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  1. The Delco REPLACEMENT shocks were a flat grey. A lot of guys pay big money to buy them thinking because they say Delco on the box that they are the same as original equipment. Monroes were the metallic blue and were a very popular replacement back in the day. I had a Monroe demo barrel in front of my service staion in 1970 and installed a LOT of them on nearly new cars just becaue they seemed tighter than OEM's on the demonstrator. All the Oldsmobiles, both full size and Cutlass that I have restored that I knew for sure were all original had black shocks - kind of a semi gloss black. They were
  2. The dipstick in this '70 TH400 transmission is too short. Can anyone tell me how long it SHOULD be and how far from the tip to the "Full" line by measuring theirs.?? Does some one have an extra to sell? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  3. I had the pan off the TH 400 and noticed that the tip of the dip stick only came flush with the pan surface of the case. The trans will be way overfull if I use this stick. Can anyone tell me how long a TH 400 dipstick from probly 68-72 should be and how far from the end of it to the "Full" line.? Any help appreciated. Tom Joyce - 262-886-9806 CDT.
  4. Need a grille assembly for a 66 full size Merc. All 66 models and body styles should be the same. Appreciate any help. Tom Joyce 262-886-9806 or joycebrosrest@wi.rr.com
  5. Wanted to Buy, a grill assembly for a 66 Full Size Mercury. All models and body types should work. Thanks for any help. Tom Joyce 262-886-9806 joycebrosrest@wi.rr.com
  6. I need a grill, front bumper and the die cast tail light bezels for a full size 66 Mercury. Also could use some interior die cast pieces. Contact Tom at joycebrosrest@wi.rr.com or 262-886-9806 CST. Thank You !
  7. I need a grill, front bumper and die cast tail light bezels for a full size 66 Mercury. Contact Tom at tjoyce@wi.rr.com or 262-886-9806 CST. Thank You!
  8. I just bought a 66 Merc. Monterey 2 dr hardtop (fastback)out of Georgia and while the car is pretty much rust free, all the die cast parts are very pitted. I am looking for a grill, headlight doors, front fender "vents", tail light trim and dash panels. Also could use the front bumper and the right end of the rear bumper. They don't have to be show quality just mostly pit-free GOOD driver quality. Any help or leads will be appreciated. Tom Joyce 262-886-9806
  9. I just bought a "southern" 66 Merc Monterey and while the body, frame, floors and trunk are all pretty nice, all the die cast parts are really pitted. I would like to find a grill, headlight doors, front fender "vent" trim, taillight trim and a dash panel. Doesn't have to be show quality but mostly pit free - good driver quality. Any help or leads appreciated. Tom Joyce 262-886-9806
  10. Just for everyones' information, the 399401 KE pulley that I needed is reproduced by The Parts Place in Chicago. You can get a brand new one that will pass for NOS for only $59.00 plus postage. Tom
  11. If it is a non A/C car I need the water pump pulley. E-mail me at joycebrosrest@wi.rr.com or give me a call (central time zone) at 262-886-9806 Thanks! Tom
  12. Need a 2 groove water pump pulley for a 455 without A/C. Part number onit is 399401. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  13. Need taillight assemblies and rear trunk panel for a 65 Dodge Coronet 500. Would switch to 440 trim if I can't find the 500 parts. Any help appreciated, Thank YOu ! Tom Joyce
  14. I have a neat little 65 Falcon Futura hardtop. The complete drivetrain, chassis, brakes and most of the interior have been replaced/rebuilt. Engine is a 030 over 289 with Edelbrock intake and 600cfm carb, new Accel OEM type billet distributor, finned aluminum valve covers, etc. Engine compartment is VERY nice as is the no rust ever underside. It has a rebuilt T-10 four speed and a rebuilt 8" rear axle with 3.55's (no posi). It had a 427 in it at one time, shock towers are done and front suspension is connected. It is raised up with a Crites fiberglass blister hood (original hood goes with it t
  15. I am new to Ford big block motors. We recently purchased a 70 T-Bird with the 360 horse 429 and time permitting, we want to build a long, low, mild custom for ourselves out of it. I haven't had a chance to tear the motor down but I want to at least add a bit hotter cam and an aluminum intake when I do get at it. From what I can find out on the web and catalogs that I have here, it appears that 68-70 or 71 had a stud mounted adjustable valve train. Does anyone know if this is the case? or what is needed to make it adjustable in order to get the correct lifter pre-load with an aftermarket cam? A
  16. I am new to big block Fords. I have a 70 429 that I want to put a cam and intake in/on. I appears from what I've been able to find on the net that 68-70 uses an adjustable stud mounted rocker. Is that correct? Is the valve train adjustable enough to add a hotter cam? What else is needed if not. There is a deal on a cam and lifters on E-Bay that I would like to grab but need to know what I'm dealing with. Thanks for any help. Tom Joyce (twjoyce)
  17. I have been using a company called Aon Collector Car Insurance and they are great! No mileage limitations and you drive it anywhere you want (not just to shows). Only thing you couldn't do was race it or rent it out. They are ceasing to do business and I need to find some one more like them than American Collectors or Taylor who restrict everything absolutely to death to replace them. Anyone have anyone they can recommend? I sure hope so because everything I look at on the Net is crazy. One company even said that my premium would be $131.00 but since they had a $250.00 minimum, it would be $25
  18. Thanks everyone but we found one in Arizona on E-Bay. Tom
  19. Thanks ! I'll appreciate any info you can get and will look forward to maybe hearing from him. Tom
  20. Looking for a 69 Cutlass or 442 project car needing some (or a lot) restoration. 2dr hardtop or post (no convertibles). Prefer pretty complete car needing resto, minor body rust OK. Thank you !
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