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  1. $25-$30...Wayne must be planning on going alone.
  2. His answers did have a theme....Old I glad he is our Executive Director. Personally, he has brought new life to this club, got us up to date to technology, and even to the point I have seen a change in attitude of the national officers from kind of humdrum to enthusiastic. Steve, I just want to say thanks for all the hard work you have put into this club.
  3. Steve, you paniced me there for a minute with the thread title. Thought maybe we were going to be using the Lemon....I mean Yellow field again. I saw the headline about the car on another site a minute ago. I'll have to check out the youtube link this evening. Not allowed on there with company computer.
  4. If I remember correctly going from DPC to Class judged you need to turn in the badges like just like you would do if you "recycle" your car and go for your 1st Jr again. I'd have to look it up to verify.
  5. HPOF works basicaly like this: they look at the four catagories of the vehicle. Engine, Chassis, Interior, Exterior. In each of those catergoies it is broken down kindof like the sheet for Jr but a little more general. so you get a score/percentage for that item/area Those are average out for a percentage score for that category. Then they take each of the four areas percentage then average them together for an overall score/percentage. If it makes 65% or higher then the car gets certified. So if nothing was touched in the engine, chassis, interior areas, and the outside was repainted, rechr
  6. Mark, maybe you ought to take a poll of those that would like to come and which would be the best day for them. I know you can't accomadate everyone's best evening but could pick the one that would give the majority. in the early days of the fourm we used to meet on Wed evening at Hoover's restoration shop. There would be a number of people there but the one thing I noticed was how many dropped in and ran because of other things going on. I don't know if Thursday or friday evening would be any better but can ask other DFer's opinion. It was nice meeting you last year & making/having ice cr
  7. Sounds like you shouldn't have any problems.
  8. First digit is assembly plant: A- Atlanta, Ga C- South Gate, CA F- Framingham, MA K- Kansas City, KS L-Linden, NJ P-Pontiac, MI W-Wilmington, DE Second digit = # of Cylinders Third digit = model year (T=1950) Fourth Tranny type: H = Hydra-matic S = Syncro-mesh Last four basic production number
  9. Matt is correct about if you are planning on showing it at a national meet, then yes you really need to restore it back to the way it came from the factory. If you are only planning on going to local type meets with it then it depends on which meet you go to. There are some AACA local region/chapter meets that are strict as national on modifications, then others will let some things slide. Then other show who knows. If it is people's choice to determine than anything goes. There was a show near here that was hosted by an orgiazation and a nearby street rod club judged it. There was classes f
  10. You should be fine. My Chevy II is pretty much orginal and it has had radials on it every time it has been in the HPOF class. So, as long as you aren't marginal on making the overall % (forgot the figure), you won't have a problem. Just checked..65%
  11. AACA does and they have followed some cars that have attended every meet ina year and those cars scored within a few points of itself at each meet. The deductions might not have been the same items each time, but the scores were close. What I'd be curiuos to see is how many vehicles scored 385 or worse and still got thier first due to the "curve" of just needing to be within ten points of the highest car. If you go to a specified point cut off, you know as well as I do, that cut off will be raised. I personaly know of a number of cars I've judged that would fall in that group.
  12. I'm tying the two together. If you take a close look at the membership and I'm surre it applies to VCCA also, the number of members per sq area west of the mississippi is much smaller. Look at Hershey region with I think I heard something like 500+ members, NC Region with 600+ members and Hornet's Nest Region which I believe is 100+, when talking area that those regions cover your not talking a very large area for over 1,200 members and there are a lot of other regions in those same areas. With large membership numbers like that, there are a large number of vehicles that could turn out for a
  13. Just thought of something else, I just got the seats done for my station wagon. IF we were to use 365 as the only requirement for 1st and PRESUMING the rest of my 4dr I used as an example in the prvious post was RESTORED execpt the front seat, answer me this: I have a car that would score above the 365 even with a correct seat but in bad condition. It is still usable. seat cushion/back is max of 5 points so the deduction wouldn't be enough to knock me out. Why would I want to pay over $1,000 to get the seats redone?
  14. What I was trying to get across in the prior post was: a) That all vehicles has the potential of achieving a perfect score. Just as you as a student had the opportunity of achieving a perfect score on an exam. No competition so far The vehicle receives its score based on that vehicle's merits. No other vehicle on the show field affects that score. Just like taking that exam, another student's exam doesn't affect your exam score (unless your cheating off theirs) no competition so far. c)At the end of the day, all the cars scores are gathered and grouped into ten point ranges just a a teacher g
  15. We're in trouble, Wayne's got the same title! Hope that cape doesn't clash with his hat. We don't need the fashion police after him.
  16. Peter, Thanks for your work on the upgradea for the entire AACA Site. I know it has been a much longer, drawn out precess than you had orginally planned. Also thanks for your assistance on the NC Region. With it being I presume the largest website having 17 subwebsites for the region and 16 chapters, plus the fact that we have a couple for chapters with thier own websmasters have presented certain adminastrative challenges that we manged to get worked out. Again thank you for your time and effort you have devoted to the AACA "internet program".
  17. I don't have much time left on lunch so I have to make this fast. I believe AACA looks at the cars not competing aginat each other ins this sense: Part A: Each car comes onto the show field with 400 points. points are deducted on each car according to that cars flaws, not if it is prettier than the car/part on the car next to it. you now have a final score. Part B:Remember in grade school when you took a test. you didn't compete against the kids in class. you did you're best to achive a level that would get you a passing grade perferable getting an A (1st place). Remember the thing called the
  18. This was what I saw they could have done. Won't work at many places but at the E hotel, you had to come one of two hallways. They could have setup table farther up and around the corner of both halls, allowing you to come down the hall, find your name on the list (handout are definately better), sign in then proceed on down the hall and around the corner to where the doors were that we entered.
  19. agreed, compliments to the Gettysburg Region. And the hotel sucked. 1. Reservations made in early Jan, then was one of 18 that was bumped from the hotel due to thier "computer error" as my dad was told. From what I can tell the 18 bumped were all one night stays. Then after I guess, Gettysburg Region got invovled they said they'd paid half of another room at the America's Best up the road. Not being at or next door to the host hotel is a bit of a problem due to dad and I judging and mom doesn't. Plus both of my parents ahve a hard time getting around due to leg problems so walking is pretty m
  20. bump to top Thanks for posting this Matt. I was going to do it before Gettysburg but was having issues trying to get the NC Region website moved to it's new url. Still having some username issues for chapter webmasters. Been working on that since I got back.
  21. As for the second half of your post. AACA requires peroid correct battery. They are not looking so much at the brand name. If you remove the T3 logo, Wagner, Phillps, westingouse word from a sealed beam headlight they look pretty much alike. But obviously they (sealed beams) didn't come on a Model T. Like wise with the battery, a "sealed" maintainance free battery you bought at Pep Boys, Advance, Auto Zone, etc., would obviuosly be out of place on a model A era car with the tar-style battieries, or even like my '63 Chevy II Nova which came with fill caps. Again, what is period correct.
  22. don't know about the orange field, but dennis carpenter is from nc and in the Choclate field
  23. Wayne, I may have a photo of the end of the trail statue. I took it about 30 years when I was to OK. I'll lok tonight and post it if I find it. I don't know if you ran across the info while there but unfortunately this country used germ "warfare" to help decrease the indian population by distributing blankets that were contaminated with TB. They say history repeats itself and I hope this is one place we never return to.
  24. I'd fill each cyl with PB Blaster spray and each day try turning the either with crankbolt or fylwheel. in doing so go both ways the little jerking action from both directions will help. just don't get in a big hurry and really jerk hard on it or you'll likely to break a ring or piston.
  25. I personally feel it should fall under the 2nd generation class (when old enough). If I am corect, it is not being produced by GM and certainly not in 1969. To me it would be the same as allowing the 2009 Camaro (which is made by Chevrolet) on the show field. This hobbby is about preserving the past, not making something new and pasing it off as the past. Just one member's thoughts...
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