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  1. I find each day it's harder and harder to come on this site. Now I really understand why I dropped out of the club!
  2. Went to Shappy's cruise last night but the Imperial didn't show up, The owner Albert was too tired to come out after work.......... But I did get a chance to ride in Dick's 1918 Pierce Arrow.
  3. About 16 years ago I was coming home from a cruise and the fuel pump let go on my Invicta. I don't carry a trunk full of extra parts. I borrowed a cell phone and called triple a. That's why I have an account. That's when I also decided to purchase a cell phone. I don't care how good you are, you're not going to make a fuel pump there.
  4. Mr. Drysdale= character actor. The one in the series. I'll probably see it finished at a cruise at Dick Shappy's Cadillac Lounge tomorrow night.
  5. I find it odd that people with "old" cars don't have cell phones. I never leave home without it.
  6. He didn't own it, but my son recently painted Mr. Drysdale's Chrysler Imperial from the Beverly hillbillies. The most rust free car he's ever done.
  7. What happened to the "likes"?
  8. It's back! Thank you.........
  9. I've noticed the heavy black line is missing that let you know where on the post you left off. That was an excellent feature.
  10. Beautiful car!! Now I'm convinced why they outsold Chevrolet......!!
  11. My son was 12 years old when he got his first car. He'll turn 50 in October. Still has the car
  12. My '62 Invicta was 28 years old when I bought it in 1990. Can't believe I've had it 27 years......
  13. When I sold one of my Metropolitans to a lady in Missouri she needed a title. Since RI doesn't issue titles on older cars I got a registration verification form from the DMV and it was excepted by the Mo DMV.
  14. I used to get car sick in my father's 1950 Buick but not in his '55.
  15. Would be helpful to know what make and model car?
  16. To this day I can still see how the Ford outsold the Chevy that year. One car I always wanted to own and never did.
  17. The lady I sold my 1960 Metropolitan informed me that her Kansas City region hosted the AACA Grand National and her car took first place in her class and received her 1st Grand National award and her first Preservation award. That made me fell good!!
  18. I had part of a rear quarter for my '62 Buick shipped by bus from California years ago cheap.
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