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  1. Try John Ulrich in El Sobrante, Cal. 510 223 9587, he has the parts your looking for. John
  2. Make sure that it has a good title for the car. The state of Washington is real picky about titles. I know I live here. Lost or damaged titles can be a real pain to replace if your not the person whose name is on the title. There is a way to get it done if there is not a title, but is is a pain and takes 3 years to get a title in your name. I also have a 62 MGA and will say it's real fun to drive. John
  3. The case of a condensor has to be grounded, in your distributor that means a seperate ground wire. John
  4. Charlie, I had the same problem, the "whistle "is clogged up. The filler tube goes to within 1/2 inch of the tank bottom so the only way air can escape is through the whistle. I drilled a small hole in the top of the whistle on the tank, about 1/8 inch and used a piece of stiff wire and air pressure to clear the whistle. You can test by stuffing a rag in the filler neck around your air nozzle and apply a "little" pressure, the tank will whistle if it is clear. I sealed the hole with J B Weld and a penny. Don't blame the guy who sealed the tank as I don't know of any other gas tank made this wa
  5. I believe the tool mentioned is referred to as a "bearing splitter", see attached. http://www.harborfreight.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_2833.jpg John
  6. Steve, Contact Dave Moe, Packard Seattle. I recently sold him a complete 902 parts car. He should have what you need if not sold already, Dave Moe, 425 334 7754 John
  7. Scott, I feel your frustration, I've been there. In the state of Washington, you can take the car to the State Patrol inspection station with all of the paper that you have. They will run all of the numbers they can find through their computers and if there are no other claims on it they will issue a provisonal title. If after three years no one files any claims on it they then issue a clear title. You might investigate to see if N.C. has a simular system. This was not common knowledge as no one at any of the DMV offices ever mentioned it in the 4 months of going around in circles. I found ou
  8. Miss America X was built by Gar Wood for the 1932 Harmsworth Trophy race which she won, she also won in 1933.* She was powered by 4 Packard 1m2500 engines.* She still exists and is owned by a private collector.* Can you imagine the condition of the driver and his rideing mechanic after sitting behind those open stacks at full throttle? Must have been deaf for hours after. By the way, most if not all unlimited class boats ran with open stacks all the way into the 80's when turbines became the power of choice, hence the name Thunder Boats. I personaly miss the noise at the races. * Packards at S
  9. Pacific NW Region of Packards International has what you want. A Transistorized Ignition for 6 volts, positive or negative ground. John
  10. oldmobile1: The problem that your having with starting is due to low voltage at the Pertronix unit. I am sure that if you check the voltage at the Pertronix while cranking you will be less then the 4 1/2 volts it needs to work, that's why when you let up un the starter and the voltage increases it will fire. Electronic has a threshold voltage above which it works 100% and below which not at all, Pertronix is approx. 4 1/2 volt. Check your wiring for good connections and make sure that the battery cables are for 6 volt, should be size 00 for 6 volt cars. John
  11. Mark: Your temperature gauge will read high as the standard thermostat that came in the car was 150 degrees with an optional thermostat of 160 degrees. John
  12. Mark: Your most likely looking for Mike McCready of Dayton OR. mikesvintageservice@onlinemac.com 503-329-5436 John
  13. Have you checked with your DMV about a provisionary title? In my state of Washington you can take the car to the State Patrol and they inspect the vin/serial number and run a stolen vehicle check and your bill of sale, Then they issue a 3 year provisionary title. If no claims are submitted against the car then you get a clear title.
  14. Try Packards International, Pacific NW Region. www.packardsintnw.com John
  15. Steve The rubber material looks like conveyor belt material. Look in the phone book for belting, you should be able to get a piece from a shop that makes belts, maybe even a piece of scrap. Belting makes great vice jaw coushion for holding pieces you don't want to scratch. For rivits try www.bigflatsrivet.com John
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