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  1. My dad has the bought the wood for the bottom of his '30 2 door, but didn't think about the top wood. Now he is running out of $$ and in a hurry to finish the A. He is looking for old A wood, or even one in Utah or nearby that he can take measurements from. Anything leads appreciated. thanks,
  2. Need 3 rebuildable shocks for Ford Model A. Please email me. Thanks,
  3. Want to buy seat springs for my 1917 Model T touring. Yes, I know I can buy them new from Langs, Macs, and several others, but... I like used stuff that still has some life in it. There has to be someone's neighbor, brother in law, or friend of a friend who is butchering T's and stashing the seats somewhere... Let me know, Thanks,
  4. Not an AACA event, but the best Utah has to offer: Auto Expo proceeds go to the auto trade for the school. See you there!
  5. UVU Auto Expo; not an AACA event, but the proceeds go to the automotive tech department of the school. Auto Expo
  6. I have been looking for a few years also. About the only plans you can find on line are for "depot hacks"...not exactly what everyone wants. I have decided that those who have plans are not willing to part with them, as they make and sell the wood kits themselves. (They don't want to create competition for themselves.) Even if you find one of these companies, they probably will not return your call. Most of them don't even waste thier time talking to individual customers, they only want to go through larger distributors to make thier life easier. My dad had a experience with a relatively local company that caused us to come to these conclusions.
  7. I have no connection to this ad, but saw it & would like to see this rare car given a chance at a restoration rather than a "rod" Car Classifieds for Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming | ksl.com thanks,
  8. I did see a Buick Hearse at the UVU car show at Thanksgiving point last year. Sorry, don't know who it belongs to or where it came from. website is: Auto Expo
  9. I need wood plans for '30 model A Briggs body that don't cost more than the wood itself.... Also need the rear alxe parts. Thanks, cj
  10. No extras, but dad can tell you how he made them.
  11. That is interesting...it is possible that this body was modified a very long time ago. He found where the driver's side of the vehicle has about half an inch of wood added to it between the frame and body - possibly to make it match the height of other side?? Bad news for the curious; as of yesterday, what was left of the body was off of the frame - except the front cowl. He obviously has more time on his hands than I do... Now I know where the numbers are hiding, I will look & let you know. Thanks, P.S....thanks for the pic. Very nice looking automobile.
  12. Comming home from work the other night, saw my neighbor 2 doors down working on an old car. (I was rather excited since I thought I was the only one who was into old cars in the area.) Turns out it is a 1925 Hupp 2 door sedan. He plans to make it into an open car since the roof is gone - not completely keeping with design, but at least he isn't going to make it into hot rod - and get it working for 4th of July next year - a "grandkid hauler" I am not much of a Hupp person, but know some about 1920's cars & offered to help. He is an older guy without much $$ (aren't we all?) & no computer. The car looks like it was once cream with black fenders & cream wood wheels. He is looking for a color picture to get some ideas of what it should look like, and colors to paint it. Any info would be appreciated. thanks,
  13. Found the front axle for an Essex at a local scrap yard. They wouldn't let me buy it - it was against company policy to sell anything to private collectors. :mad: Told a few of the workers (jose?) that I saw the hubcaps get $50.00 on ebay. A friend said it had mysteriously disappeared by the next day.
  14. I saw a post a few years ago requesting information on this car. Thought someone would be interested in the update. See the story at: ksl.com - Mormon Meteor film a story one of endurance, rebirth
  15. My knowledge of Overlands is very limited. My guess would be the wheels have play in them somewhere. You may want to repost this in the tech section to find a real expert on your steering problem. Another idea is the Willys Overland Knight Registry tech section @ www.wokr.org Good luck,
  16. WOW!! A lot of information! Steve, Not a problem, I don't mind adding my very limited knowlege to the group. I have a Dykes that showed different oil pressure for Oakland & Olds - 20 for the Oak & 25 for the Olds - I though it was a fluke. I believe that must be running pressure. It probably must be different gear ratio or something, but no idea about the logic behind the difference. Body numbers on the Oakland are hard to find - I have come to decide a lot must have fallen off over the years. Early ones were on the toe board or firewall, my '20 & '22 are on a tag on the frame just above the passenger side rear axle. Check out the book "75 years of Pontiac & Oakland" from the local library (don't buy the book, it is out of print and about $100.00) It can give you production numbers, and locations on body numbers and a lot of other information I have probably forgotten. But I will tell you from my personal experience, that the well intentioned writer made a few errors when it comes to the Oakland.
  17. Ok here I am stuck on this post again. I now have a '17, a '20, and a '22 Oakland. The '17 had the distributor mounted on the generator like the Olds, and probably the Scripps of that same time. Some where between the '17 and '20, they mounted the distributor on the engine block - just a thought, but probably about the same time they added the oil pump since (together the 2 would make an assembly of sorts being connected by the oil pump shaft), probably late 1918 or early 1919 I believe. The engine for your '18 Oakland sounds correct, as I have seen engines of both types for the same year. Interestingly enough, the engine for the '22 is a Saganaw engine, and has the rockers covered. I have no definitave idea why the change, but interesting point is that many of the engine parts are the same as earlier "Northway" engines. Wish I could help with parts, but I will keep my eyes open for you.. cj
  18. Last that I heard, Olson's Gaskets had most of the Oakland gaskets. Try them at: Olson's Gaskets
  19. Nice engine - on the outside at least anyway. I have a '20 and a '17, interesting comparing them all. Most likely it's a blown head gasket; an annoying but fairly easy fix on this engine. Could also be a crack in the cylinder; time to rebuild it & check to see if it needs to be bored and sleeved - very annoying and rather costly. Could also be the back plate for the water pump somehow leaking into the engine, but I doubt that. One way or another, there are no easy answers to the problem. And the only sure way to find out is to start some mechanic work and start digging for clues. I know a few who do good work rebuilding the engine if you would like. Or let me know if you decide to go with a different engine as I could use some parts. (ok, I'm not a complete purist) Best of luck. Let me know how I can help.
  20. Not to promote it, but there is one for sale on ebay.
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