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  1. 30 years worth of parting over 40 cars has created a collection 64 and 65 Skylark/Special parts and cars. 10 cars that are left are full of parts neatly organized and sorted. Grilles, tail lights, bezels, moldings, interior trim, dash parts, underhood parts, A/C parts, brackets, chassis parts, suspension, way too much to mention. Car bodies are a variety of two door, four door, and wagons. One complete 65 wagon. Lots of fenders, doors, deck lids and a few hoods and quarter panels. Everything is for sale but really looking for volume buyers that want it all (or most). Can provide photos for serious inquiries. Everything must be sold. Anything not sold for a reasonable value will be scrapped. What this means is I am not selling fenders for ten bucks because that is more than they are worth for scrap. If the parts cannot bring a reasonable price, they must be scrap, and will be treated as such. For further info call Speedway Auto in Phoenix, AZ at 602-276-3200. Do not email requests as they will not be answered.
  2. If the car has factory A/C it will have tinted glass. If it does not have A/C then it could be either way. Let us know which way you need it
  3. I need a front bumper for a 65 Skylark with the large parklight holes. I only need the bare bumper that can be fixed, straightened, and rechromed. Phil 602-276-3200
  4. I have two of these cars for parts. 67 GS 2 door post cars. Call us with your needs at 602-276-3200
  5. Speedway Auto in Phoenix AZ has over seventy rust free 64 to 72 Skylark parts cars. Call with your needs to 602-276-3200
  6. Speedway Auto in Phoenix has over 40 rust free 81 to 87 Regal parts cars including many GN and turbo cars. Call for details 602-276-3200
  7. Have some very nice used Reatta windshields for sale. $750 delivered to most business addresses in the U.S. Residential and remote areas may be more. Call Speedway Auto in Phoenix AZ at 602-276-3200 for details. Payment via VISA, MasterCard, or PayPal. Thousands of other Reatta parts from our over 200 Reattas also available.
  8. Original owner selling Buick Riviera Silver Arrow #167. This car has spent its entire life in Phoenix AZ. Never seen snow, and has been driven in the rain only 3 or 4 times. Has 51209 very well cared for miles. With car is all of the original trinkets and treasures that came with these cars. The Silver arrow car cover, fornt license plate, floor mats, dealer assebly instructions, the box it all came in. We have everything these cars came with. This car was not dealer prepped so we got all of that stuff in the trunk with the car. Car is all completley original except a new delco battery installed in 2007. Now being offered for $13,500. For futher info call Phil at 602-276-3200
  9. Wanted 73 or 74 GSX. Prefer a manual trans car but will consider an automatic email or call 602-276-3200 Phil
  10. Want to buy 73 or 74 Buick Apollo GSX. Really prefer a manual trans car but might consider automatic. Absolutley must be a GSX model. Not at all interesred in just an Apollo. email or call 602-276-3200 Phil
  11. There is a factory 74 455 2 barrel carb set up for auction currently on ebay. You sure don't see many of these
  12. Speedway Auto in Phoenix AZ has over 200 Reattas. Their number is 602-276-3200 Most of their cars are from the west coast area and rust free.
  13. I am not sure what you are wanting here as you have listed two completely different cars. An 84 Park Avenue (RWD) is nothing like an 85 Park Avenue (FWD). At any rate I have a few of both cars. You can call me and I will see if we have it. Speedway Auto in Phoenix, 602-276-3200 Phil.
  14. I have three 67 GS 400 4 speed hardtop cars for sale. Call me at Speedway Auto in Phoenix AZ at 602-276-3200 Phil
  15. After 35 years in the auto salvage business in Phoenix Az, and the last 20 years doing only Buicks, Speedway Automotive will be closing sometime in the spring of 2006. Owner is retiring. Over 500 Buick parts cars and thousands of parts to be sold off at greatly reduced prices. Some complete cars, some project cars. Everything not sold for a reasonable value will be crushed. Selling parts, cars, or entire operation. Additional discounts given to large volume buyers. No Roadmasters, but all other models in the 63 to 97 year span. Lots of solid rust free metal. Hundreds of engines, all sizes. Plus trinkets and treasures. The over 200 Buick Reattas are NOT included in this liquidations sale. For further information call 602-276-3200