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  1. I would be interested in the rear Axel shafts if you still have them. My 1931 DeSoto has a broken one. I would like both if they are still there? Can you contact me? John_Daly@EMFAuto.org Thanks John
  2. Sharpsaws, Thanks for the pictures. Reminds me of when my dads Sears (1204) was in similar condition. Always nice to see before and after pics. I sure miss driving that Sears. It has been laid up with rod bearing problems for years. Thanks. John
  3. Tom, Recieved your email and tried to send you these images. Unfortunatly all the email bounced back with the error: while talking to air-xk01.mail.aol.com.: >>> RCPT To:<tlc356sc@aol.com> <<< 550 tlc356sc IS NOT ACCEPTING MAIL FROM THIS SENDER 550 <tlc356sc@aol.com>... User unknown I will post the photos here for all to see. This is Photo 1 of 4
  4. I am holding in my hand a copy of a book called "The Cameron Story" written by William T. Cameron. It is all about the Cameron Auto. It is chucked full of Cameron auto info, photos, original advertisement etc. The ISBN number is 0-962599-1-6 and it looks like it was put out by the International society for VEHICLE Preservation. Real nice hard back book. 190 pages. You can look for the book yourself or if you let me know the kind of info you are looking for, I can look it up and scan any photos you may want. Please let me know.
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