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  1. I was there and judged the class. All three PPG Pace Cars were there
  2. The Class 35 is Limited production, Prototype & Experimental. The Fieros you are referring to are Pontiac PPG Pace Cars. Only six of these cars were done by Ponitac for the PPG Racing Series, all six were to be destroyed. Three of the cars were destroyed. One ended up in a tech school, not sure exactly were the other two went. These cars came from Ponitac with things like racing seat belts, fire surpression system, strobe lights, etc. To a degree they look like they should be in the racing class but they were not a competion vehicle so they do not qualify there. Hope this helps to answer
  3. found out that due to the rain, Hershey region members had to made new space markers for in the orange field which delyed those folks getting into that field. Understand a member was up in the wee hours of the morning making the marker labels. A special thanks to that member as I know what it is like to have to fix the problems ofa national event. Sentimental tour in 2008 in NC left me with something like 4-6 hours of sleep in 6 days. They just called us a bunch of old car nuts on TV and Steve M. was on there.
  4. Hershey time has arrived once again. Wet weather, just a light mist this morning. I do know that a number of vendors in the red, green and orange fields are upset with the way they let us in this morning. Herco security came by and said they'd be letting us in about 7:30. about that time those of us that had been lined up for a over an hour or more in the right lane watch a line of vehicles come up the left lane. As the right lane moves so did the other lane. Herco was letting a few out of each lane exit on to 39 at a time instead of "dumping" the lane that was there first. It took over an h
  5. I will be in my ususal spaces on Tues. I think the space numbers are GAF19&20. (info & truck with the old sticker over at my parents, ready to go) Look for the Packard ballon at the west end of the green field to get you in the area. I should have the flag like my advatar flying. Will be walking red on Wed, Choc on Thur, Org on Fri, Green parts of it all three days. Judging on Sat along with my dad.
  6. GVACS did the Founders tour back in I think it was 2001. Was very busy schedule but fun. They had something like 200 cars. (My windshield decal is still stuck to my bathroom mirror) If they and/or Wayne Drumlins did something in the future, I'd try my best to attend.
  7. I don't think anyone here has a problem with the idea of modifications to keep cars running since there are parts out there that you simply can not get anymore. The issues arise when folks come here and want advice on things like chopping the top, stuffing a chevy v8 in a early ford , etc. Again, when they come here for that type of advice, we need to respect them (after all it is thier car) and point them in the direction of the assistance tehy are looking for. After all this project might be a rod but that's not to say thier next project might be a restoration and if we tick them off, that
  8. To the members of GVACS and Wayne Drumlins; Thank you for a wonderful meet. Thought the"wheel chock" on a rope was a good idea for spacing the cars. I understand that was Bill Preston's idea. Pat, I want to thank you and your family again for housing us and my ride in the 47' convertible (note which side the ' is on). It's not everyday you you get a ride on the flagpole. Also thanks for allowing me to drive the '40 Chrysler Convertible to the meet. Enjoyed it.
  9. Shoprat emailed me about your post, As the others here have said, go for it. I personally don't see any reason it shouldn't qualify but on the chance for some reason it doesn't, there is always DPC which to me is better than entering in class judging w/ do not judge on it.
  10. Hi Matt. Shoprat told me about what you've been through when I was talking to her at the AACA Meet in Charlotte. My girlfriend Andrea, ....... her mom is currently in bed recieving Hospice care. Just call back to NC (I'm at the AACA Meet in Tucson) and she is still hanging on. It's just a matter of hours/days not days/weeks anymore. She has lung cancer. I've been with them since she was diagonased with it back in Oct which is why I haven't been on the forum very much since then.
  11. There were three cars in classes 26a & 26b that were sprayed, I also heard they got one of Marshall's Ts and a Zephyr and with a total of 8 cars in the AACA show. http://www.78ta.com/smf/index.php?action=printpage;topic=23025.0
  12. My first car on the road was a 1964 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova back in 1983. Over the first several years of having the car, I heard some of those remark about it just being a used car. Having grown up in AACA, I ignored them knowing I just needed to wait until 1988 for it to be considered an antique. I unfortunately in some aspects traded it for a '86 CJ7. But shortly thereafter bought a 1963 Chevy II that was an original car. This time I had to wait again for the HPOF Class as this car wasn't as clean as my '64 was so there was not real thought of showing it, just participating in touring, etc.
  13. fortunately my stories only invovle trying to get eveything laoded in time, get to PA to find out the battery in the camper doen't hold a charge, or I forgot to pack socks. Have had a couple of close calls on the highway like a motorhome pulling a trailer pulls across 15 in front of me and a semi that was along side of me.
  14. to expand on Matt's reply, you'll need to attend a judging school at a national meet which is usually held on friday afternoon. Then get up the instructor and pay I think it is $5 for judge's breakfast the next morning. Show up to breakfast (on time!), check in, and you'll be assigned to the apprentance team. Your "team captian"/instructor will give you details on when and where to met on the show field and any other instructions he has for you. Meet your group on the field at the say time and your instructor will have the group judge 3 or 4 cars he has selected and already talked to the own
  15. Shoprat, take your side cutters (with insulated handes), hand the guy two bucks, when he asked "what's that for?" cut the 120volt plug of the end of the cord, and tell him "I asked you to turn the volume down and now you'll need a new one of these" as you hold up the plug. Not only will he need a new plug but someone will have to find and reset the breaker. Hey, you paided for the plug.
  16. From your post I would say most likely it would not really hurt you for HPOF as long as the engine, chassis and interoir are orginal. You'd have the same deal as Overdrive was saying. You'd lose 50% on exterior, which would be 12.5% over the overall score leaving you with a 87.5% orginal score which would get the certifcation. The tires, as long as they are correct, I believe will basically be overlooked as old cracked tire would be a saftey issue. If there are other issues and you don't get the HPOF, there is DPC which you can leave it orginal as it is and get the DPC Certifcation. But go th
  17. Mark, the other option would be to gently clean things and spray it with clear. What dirt gets trapped under the paint would help to show it hasn't been restored/atemptmade to do so, and is orginal but just cleaned up and an attempt was made to preserve it. The cleaning and spraying black would fall more as restoration. As for the 65% in order to get certified, that is the avearage of the % score for each of the scroing catagroies; Interior, Exterior, engine, chassis.
  18. OOPS, Hershey isn't even here and I'm already lost. My spaces are GAF 19-20 ...NOT GBF.
  19. Vendors aren't allowed on the field until Tuesday morning. There are a number of vendors that "hangout" in the area from when they pack up over in Carisle until they are allowed in at Hershey. As far as activity on Tuesday, it is mostly vendors setting up, but that's not to say you can't find a deal like I did last year as I happened by a vendor's spot and found a part for my car. Some of us are like me and completely setup by noon, others take most of the day. I'm over by the Packard people in the green field, GAF 19-20. I'm usually around after 1pm. I go flea shopping in the morning while my
  20. I look at it this way, mine are for sale. I had a co-worker what wanted to buy my open car trailer, I told him $25,000. He asked if I was nuts. I told him no, if I sold him the trailer, I'd have to go out and buy one and I'd like a 5th wheel enclosed trailer, setup as a camper in the front. Not having the money for it, I'd have to sell my open one for enough to pay for the enclosed one. another incident was a lady knocked on a farmers door. He answered. She asked "how much for your farm?" He said "it's not for sale". She said "I didn't ask if it was for sale. how much for the farm.?" Farmer d
  21. Flea market spaces GAF-19-20. look for the flag that looks like my advatar, and I'm across from the Packard people with thier big yellow ballon. Best time to visit would be after 1pm, i will most likely be back from searching for fleas. Mom and Dad watch my fleas while I'm out. Will be there till judge's breakfast (camper & trailer will still be there but I won't be). Dad and I will be judging on Saturday. We break down our spot Fri evening. I usually hit the red field on Wed, Choclate on Thurs, green & orange on Friday. I usually pull a green wagon with me.
  22. Heck, we're the only ones you can joke about without being taken to the PC police. Apparently, the only folks still with a sense of humor. Just the other day as Andrea and I were hiking along the Eno River, huffing and puffing our way up a steep hill, she commented about us being out of shape. I told her to speak for herself because I'm in shape. Round is a shape.
  23. Dad and I got ours on Monday in NC. Nice issue. Dad noticed the Date Shipped and told me about it.
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