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  1. Not concerned yet about time to Hershey. That starts June 7th after honeymoon is over.
  2. Just a side note, if you're using radials on what was bias-ply originally and you keep losing hubcaps, put bias back on and your hubcaps will stay on.
  3. The if he wipers are barely working without the aftermarket pump, the problem is most likely when the engine was rebuilt it has the wrong cam in it. A lot of times when rebuilding an engine, the cam gets"upgraded" for performance or the stock profile isn't available. A small change in the cam can/will affect the amount of vacuum the more radical the cam the worse it gets.
  4. Not sure exactly when I was "in" the hobby, but put it this way; I don't remember a time that I wasn't involved in the old car hobby. I remember as a child being to Hershey and sanding one spot on dad's Merc convertible. In 1969, my mom and dad were told by club members that by having my sister:eek: was not what they had in mind when they were looking to increase club membership.:eek::eek:
  5. The new carbath facility has it's first customer!
  6. The differance in rims isn't something you'd see. The radial tires put more side load on the rim when turning. Some of the older rims will handle the stress, some won't. If you are losing hubcaps when you corner, put bias ply tires on which will relieve the side load on the rim and you'll magicaly stop losing hubcaps. The other option would be to get rims from a new car that came with radials and again you'll stop losing hubcaps. The other rim issue is tube or tubeless. There it is a case of construction. If there is a non-welded seam between the inner and outer bead lips of the rim, it is sus
  7. Hershey Region AACA: Fall Meet Maps & Information will get them the 2010 maps which should be pretty close to the same as this years should be.
  8. It's Hershey..... I'm not betting on it!
  9. That poll that was sent out about a year ago resulted in: A) HOPF class being moved to the front of the show field so as I put it, the public could see the "what it was" before the "as restored from the factory beauty". HPOF cars in class by year C) Signage for HPOF informing the public what this class was about. First sign I saw was at Charlotte and I told, I believe it was Hulon, that the sign was worded nicely but if it hadn't been for the fact I just about tripped over it, I wouldn't have noticed it. I heard we are to have larger signage for Hershey. I had suggested on mine possibility b
  10. My 4dr is in HPOF. My wagon when I get it done, if I take it to a national meet, I'll put it in DPC.
  11. Jim, That's what I was basically trying to say. Don't forget what I do for a living. 500 CID & up are common place with NOS, blowers, twin turbos, and Jet fighter engines. Most door cars in our shop are running 1/8mi under 4 seconds - that's 0 to 190 MPH in 660 feet! Some of the owners chrome everything. As for the mags, I was thinking of what you see today with the rubberbands for a tire on them. And lot of the guys I know around here are rodders and they want to customize everything on the car.
  12. Don't forget to fill out the owner's part of the judging form, where you check off the area the car is original.
  13. If you really don't want the board and chips, I'm sure if you notify the vp of class judging and/or Steve M you don't want them, they'll keep them.
  14. "So why make things so complex with the HPOF class. If it gets certified once…that's it. No repeat HPOF and more little trinkets to stick to a board. You have one…put it on the car and be proud of it. If the owner wants to lower the car and put a booming sound system in it or add flames….well those cars can be addressed…they'll stick out like sore thumbs (ask anyone that has griped about them in the car corral!?!?) If they worked to get an HPOF and are proud of their car…you wouldn't think they would being doing crazy mods or something. Then again…you never know…" 1. If my car had it's senior,
  15. Wirewheel In response to your post, Matt pretty much nailed the general idea of the class, and answered the third part of your post, but regarding the other two items; "I believe there should be a minimum condition of a vehicle being awarded the HPOF." There is two minium requirements for HOPF compared to the judged classes. 1. ALL Classes - cars must been driven onto the show field (expect race car & Motorcycles which can go through a "prove it runs" process to the chief judge) So an extreme minimum example would be if you entered something that looked like a demo derby winning car in a
  16. 2011 SE Fall Meet - Friday I don't have a pic of Wirewheel on the track but this link is of the photos I took friday at the hotel, taking laps at the track, the picnic and the cruise-in. I haven't done the "official" gallery, all the photos are simply the raw photos resized. some of the still need to be cropped to get better pics, especially of the cars on the track. Hate to say how many photos of the wall instead of the car I took. Hate digital cameras for speed shots.
  17. It was nice meeting Dave Birchmire at Bristol. The laps around Bristol Speedway were a blast after I missed the stalled Caddy. Even though we were all but stopped the banking make it hard to maneuver around him. Talked to Susan Bond Friday night and she still had a grin from ear to ear. I almost didn't sign up for the banquet (usually head home after the meet). I did attend and boy am I glad I did. It was a hoot!
  18. I'm an HPOF owner. Matt is correct on the best way to handle your oil leak. With the car being 90% original, you should be able to repaint them without it being a qualifying issue, but at the same time, it does take away from the "original-ness" of the car. What I have done is where there is bare metal, flaking paint etc. is to hit it with a little clear to protect it from the elements but at the same time it doesn't hide the fact that there was an issue and what was there to begin with.
  19. Shop Rat, although I am a an AACA judge, I'm not even a short time member of the HPOF evaluation team, I am one of the folks a change like this would impact as a car owner. Here's what I see as a HPOF car owner and an AACA judge: Owner: 1. Yes, it would be nice to be placed with the respective class BUT, Would you want to be the car owner with your $$,$$$.$$ - $$$,$$$.$$ restored car and have me park my $,$$$.$$ "POS" next to you? 2. I feel more at home with the unrestored, which most of those put my car to shame. 3. Certification on friday was mentioned. You'll lose my car. I get one week
  20. Those of you that didn't attend the Friday evening at Rick Hendrick's really missed out. When we arrived, we got to got through the race car museum & gift shop that is open to the public. He has the Ken Schrader's Budweiser #25, which was completely destroyed by a 200 MPH+ rollover at Talladega Superspeedway. Then we went to the building next door for a great dinner of chicken and pork bar-b-q. After dinner, according to your ticket time, you went to the race car shops or to the Heritage Museum. I went to the shops first. The first building contained the shops of Johnson and Jr. On displ
  21. A belated Merry Christmas to everyone. Got up yesterday and made fresh biscuits and sasuage gravy and took it to Andrea's for breakfast. When she opened her gifts she got 6 quarts of motor oil. After the realative that was visiting, we went over to my folks, where she found Santa had left her an oil filter. Then we went to her uncle's, who happened to have the flu. Later we went to her aunt's (different family) where we had dinner and a packed house of family. The kids were out playing in the falling snow (it was just starting to stick to the ground about 7pm). got back home on the late side
  22. Happy Thankgiving to everyone! This is a rather unusal Thankgiving for me. Instead of spending it with my family at my sister's, I'm spending it with Andrea as this is the start of the first holiday season after losing her mother to cancer earlier this year.
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