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  1. Hello everyone, It's been years since I posted here, and I try not to unless I'm stuck. I am having my 1991 Reatta painted, but before I do that, I need to replace the black rubber gasket trim that goes around my (original) windshield. It's rotted, and in some places, nearly so deteriorated that I'm surprised it doesn't leak. I am absolutely stuck with trying to get a new one, or a suitable replacement. I'm sure others on this board have the same problem. If your black windshield trim looks pitted, that's just the beginning. Once it starts, it's like cancer and really takes off. ANY HELP in replacing this would be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS! Jim Houston Charleston, SC
  2. Yes, I still have my red 1991 Buick Reatta, and it has nearly 300,000 miles and I still drive it nearly every day. I'm about to have it repainted, but there are some things I want to check into first. Can anyone help me with locating new parking light fixtures for the right and left front of the car? Mine are slowly becoming cloudy and have what seems to be water vapor inside, plus, the silver trim that goes around the outside of each fixture is dull and seems to be mostly worn off. Can I get new ones or can I get these refurbished? Any help?? Thanks, Jim Houston Charleston, SC
  3. Hi Joe, THANKS for the very thoughtful and insightful reply. I really do appreciate it very much. I also do look forward getting in touch with Barney Eaton again. I agree, he's perhaps the most knowledgeable Reatta professional out there. Again Joe, thank you. All the best, Jim Houston Charleston, SC
  4. Thanks Jim. I'll give that a try, and if I can't get to it (my hands are big), I'll at least let the guys at the GM dealership know. When I go in there and I have no idea what the problem is, they charge me for the time. This list is great because I can usually go in (assuming I can't fix it myself) and I can tell them what to zero in on. With a problem like I have, I can only imagine the time they'll need to spend to troubleshoot it. I ordered a cruise control servo the other day, I need to go in and have that swapped out anyway, so it won't be a problem if they need to do this for me. THANKS for the tip, and I'll be sure to follow up. Jim Houston
  5. Greetings, I have a 1991 Buick Reatta, and I keep it in top-notch performing condition. One "gremlin" I've always seemed to have is walking out to my other-wise reliable Reatta to find that the battery is completely dead. I have been unable to determine why this was happening until recently. I have found that *occasionally* my tail lights will not shut off when the car is turned off. The headlights will go off like they're supposed to, but for some reason, the tail lights on my Buick stay on. This is intermittent, but it is happening now more frequently than it used to. The only reason I've been catching it is because I've had people come to me and tell me my lights are on, and my car has been shut off for over an hour. I go out to the car, and sure enough, the tail lights are on. It's NOT a brake sensor issue, I've looked into that, and it's not a light switch issue. I can turn the lights (headlights/parking lights) on and off at will, however, the tail lights will NOT extinguish. The only way I can get the tail lights to extinguish and behave normally is to disconnect a battery terminal, or disconnect the 20 AMP fuse that controls the tail light assembly. I simply CAN NOT be the ONLY Buick owner that has this problem. I'm thinking it's computer related, but it's also been happening to me for over 5 or 6 years now on and off. It wasn't until the past 7 or 8 months though, that I've narrowed the issue down to the tail light gremlin. ANY help out there would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks very much! Jim Houston Charleston, SC jim.houston@att.net
  6. Hello Everyone! It's been an awfully long time since I've posted on this forum, but I still read it often, and I still own my Reatta! I have information on a problem I posted a couple years back, but the information only helps, the problem is still there, but I know I can't be the only Reatta owner to have experienced this. Occasionally, my tail lights will come on and will not go off. When this happens, it runs my battery down, often to the point where the battery is insufficient to power the trunk (and my battery cables!). I've seen this happen to me now about once a month, and for no apparent reason. It happened to me once while driving, and while everything in the car worked fine, after 4 hours of driving, my car wouldn't crank 10 minutes later - as if the battery was run down. While I don't know for certain that was what was going on, I'm 90 percent sure. I think it must be a computer glitch maybe. I will turn the car off, and someone will tell me my lights are on. I walk out to the car, the lights are off, but the tail lights are on, and have been. The whole tail light section is hot to the touch. I start the car, shut the car off, no help. I tapped on the brake pedal thinking maybe the break light indicator switch was bad....that's not it either. I've disconnected what I thought were the wires going to the tail lights, the clips had little orange blocks in them to keep them from becoming disconnected, but even temporarily disconnecting those didn't kill the lights. The only way I know how to do it is to disconnect the battery to the car, or to pull the 20 AMP fuse at the bottom middle (yellow one) of the fuse panel near the drivers right leg. This is a totally weird occurance, but again, I know for sure it's happening to others.....I've read other reports where people walk out to their Reatta, and the battery is completely dead. I think this is why this is happening. Anyone else ever experince this?? Please let me know, and again, GREAT TO BE BACK!! All the best, Jim Houston Charleston, SC
  7. I think you need a new oil pressure sensor. I just had to replace mine last week. Mine was all over the place on the gauge, now is perfect. A little over $100 installed by the dealer. Incidentally, my dealer accidentally replaced the LOW OIL pressure sensor by mistake, but I didn't argue. I have a 91 and I figure since the pressure sensor went, it probably made sense anyway. That's my suggestion.<BR>Jim Houston<BR>Charleston, SC
  8. Padgett, that was a great suggestion.<BR>I'll try cleaning the three selonoids on the drivers side wheel well - assuming I can find them. You said they pull a chain? Anyway, I'll take a look at that this week-end. Can you please be a little more specific about the location of the unit on the wheel well, and what you used to clean the three selonoids? If that doesn't correct my problem, I have a tendency to agree with the brake pedal vacuum line failure you mentioned. That makes sense and sounds like it could very well be the culprit. When my CC disengages, it's almost as if the brake pedal was pushed. I think you're on to something there. Where is that vacuum line? Can you tell me how to find it?<BR>Thanks again, I appreciate your feedback.<BR>Jim Houston
  9. The same thing is, and has been happening to me. I am 99 percent certain my problem is a vacuum leak as well for the following reasons:<BR>1. My "Cruise Control" indicator doesn't go off, but my car will slowly decelorate, and soon after will totally disengage itself, all the while, the green cruise indicator is still illuminated.<BR>2. My cruise seems to work in cooler temps, but as soon as it gets to be 60 or warmer, I see the problem.<BR>Big pain, especially on long trips.<BR>Not sure which vacuum hose it is, I've looked, I've replaced several parts associated with the vacuum system.<BR>I JUST got done spending about $450 last week for new valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, and oil pressure sensor.<BR>My next big job will be the vacuum hoses. There must be 20 of them all different shapes, lengths, and diameters, so I feel it's probably best to just have it done at the dealer. They know where even the most remote vacuum tube is. I believe changing out the vacuum hoses helps everything from automatic transmission gear shifting, to engine performance. My car is a 91, and I think it's probably about time to have this done anyway.<BR>I will let you know what the tab is when I get my car back, and if that cleared up my problem, but I AM going to have all of my vacuum hoses done within the next week or two.<BR>Jim Houston<BR>Charleston, SC
  10. As always, this discussion group never fails me! Thanks for the tips! I'll try cleaning the battery connections and see what happens, and if that doesn't do the trick, I will replace the battery with a stronger one when it dies. I think it's good for another year and a half (Pep Boys 4 year battery).<BR>Thanks again!<BR>Jim Houston
  11. Hi, I've recently noticed that my headlights (and probably the entire electrical system in my 91 Reatta) are fluctuating in lumens. I notice this when I'm behind a van or a large truck with my lights on. I can tell the lights are surging in power ever so slightly with the motor. I also notice that when I have my turn signal on, I can hear a slight drain on the engine when the bulb is engaged. I haven't noticed this until probably the last month or so. I've asked quite a few people what would cause that, but I can't get a good answer. This is not a Reatta-specific question nor is it a problem really. I've noticed this sort of thing happen on other cars that are over 10 years old. Should I be concerned? What is causing this, and how would I go about correcting it? Any suggestions? Thanks!<BR>Jim Houston - Charleston, SC
  12. I love Charleston, SC! It's a really great place with beautiful weather; much better weather than Maryland, which really isn't all that bad either. Everything is in bloom here now and has been for awhile. My 91 Reatta is running great, the only thing I need to tend to on the car right now is my oil pressure sensor, and I also think I need to change out my oil pan gasket and valve cover gaskets. I'm seeing a *little* oil on my garage floor. I just put a peice of cardboard on the floor to catch the drips until I get those small problems corrected, but I LOVE MY CAR.<BR>Jim Houston
  13. Thanks Bob. Everything you said makes sense. My starter went out about 3 months ago. I had the dealer replace it and I got the lifetime warranty on it. Last Sunday, my car wouldn't start. I called the dealer, they sent a tow truck to pick me up, but as the tow truck was on its way to me, I kept trying to start my Reatta. I would turn the key, my digital dash would light up, but nothing from the starter. After about 4 attempts, I guess I drained the battery to below 5V which would explain that code. The other code is right on the money. My oil pressure guage does need to be replaced, it's showing my pressure is all over the place. That happened right after I had my last oil change. I took the car back to Jiffy Lube, and they diagnosed it right then as a bad pressure sensor, so I do need to get that fixed.<BR>By the way, the car started on its own after about 20 minutes of trying, waiting, and trying to start it again. The dealer wouldn't do anything because my car started all ten times they tried right in front of me. I asked them to look at the codes, and those were the codes that came up.<BR>Thanks again, I appreciate your response.<BR>My best,<BR>Jim Houston
  14. Hi,<BR>Can anyone tell me what the following codes mean when from my 1991 Reatta:<BR>no E<BR>6132H<BR>6552H<BR>no r<BR>ec? (this may also be) Ec2<BR>Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks a million.<BR>Jim Houston<BR>Charleston, SC
  15. With the exception of the "intermittant" problem, it sounds to me like you have a bad instrument cluster. I found one at a junk yard in Pennsylvania via the Internet for about $150.. I had the local Buick dealer remove the broken one and replace it with the one I bought from the junk yard. My new cluster works perfectly. I sent out my original one to be repaired and picked it up last week. Total cost to have it sent out and repaired was $216.00. Now I have a spare one that I'm keeping with the car. These clusters are now going bad left and right...I'm seeing more and more of it on this list. It's sort of like a light bulb...when one goes, lots of them are going. They were probably made about the same time, but I have a 91 and mine went out.<BR>Hope this helps.<BR>Jim Houston<BR>Charleston, SC