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  1. Hmmm...that is a loaded question, isn't it? Do I tell the truth and scare you off--or do I offer a creative reply? My husband and I edited the Beam for about 14 years, which when we last did it was a 20 page monthly. I typically spent 15 hours or more on the prework, writing, and typing. He contributed at least another 10 or so toward final layout and hunting up just the right picture for each situation. [i won't count squabble time. Whether a couple is navigating a tour, or putting together a newsletter, some of those unintended conversations are bound to happen! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> We finally decided that the person with the title Editor after his/her name was the one who got the final word. That worked until the final three years when we shared the title--that's when coin flips came in handy!] If you intend to put out a quality publication, you will find yourself spending more time than you think on each issue. You will have to decide how much time you are able to dedicate to each issue and do the best you can in the time allotted. If you are lucky enough to get contributions, try to work ahead on issues. If you aren't lucky enough to get contributions, then lean on your executive board. Ask each of them to contribute one story and to find another member with a story. By all means encourage people to give you digital pictures. That's a great timesaver. If you give credit for the pictures, you'll eventually get a steady stream of photos from people who like to see their name in print but who aren't bold enough to write something. Encourage the kids in your region to write something from their perspective. Or get people to submit pictures of their grandkids with the cars, if your region is older (as ours is). Editing (or more accurately, rewriting) the stories does take some time. But if you're good with words, you'll enjoy taking the time to craft something the other members will enjoy. By all means use the resources at the library if you're that close. Make sure you let everyone know when you use library resources. They can use all the PR they can get! Make friends with your web editor if you have one. If you share back and forth, you'll each have an easier job finding content. Understand right away that whatever you do will be criticized and know that nothing you do will please everyone. When you have "one of those days," come to the forum and look for reassurance. We've all been there and done that! Jan K. Wis Region [Retired} Beam Editor
  2. In Wisconsin it's 20 years for "collector" plates for which you pay a one time fee. The plate also exempts you from emissions testing. This plate is non-transferrable. Wisconsin also has "Hobbyist" plates for rods and customs and other altered vehicles and "Antique" plates for vehicles more than 50 years old. These are also one time fees and I believe these vehicles are also exempted from emissions testing. All of these plates have different rules and regulations for terms of operation. For example, a car with collector plates can only be operated 11 months of the year under penalty of a hefty fine, which prevents people from slapping them on any old used car. Contact your local DMV to see what's available. Read the fine print before you buy the plate, so you don't find something out the hard way! Jan K. Wis Region
  3. Vern, Scott and I drove down from southern Wisconsin for this meet and it sure was worth it! The event drew a number of rare and beautiful cars as well as the ones we are accustomed to seeing. The only fault we could find was with the person who was responsible for making sure we had good weather! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> We've never seen so much rain! [it's raining again today according to the weather map.] We do have to give the weather person some credit, however, because the rain held off for the bulk of the time the cars were on the showfield--although it was touch-and-go for a while. Friendly doesn't begin to describe the attitute of the Blackhawk Region's members. They were helpful in the extreme. We even got recommendations for the best way for Vern and Scott to get to the White Sox game in Chicago the following week. (And yes, they took your advice and picked up the yellow line in Skokie!) We took a lot of pictures on the showfield, which we've turned over to the Beam editor and the website editor. We'll let you know when they're available for viewing. Well done, Blackhawk Region. Don't hesitate to host another event soon. You know we'll be there! Jan K. Wis Region
  4. Judy, I'm using IE 6.0 at my office. That link won't open for me. I have 7.0 at the college and will try it there on Monday unless you've resolved the problem before then. Jan K. Wis Region
  5. Debby, If you have some time and the inclination, take a shot at the website. As the others said, you will need the right program to update the website. But if it was created in FrontPage, you should have few problems working with it. If you know Word or Publisher, you can do FrontPage. Bear in mind that there are no tabs in FrontPage, so anything that needs to be spaced out is best done in tables. If you can work offline and then publish, that is the wisest thing for a beginner to do. (I wish someone had told me that when I first got started.) Don't hesitate to post your "how to" questions here. You already know that this group loves to have an opinion on just about anything and they're always ready to lend a hand! Jan K.
  6. Hey, Mike! Scott sends his best. He's not speaking to me right now because we couldn't swing the trip this year. Too much to do and not enough time to do it! He's already warned us he's going next year, with or without us! Congratulations on the recognition! It won't be the last time for you... Jan K. Wis Region
  7. I recently came across mention of this article in a publication put out by the Wisconsin Historical Society. It is featured on their website as an editor's choice and was originally published in the September 1946 issue. http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/wmh/articles/walters.asp "Devil-Wagon Days" By Dorothy V. Walters A delightful account of the early days of motoring in Wisconsin when the state's highways were neither paved nor marked, and a forty-mile trip from Milwaukee to Palmyra in Jefferson County might take a full day and involve the repair of a dozen "punctures." Enjoy! Jan K. Wis Region
  8. Fran made me promise to post a note the minute I changed over the book reviews on the Library Book Reviews page. Check them out when you get a free minute. http://www.aacalibrary.org/book_reviews.htm Remember, Fran is always on the hunt for new reviews. If you've read an automotive-related book lately, take a moment to write a short review. If a child can do it, so can you! Jan K. Wis Region
  9. Sal, You'd better start banking the money, because if they're growing this fast now, I can just imagine what they'll eat in a few years! How does your daughter like having two baby "bothers"? Good news on the boys. Let's hope that all you ever get is good news! Jan K. Wis Region
  10. If you like looking at pictures of cars, then take a look at what I just added to the Past Events page of the Wisconsin Region's website: http://local.aaca.org/wisconsin/past_events.htm On August 28th, we went to an invitational car show down at the lakefront in Milwaukee. There were 120 cars registered and 115 on site. The showfield was spacious and you had ample time and space to really see all these unique specimens. And if you look closely, you'll see the Calatrava and other Milwaukee landmarks in the background. I'm told this show might become an annual event. I'll keep you posted. The pictures for the Villa Luna event are included for the garden lovers. We were asked to park our '37 Buick in front of a small mansion (is that an oxymoron?) near the Milwaukee lakefront; in return, our family was invited to attend the fund-raising event. I think we got the better end of the deal. The grounds were recently re-landscaped and they are wonderful. Too bad the tram wasn't working, though--there are 108 steps between the upper and lower levels. Jan K. Wis Region
  11. Sunday's pictures are now on the Wisconsin Region site. Most of them were taken by my son Scott from his vantage point in one of the towers. They really don't do the racers justice, because they're only still, not video, pictures. Jan K.
  12. Fran, I have faith in you. You'll get them all sold! Jan K.
  13. Thanks for fixing the link for me. I figured out what the problem was, but couldn't get back on an unrestricted computer until just now. That's what I get from cutting-and-pasting the link from our home page! I'll be back in the office tomorrow and plan to add the rest of the photos to the site then. Check back in the afternoon, if you want to see more photos! Jan K. Wis Region
  14. My husband Vern took our youngest son Scott to see the cars this past weekend. I've put the pictures from Saturday on the Wisconsin Region AACA website: http://local.aaca.org/wisconsin/past_events.htm I will add Sunday's pictures after I get them downloaded from the camera. FYI: Dave Uihlein is one of the founding members of the Wisconsin Region, so we always attend and do what we can to promote this great event. Jan K.
  15. From the Library News webpage: "Raffle Reminder: This bronze sculpture, shown below, [in an attachment here] has been made available by the Glen Neidigh Memorial Fund. This is a beautiful solid bronze sculpture weighing approximately 85 pounds, solidly mounted to the wooden base. The statue itself is #12 of 36 cast and is valued at $5000.00. The artist's name and the number are vetted. For more information about this piece, or to obtain raffle tickets, contact Fran Shore at shoreinmedia@aol.com or Kim Miller at kmiller@aacalibrary.org. Tickets may also be purchased through AACA headquarters. "Raffle tickets are $5.00 apiece. The statue will be awarded at the Hershey dinner on Saturday, October 8, 2005. You do not have to present to win. All proceeds will benefit the AACA Library and Research Center Endowment Fund." Don't delay, buy your tickets today! Jan K.
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