I just sent you an email earlier. Are you going to Portland for the National meet? I plan on driving down on Saturday the 25th and viewing the cars. Let me know, it would be perfect to get that seatcover.
  7. I may have a pair in my stash, but I'm packed up for a move to Seattle, WA. Once I get settled, I can check, but it might be a couple of weeks. Let me know if you still need them, or if you have found any. They came from a Wildcat that I parted out.
  8. Like the title says. Complete except for the kickdown switch & bracket. This came out of a 66 Wildcat that I bought for parts from Dennis Wheeler in Florida. The car had sat for quite a while, but Dennis got it running. It was driven on & off the trailer only, but seemed to run ok. It is a regular old 401, with the Carter AFB, including the air cleaner. I only know that the SP400 went into drive & reverse, but do not know how well it shifted through the forward gears. I would consider it a good engine to start with for a rebuild. It has about 85,000 miles on it, if I remember cor
  9. That's kind of what I thought, but figured it would be worth checking. Thanks.
  10. Title says it all. Found a rebuilt unit for a 66 Riv, wondering if it will fit in my 66 Wildcat? It anybody knows, let me know. I know the firewall nount will need to be replaced, more concerned about the lenght and diameter, if they match up. Thanks!
  11. How is the convertible rain gutter that runs around the back of the convertible top?
  12. Faxon Auto Literature: chassis Service Manuals - Shop, Owner, Maintenance and Repair | Faxon
  13. James, The grill arrived today. Thank you, it's in really great shape. Can't wait to get it on the car! Thank you again!
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