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  1. Did some more checking. In '79 on Buicks your engine code being the 8th digit/letter for 350cu.in. engines are L for 350 Chevy, R for 350 Olds, and X for a 350 Buick engine. The biuck engine is 155hp@3400rmp, the lowest of the three. But it devolps 280 ft.lbs. of torque barely beatly the Chevy by 5 ft.lbs.<BR>The bore&stroke is 3.800"x3.850". Compression ratio is 8.0:1. It doesn't look like it is any thing other than just Buick's version of a 350 engine. No hi-perf.<BR>Hope this helps.<p>[This message has been edited by novaman (edited 07-30-2000).]
  2. The fire in the folder indicates there has been over replies. To respond to someone's comments you can go to the top or bottom of the page and click on "post reply". What I normally do is right click on the "post reply" then click open in new window. This way I can look back at the comment I'm responing to. Hope this helps.
  3. Father Ron and Howard, I checked a 1988 directory then a 1997. It looks like you're looking for:<BR>Webster, John<BR>East Lyme,CT <BR>211 emblems,automotive WBE 26-28 211 <BR> <BR>I looked on an internet phone directory and found a John Webster at 68 Chesterfield Rd, East Lyme, CT 06333-1201 Phone (860)739-2790<BR>Honored to help. novaman<P>[This message has been edited by novaman (edited 07-29-2000).]<p>[This message has been edited by novaman (edited 07-29-2000).]
  4. I just checked my American Car ID Numbers book. It show the X engine code as being a V-8 350 4-BC. It also shows, 2 other V-8 350 4-BC with letter codes "L" & "R". If you can find the engine production code stamped on the block. DRY,DRJ= 160HP 8.5:1 COMP RATIO , U9,VK,VA= 170HP 8.0:1 COMP RATIO , VZ = 170HP 8.0:1 COMP RATIO. I don't know why the VZ is listed by itself. I'll try to remember to look it up in some books over at my shop tomorrow. Question for you. What does the palm beach special option consist of?<p>[This message has been edited by novaman (edited 07-29-2000).]
  5. Thanks SALG for posting this. unfortunately, most of the time it seems the feedback we get is negative. That sometimes makes you wonder if doing the judging is really worth the hassle. People don't realize we do this to enjoy the cars and that we pay for the privilege of judging. We try to be fair to everyone. Some of us are dedicated to this. I've had some former team members tell me i was basically nuts becuase I judged chassis at a couple of shows with a broken leg!! I volunteered to do them. I would have judged another show with the broken leg but it was the Sat. after I broke it and I sti
  6. Another idea would be to find out who are judges in your local chapter/region. Ask them if they would mind looking at your car and telling you what they see as possible deductions. I have done this for several people I know. I do make it my policy not to do it the morning of a show. They might see something you simply overlooked. Remember, we aren't experts on all makes and models. Try to find someone that knows your kind of car or at least that era.<p>[This message has been edited by novaman (edited 07-28-2000).]
  7. Hey Howard, would you please educate me on this. I'm not familiar with these baterry jars. What cars were they used in? what years? I'm just not up on the older cars. I start with about 1945 and newer.
  8. Thanks guys for the infromation on the HPOF. I did realize that HPOF is a noncompetitive class. My '63 4dR Chevy II Nova would be a match for this class. It's too original to restore and I just want to show it off. The driving class would be perfect for my '63 Chevy II wagon. I'm restoring it to be a driver for car events. Thanks again guys.<BR>
  9. I heard the same thing about opening up HPOF to cars 35 yrs and older. I think it is a great idea before we lose all the original cars to being restored. I have one car I'd like to have in the class. A '63 Chevy II Nova with 60,000 miles. Yea, the exterior paint might be dead as a doornail but, it a pretty decent car. Maybe ronbarn can help with this question. How do you go about getting a car entered into HPOF. I've read the Judges Manual but it seems to be a little vague. Who would I need to see? How much of the car can be restored while still having orginal items? How much documention on t
  10. novaman

    66,67 Nova LS79

    I don't know of LS79 being an option. It sounds like one of the codes GM gave to some of the V8 engines. In 1966, if you check your serial number on the door post, look at the 2nd and 3rd numbers if they read 17, your car should be a SS 6cyl. If they read 18, it should be a SS V8. If reads neither, it's not a SS.
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