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  1. Frank, I am preparing to have the radiator for my 1912 E-M-F redone and I have similar feelings to you. Here is the place i am considering. They have been recommended to me by others. I have not talked to them yet, nor can I speak personally of the work they do, but you could look into them, or maybe someone else reading will have information. Bills Antique Radtr RestorationBills Antique Radiator Restoration1134 West Walnut St Chillicothe, IL 61523 - View MapPhone: (309) 645-0606 I am hoping to have radiator out for work by the end of the year if I can get the funds together. Have one more child to sell before I can make it happen. Let us know what you decided. John
  2. Can't help you with the Fan Bearings. Never known anyone who had to replace them. The Horn Mounting bracket had been reproduced at one time, I think by the guy at Veteran auto Lamps http://www.veteranautolamps.com/ . You could check to see if he has any left. This was several years ago. The tops where likely just buggy tops, so any material suitable for a horse buggy top would be correct. They were likely made in the Hercules Buggy works in Evansville, IN, USA. I hope this helps. John
  3. My 1912 Rauch & Lang Electric has the original owners Monogram still on both doors. I plan to ad my wife's monogram on it when I restore it and put my monogram on the doors on the E-M-F. Neat touch.
  4. Yes it was definitely called "The AllState". The Allstate was a badge engineered version of the Henry J American automobile that was offered for sale through Sears, Roebuck during the 1952 and 1953 model years. For more information on the Sears Motorbuggy, check out the Sears Motorbuggy Website at http://SearsMotorBuggy.com
  5. I also tried to purchase this wall charger to go with my 1912 Rauch & Lang. I was even to the point of driving out to pick it up. I would still like to have it, but I believe in the end, it was really not for sale unless you presented an offer which was out of this world. I made an offer which was more than what I had seen others sell for. I thought my offer was out of this world, but apparently it was not quite out of this world enough.
  6. This looks like an E-M-F 30 Front axle to me. Just spent months restoring mine, so It is all fresh in my head. Tie Rod bolt looks different, but could have been changed. I still think it is E-M-F.
  7. I could really use the axle shafts out of that rear end. I would take the entire rear end, but have no idea how I could get it from Canada to Illinois.
  8. Keiser31, you are mistaken. Fisher Bodies did appear on the Model T. My 1920 Centerdoor is a Fisher Body. The Centerdoor Bodies where built by Fisher and Wadsworth I believe. There are slight differences between them. It is very possible that Fisher also built Coupe bodies, but I do not know for sure. I believe that by the 1927 time period, Fisher was not longer making bodies for the Model T, but I do not know for sure. Happy Motoring!
  9. Nancy, Looks like someone reactivated a thread I started 7 years ago. Since then I have found all the parts I was looking for concerning this car. But thank you so much for posting the pictures you have taken. I think it will go far in helping other Rauch & Lang owners who find this thread through a Google search. Here is a picture of our 1912 Rauch & Lang Brougham today, unrestored, with original Motz Cushion rubber tires.
  10. Actually only one of the cars is an E-M-F and the last I heard, it was going strong. The car that broke a crankshaft was a 1910 Parry Model 40. Not sure what the car was that had Rear End Trouble. The E-M-F Owners story is the one blogged on the E-M-F Homepage at E-M-F Homepage - Swan 2012 E-M-F Touring Adventure You can also read from the perspective of the 1910 Parry (whose crankshaft broke) at Horseless Carriage Club | Blog about HCCA As Far as I know, the E-M-F, a Brass Era Buick and a 1910 or so Ford Model T are still going. They may have even reached their Destination by now. I have not received an update to post in a couple days. They are doing what I want to do someday. Happy Motoring. John
  11. Frank, The "Coveted LeRoy Award" is a prestigious sterling silver cup awarded at each E-M-F Registry tour. The contest is to write about the tour in the style of E-M-F publicist E. LeRoy Pelletier. The cup is passed from winner to winner. I was the winner at the last tour in 2010 and I am mailing off the trophy cup today. John
  12. I thought I would let you all know that one of our E-M-F 30 Registry Members will be traveling cross-country in their 1912 E-M-F 30 5-Passenger touring and blogging about it as they go. They will be officially starting in a couple of days, but have already posted some information. If you are interested in following their adventure, you can find the blog on the E-M-F Homepage at the following URL: E-M-F Homepage - Swan 2012 E-M-F Touring Adventure Thought some of you may find it interesting. I know I will be following their adventure. Happy Motoring. John
  13. I would be interested in the rear Axel shafts if you still have them. My 1931 DeSoto has a broken one. I would like both if they are still there? Can you contact me? John_Daly@EMFAuto.org Thanks John
  14. I believe Chandler Automobiles had hood louvers in this configuration.
  15. A few years back, our small town was having a car show, so my neighbor and I decided to bring out our old iron to display along side the high money engines on display. I took my 1920 Ford Model T Centerdoor and my 1912 Rauch & Lang Electric down into town for the show. The Electric is all original and not running, so I rolled it off the trailer and just had it sitting there. That Electric car had a crowd around it 5 people deep all day. I wore my voice out answering questions like "When was the electric conversion done?". One of the guys with a car that had an engine that cost more than all my cars put together expressed his opinion that my car should not be allowed to be at the show because it was not running. In reality I think he was jealous that people were more interested in my not-running 100 year old electric car than they were with his high priced hot-rod.
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