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  1. We will all miss Herb, and we send our blessings to Fran. Art Griffin Melbourne, FL
  2. We have known Jim for many years, and he has been a great asset to AACA. He will certainly be missed. Our prayers are with his wife and family. Art & Arlene Griffin
  3. There were certainly lots of beautiful vehicles, and there were also many beautiful aircraft. WOW!! And my judging team did an excellent job! Art Griffin
  4. I ask God's blessings on Brenda and the whole family as we know that Dave is home with his Heavenly Father. I knew him for many years, both through the Mustang Club as well as AACA. Through his restoration/repair business and through the clubs that he was active in, Dave was a great asset to our world and particularly our hobby. God Bless the Zimmermans. Art Griffin
  5. Bob, Having been the Meet Chairman for 6 AACA National Meets, I understand clearly what Steve is saying. He mentioned a number of the activities that have to be finished after the deadline for registration has passed. There are clearly lots of things that are time-related. And I hope you will continue to be an active member of AACA since there are so many other things that AACA has that you can enjoy even when you aren't able to attend a meet due to work and family, etc. And most Regions/Chapters have events close to home plus interesting meetings, programs, and outstanding members. By th
  6. WOW!! Charlotte was great again this year!! Meet Chairman Phillip Cole and his wife, and Chief Judge Bill Garrett, and all members of the Hornets Nest Region worked hard and did an outstanding job!! I enjoyed everything, and I have been coming to Charlotte every year since the AACA National Spring Meet has been held in conjunction with the Charlotte AutoFair. Thanks, Hornets Nest Region, AACA!!!! Art Griffin
  7. Hello AACA friends, the Treasure Coast Region did an outstanding job as they hosted the AACA National Winter Meet in Port St. Lucie, FL this past weekend!!! Barbara Joyce, Meet Chairman, along with her husband Ed, were just great! Ed laid out the Show Field in front of the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, and it was filled with super antique vehicles. Many, many people from the area as well as AACA members came to enjoy the show as well as participate in the various events. Arlene and I certainly enjoyed our visit to the re-modeled Elliott Museum.....what a fine exhibit. Being from the Cape C
  8. Hi there, I must say that I've coming to the AACA Annual Meeting for many years, and it is always a great event........lots of seminars, workshops, meetings, presentations, displays, and a great time to get to know our AACA leaders and other AACA members from around the country. As always, thanks to Mike Jones and his hard-working staff for everything they do to make this the primary event to start each year in our hobby. Thanks a million!! Art Griffin, member of both the Cape Canaveral Region and the Great Smokey Mountains Region.
  9. Hey there AACA friends. If you haven't registered to this Meet in Port St. Lucie, don't wait another minute. We don't have ice and snow, so bring that beautiful vehicle down and enjoy some great weather. Also it's a time to see all of your many AACA friends from around the country. See you in beautiful Port St. Lucie, Florida! Art Griffin PS. I will be turning over the Judging Class signs to the Joyces this Saturday.
  10. Hello Folks, it appears that the online registration is up and running. Although I will register there pretty soon, I signed on and brought up the registration page. All I had to do was to check my choices and print it out, etc. Art Griffin
  11. I have the class signs used at National Meets, and I will be taking them to Port St. Lucie in mid-January. I offer them to other Regions and Chapters to use at other National Meets. They are currently scheduled to move to Tennessee for the Dual Meet and to Wisconsin for the National Fall Meet. Arlene and I are certainly looking forward to being at Port St. Lucie the third week of February. Art Griffin PS. I hope to see everybody at the Annual Meeting at Philly 2 weeks before going to Port St. Lucie.
  12. Ed, I'm looking forward to seeing you and Barbara at Port. St. Lucie in February. That's a great area, and the Convention Center will be a fine place for your National Winter Meet. And, yes, Hershey was great again this year, but we could have done without the rain on Thursday and Friday. I enjoyed working at the AACA Membership Booth and judging for Saturday's big Show. Art Griffin
  13. Well, there are no AACA National Tours hosted by Florida AACA Regions or Chapters planned for the remainder of 2013. Of course there could be a Region or Chapter that is having a tour for their own members, but I am not aware of any. National Tours are scheduled a couple of years in advance, and they are listed in the AACA Antique Automobile Magazine. There are several standard Tours each year, and the age of the vehicles allowed to register will vary based on the type of Tour. I hope this answers your question. Art Griffin
  14. Wayne, Yours is an interesting story, but I've heard similar stories before. So, when it is your time to buy a classic vehicle that is in good condition and which you can afford, it will happen. In the meantime just continue working at the Membership Booth and at your regular job in AACA. Best wishes! Art Griffin
  15. In addition to my post above thanking the Hershey Region of AACA, I want to also thank AACA Headquarters personnel for their great work at Hershey. And the AACA Museum and the AACA Library and Research Center have some really outstanding activities during the Hershey Meet each year....thanks. And I don't want to forget the AACA Board of Directors and the many Committee Chairpersons who also do an outstanding job. What about our Judges? Well, they did a super job, too. So, you see that many, many people throughout AACA come together to make the Hershey Meet a success every year. But, it do
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