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  1. To Bill & Steve: If I came across as unsympathetic in the above post, I apologize. It is frustrating to see ALL events cancelled because of this virus. We have Governors who grab power to take our liberties without the consent of the legislature and are then supported by the courts. We can keep liquor stores open but we can't attend church. I know it is a herculean task to organize a tour of this size and your efforts are not missed by me, believe me, I have organized tours in the past, just not as large. What is most annoying is that i truly believe this entire episode was by design, not happenstance. Frank
  2. I just found out that the Glidden tour has just been cancelled, also. I think it's time for the organizers of these events to do what the Carlisle people did. Get your heads out of the sand for Pete's sake... Frank
  3. If you remove the rear hub cap (unscrew) you will most likely find a large castellated nut with a cotter pin. remove these and pull the wheel straight off. You may need a puller, the kind that screw onto the hub with a center bolt that presses against the axle shaft. Frank
  4. There is a write-up about the assembly and adjustment of the T6 clutch in Dykes. Both my 12th edition and 16th edition has it. Not simple, just takes time. Frank
  5. So, help me understand the decision... The virus threat is so great that we cannot accept the liability of people meeting in a flea market, but the liability of people meeting in a car show is acceptable??? October is 5 months away, If we are still cowering in our caves, we are in more trouble than we realize... Frank
  6. You will need to use the 26-27 transmission cover with it, since it has the bulge to accommodate the wider drum. I'm not sure if an earlier pan will fit, but someone should know... Frank
  7. So, do you think the sludge in the crankcase was due to the absence of an air cleaner??? More than likely, due to non-detergent oil rather than an air cleaner.... Frank
  8. I used to by good, low mileage used cars all the time, especially for the reasons stated above. All less than 20,000 miles. My opinion is changing though. I am a volunteer fireman and most of our calls are accident calls. The newer cars have far superior crumple zones and you can't imagine the amount of damage and still people walk away. Now, when you consider the average hourly charge for good mechanics is approaching $150 per hour, you better have a warrantee. Most cars over 35,000 miles and you're on your own. If I'm buying a used car, it will have less than 20,000 miles or I look elsewhere. Frank
  9. Being a straight side tire, they are most likely 21" Model T wheels, used 1926-27. They do look to be VERY heavy wheels for a Ford... Also, aftermarket... Frank
  10. Now we should be able to see the White at any show, not just the ones within 5 miles.🙂 Frank
  11. I answered this in the General section, but just found it here. I had a 27 Big Six President and it took 700 x 20 tires. I think the 600's will be too small for your car. Try a set of Lesters, softest ride of any bias tire... Frank
  12. I think your Big Six should use 700x20 tires. At least that's what mine took. I think the 600's will be too small... Frank
  13. I typically go with the larger sized tires within the range for your car. As far as white wall vs black wall, personal choice. I go with white walls. OK, I'll duck now... Frank
  14. Is that a sign for "Reamers" over her head??? Frank
  15. Looks very similar to a one cylinder Reo engine (1906-1910) except that the main casting is lighter and the flywheel is on the wrong side. I know that Olds made engines that were used in industry other than those used in the cars. Frank
  16. the triangular door hinge was used on Model T's all the way up through 1925. What distinguishes the 1912 hinge was the hole pattern. this was the only year that had a different pattern. I looked for a 1912 hinge for 20 years (repops only recently available) and then found one in Hershey the year after I sold the car. Frank
  17. My Hollander shows that there are no other users of the 49-50 Chevy wheel cylinders. Nash also does not cross reference to your Chevy.... Frank
  18. From the photo, looks to be Northeast, possibly from Dodge Bros. But as Staver said, should be a label with mfg name on it... Frank
  19. If you could post a photo of the 'creep', I might know him...🤭
  20. Many early cars used spark plugs with tapered pipe thread. Model T Ford and Reo were using this style plug up through the mid to late 20's. Nothing unusual here. Frank
  21. Definitely a Model T Ford, maybe aftermarket windshield, or they may have just put on one that fit in a pinch. Who's to say... Frank
  22. No side lights, so must be electric start, 21 or later. The windshield is NOT Ford.... Frank
  23. If the valves have two holes, they are probably two piece valves. i would remove all two piece valves from my cars, if they were there... Frank
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