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  1. I'll have to measure the pressure. It seems to me that if that much gas is coming from a stuck needle/seat, I'd be running flooded all the time. You may be right, a measurement would tell. There are no symptoms of a flooded engine here.



  2. I have an interesting problem with my Ford Model B engine.  I placed this same question on the Ford Barn forum, but I thought it may get more exposure here. I first put a fuel pump on the car because my pair of Stromberg 81's seemed to be starving for fuel with the gravity feed. Sure enough, the pump cured the problem. Some time later, I needed to change the oil and discovered the sump had about a quart too much oil, and it was very thin. I had gas in the oil. Thinking this must have come from a ruptured pump diaphragm, I had another core rebuilt and put that on. Now it is about 1 1/2 years since and it has happened again, about a quart over, contaminated with gas. It's hard for me to believe that this pump has the same issue, but how else can the gasoline get into the sump? Any ideas??


  3. Top one is a slant windshield 1923-1925, second one has a straight windshield with a two-man top, 1917-1920; third is most likely a 1916, since it appears to have no brass, other than the radiator. Of course, this assumes that the cars were not updated or changed at the time of the photos...



  4. The electric connection of the ground for the A horn is through the button on the steering wheel. One wire comes from the battery connection on the cut-out and the other wire goes to the horn button, which ground the coils at the column. The mounting lug is only used to mechanically attach the horn to the headlight bolt.




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