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  1. The Reatta newsletter for years has had either a slip or whole page with order info for "Reatta Regalia". Additionally at BCA Nationals there has been a table set up for purchase of these items. As Ed has stated, at the last meeting we decided to liquidate the inventory as others had Reatta items for sale. There was a page in the last Reatta newsletter listing what items we still had available. I am a Facebook person and on the Reatta page I decided to list the remaining items and have had a few sales. I am also an ebay seller and have the license plates continually on sale there. Members of the Reatta Div. have always had 1st choice in purchasing items. Below is a list of remaining items and how to purchase and photos are available on the Buick Reatta Owners' Facebook page. Reatta Regalia – Limited Supply Visors – all with “Reatta” script: $12 each plus shipping: 3 red 1 burgundy Golf Shirts with sunburst logo: $25 each plus shipping: 1red XL Golf Shirts with script logo: $23 each plus shipping: Red – 2 XL, 1 med Burgundy 1 XL Sweatshirts – with script logo $20 each plus shipping: Burgundy 2 Large Gray 1 Large Green 1 Large Red -1 Large Sweatshirts – with sunburst logo $22 each plus shipping: Gray 1 Large T-Shirts – white with Reatta Div. logo on front and Reatta convertible and coupe on back - $10 each plus shipping: 20 XL License Plates: black with silver lettering $10 each plus shipping (50+ of these) Christmas ornaments: $5 each plus shipping (20+ of these). If you are interested in any of these items contact me at agibson36@gmail.com or (336)599-9589 Contact me, with what items you would like – then send your check or money or to: Ed Farnell 440 Langford Road Blythewood, SC 29016 Make checks or money orders to: “Reatta Division BCA” I am not active on this forum, but you can easily find me on Facebook! Anne Gravitt Gibson Director - Reatta Division
  2. I had the same problem in two 91 Reattas and replacing the brake switch solved the problem in both.
  3. Same here, Barney! My daughter did get me the "Buick" Tapestry Throw that the Free Spirit Chapter is selling. It is quite nice. It's good to have a thoughtful child.
  4. http://forums.aaca.org/f213/2013-buick-club-southeast-regional-tour-356400.html
  5. I plan to be there with my 91 Maui convertible.
  6. I have had the same problem with my 91 coupe and that prevented me from taking it to South Bend BCA National. I think I fixed it by replacing the brake switch as described above. I didn't have enough time to test it and I just didn't trust it enough to drive 800 miles.
  7. Check the fuel pump pressure. It should be around 40 psi at the rail. There is a Schrader valve there I had the same problem with my 91 on the way to Boston and back in 2011. The solution was a new fuel pump.
  8. We plan to arrive on the 17th but without a Reatta this time. The one I was planning to bring has some intermittent electrical problems and I don't feel comfortable driving it. We will drive our 2012 Enclave instead.
  9. Inside or outside handle? If inside, there is a "U" shaped (more or less) clip that holds the handle to the shaft. You need a clip removal tool which is flat and "U" shaped. It is inserted between the upholstery and the escutcheon and pushed across at a 90 degree angle to the shaft to release the clip.
  10. It is possible, even probable, that the passenger window was not completely up. I had this happen in my 91 coupe. The passenger window was open just a quarter of an inch or less. The rain leaked to the inside of the seal and dropped to the floor behind the seat. I found standing water inside the next day about 1/4 inch above the carpet. Used a wet/dry vacuum and no damage was done. I have found that the passenger window will not close completely using the switch on the driver's side but will close using the switch on the passenger door. This occurs in both my 91 coupe and 91 convertible.
  11. Try "Southern States" store or possibly "Tractor Supply" store.
  12. This supplier lists a 1990 Reatta battery tray. It should be the same for 1991. They note that it is discontinued but shows in stock. GM Parts - Genuine Replacement GM Parts - New GM Parts
  13. The diameter of the emblem is 1 7/8 inches. The outer circle in the emblem is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Attached is a picture of a 1989 mat showing placement of the emblem. The emblem is glued to the mat, not sewn.
  14. If all goes according to plans, Anne and I will be there for a couple of days, driving a 2012 Buick Enclave.
  15. DITTO all the above! I have known Bob for 10 or more years and I always look forward to seeing him the next time.
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