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  1. Roy, You are so right. I have pictures of it from Seattle also. Thought it looked familiar! It's good to see old Buicks on the road.
  2. Went to Galax, VA on 6-12-11 and watched the Great Race participants stop for lunch. Of the 60+ entries, there was only two Buicks. One was the 1931 speedster driven by Pat and Pat Brothers. The other was a 1955 Century wagon driven by Bob Coker. See pics below.<O:p</O:p
  3. In the May, 1952 issue of BUICK Magazine, photographs of light colored cars show no evidence of black welt cords. I scanned two pages but have been unable to upload them. Attached is a scan of an original Kodak photograph of my 1952 Super taken in January, 1955. Pictures with the car is my father and younger brother. My father purchased the car new in June or July, 1952. Look closely at the horizontal joint just behind the door. There is no black welt! Also, it is important to remember that welt cords of that era were not solid rubber or plastic that we see today. I recall my 52 Super having a
  4. This has been a question in my mind for a long time, too! All I see are black fender welts in late 40's---early 50's Buicks. However, I have a 1952 Super 2-door Hardtop that my father bought new and the welt was body color. I recall seeing the car in the showroom before he bought it and have a picture of the car only a month or two later (August, 1952). The car was Sky Grey with a Black top. The welt was painted Sky Grey.
  5. I an assuming your Reatta is a coupe. Open the trunk access door behind the seats. This will give you better access to the center panel covering the brake light. Remove two screws holding the center tether strap anchor. Grasp the center panel firmly and pull forward. This will reveal the center brake light and replacing the bulbs should be easy now. I recommend replacing all bulbs (three, I think) and cleaning while you have it apart.
  6. Lamar, you beat back home so you could post these pictures first. But then you flew while I drove all 6,588 miles round trip. Saw a lot of beautiful country and the rest of it too! Here's one more pic of the unrestored 51 woody wagon's girls. This one shows a little more deTAIL! http://photos.aaca.org/showphoto.php/photo/11326/size/big/cat//ppuser/214
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