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  1. Hal, If you refresh that "A - Body" thread you'll get to view a few more images, but give it time to generate. Betsy Blue still runs but I'm building something else "entirely different" Regards, Greg
  2. I strolled across the field from the Tech Centre with Mike that day, and I do remember very clearly. End of statement
  3. And disparaging comments about Canada too!
  4. Teves ABS is not a GM system, they licensed (most likely) the use of the design from Europe. Besides our GM "E" body vehicles the system also appeared on SAAB, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Alfa-Romero, and Lincoln Town Cars and Thunderbird SC coupes, etc. You'd be wasting your time with GM Dealers these days looking for service support on virtually any 20 + year old car. Suggest you seek out references to service garages (not dealers) who handle Mercedes, Alfas etc. They would need you to provide the Field Service manual for trouble shooting/ codes data because GM layered added interfaces into the GM designed BCM/ network. Or perhaps Steve can let you in on who he knows in LA who is competent on Teves.
  5. You didn't mention what work you've already done on the car-possible it can contribute to follow-on problems. The idle floating is most likely a gummed up IAC. What is the history on the Transmission, when was it last serviced, fluid/ filter change? Whats' the condition of the fluid-burnt smell-color? How many miles on the car, do you have the maintenance history longer term, anything been rebuilt?
  6. Jim, To possibly reword Padgetts question just a little; where the 88 emblem was smaller diameter then 89 thru 91, was the SS emblem the same diameter as the later 89 - 91 emblems including the outer SS data ring.
  7. I understand this Long Island polo green sold yesterday for $2000. OH, IT NEEDED A WINDSHIELD AND DRIVERS SIDE VENT WINDOW, JUST MINOR TLC ISSUES.
  8. Only similar occurrence I ever had was about 10 years ago, after my swap to S/C and 5-Spd. I was heading out in the car, forgot some obviously important item and swung back into the driveway to go and get it. When I came back all of 45 seconds later, no start/ no nada. Got out the FSM and went thru the trouble shooting sequences and deduced it was the security/ theft deterrent module. I ripped and shredded my hands attempting to remove it without success. Resolved to let a mechanic have a go at it. Coasted the car down the street and jump started it in 2nd - standard remember! When I got to the shop where I was going to deposit it, just to satisfy myself it would still not start I hit the key. It started right up and has ever since??????? I know not why.
  9. Also worth noting, you can't successfully clear-coat particularly over white as it will cause the stripe to 'yellow'
  10. I ran across this add again; 1990 Buick Reatta :: $3,300 :: LAKE MARY, FL :: Listing ID-194217 :: And made an inquiry. The response was supposedly from an ex-Serviceman disgruntled with his Iraq experience and what he saw there. Instead he quit, joined UNICEF and returned to Iraq. The car was being sold strictly to make a donation to UNICEF, Oh and he'd entered the vehicle in the eBay Vehicle Protection Program. The price is down to $2700. including shipping. (I guess this guy in Nigeria doesn't know there's an international border between FLA and PEI Canada) Supposedly all you have to do is provide your name and address, you'll receive an invoice from eBay with payment instructions (Western Union Money-gram no doubt) Once the Seller has confirmed payment he'll ship you the car giving you 5 days to accept or reject. Should you decide to not accept the vehicle he'll cover the return shipping, no problem. Oh and sorry, he's in Iraq, the car is in Missouri in a storage facility and it can't be accessed for inspection-see the above generous acceptance terms. I Googled "eBay Vehicle Protection Program" and wasn't surprised to see there were many, many SCAM references. This is almost like a compliment, the Reatta has finally made it to "Main Stream" the Scammers have discovered us!
  11. Well, here's my idea of Heaven, next to a Buick that is:cool:;
  12. And then there's the British Virgin Islands, daytime low 90s'/ night-time low 70s' and a constant seabreeze. I enjoy my other BCA (Blue Water Cruising Assoc) interest, we're chartering a 42' boat and get lost for 10 days.
  13. There's potentially another layer to this, at least on my '88 if the car wass in gear, ie; not in "park" the trunk and fuel door releases didn't work. I believe it was associated with a separate shifter position cable that was the lock-out. After going to the 5-Spd. it was no longer hooked up. I fed 12v to the two switches directly and overcame the issue.
  14. Ditto to the 3800 S/C Swap option; relatively straigh forward and can be done by virtually anyone with good mechanical aptitude, ready stock of available reman/ OEM parts and donor engines, never drove one with an automatic transmission but do consider, with my 5-Spd. it's a pleasant and spirited ride.
  15. If you're not using a factory original catylitic converter then you're going to have to just trim to suit. Most likely it's going to mean reflairing an end after the triming is determined. Not certain whether the mid-pipe hangar brackets have to be relocated, perhaps someone else can chime in. Also, any welding will have to be done with stainless steel consumables and not every muffler shop is set up for that process.