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  1. HRP

    Reatta Hood Ornament

    Barney, I knew you were with the Buick division of GM at the time of the Reatta's and was just curious about this question since there were hood ornaments on Buicks up through the 1964 models. The closet I came was the Riviera one and just wondered if one had ever been seriously considered. HRP
  2. Was a hood ornament ever considered or designed for the Reatta? If so is it or a facsimile available? I have the "shield" on the front of the hood, but was curious to know if a formal hood ornament like those in older Buics was ever made or designed. If not, has anyone eve put any type of hood ornament on their Reatta? If so, I'd love to see a pic. This site shows several different Buick Hood Ornaments of the past: Thanks, HRP
  3. HRP

    Fan Whine

    Thanks, especially to Barney and D-A-N-I-E-;.. I may have to find a radio announcer to do the job (wee paws for station identification). I'll also check the prices, especially since I have an Autozone and O'Rielly's less than 1/2 mile away. HRP
  4. HRP

    Fan Whine

    1991 Reatta Convertible purchased. Now with well over 100k, it has developed a whine in the fan which is worse at medium speed. I suspect it to bea bearning. How woud I go about replacing or repairing it? Is this a "take it to a repair shhop" or something relatively simple that I can do at home? Thanks for any advice. HRP rpa
  5. A big thanks to all who responded. Glad to know there is a 1 1/2 DIN radio with all the bells and whistles available. I'll put it on my birthday and Christmas lists and also watch for sales of the Retrosound Newports. I figured I'd need an interior shop to redo my boot cover and a radio shop to get new rear speakers with grill covers. HRP
  6. ASSISTANCE APPRECIATED 1) I have a 1991 red Reatta convertible (purchased new and mostly garaged even with 100+k miles on her) with the tan (leather) interior. She still looks almost new. I need the cover which is attached to the top and covers the short painted area when the top is up. Are they available or do I need to have a local trim shop make one? 2) My radio and cd player are failing and need to be replaced. . I know it takes a 1 1/2 "short" DIN. Rather than a cd player, I would like to find a radio which fits (is bolt in) with a USB port so I can use large mp-3 play lists or a Samsung Galaxy 5 'droid with the music and playlists there. 3) After these many years, I also need new speakers (the rear at least) and grills or speaker covers to match the interior rear ones. The plastic covers are in good shape. Obviously, with the top down and/or wind noise, the speakers do not need to be "high tech) or expensive. Any information or help would be appreciated. I am in Greensboro, N.C. Thanks, HRP
  7. HRP

    R & R computer

    Thanks to all who contributed. We replaced the ECM and all the fault codes (some were even conflicting) and engine and tranny weird behaviors have stopped. I really appreciate the advice and pics. Made it easier to do so. Now the only thing left is to re-adjust the throttle regulator which will be a breeze. Thanks again. Very grateful for and to this forum and the members!! HRP Greensboro, N.C.
  8. HRP

    R & R computer

    1991 Reatta Convertible has a bad computer (behind the glove compartment). The main connections are behind the computer toward the firewall. Any sneaky suggestions as to how to disconnect (unplug) this computer. The connection is hidden from view and needs to be removed by feel. Thanks, HRP
  9. Thanks, Barney. Will check the system for vacuum leaks and get back to you. hrp
  10. Have a 1991 Reatta convertible which was purchased new. Recently the cruise control stopped working. I would appreciate a simple outline as to how to trouble shoot this problem. Please keep it simple and a Mickey Mouse step by step guide would be great. Thanks. HRP
  11. Were any of the Reattas equipped with the Takata Grenade Airbags? If so, which ones? I have a 1991 Reatta Convertible and wish to know if I have to worry about this. Thanks? HRP
  12. Labrat, Thanks. I just wanted to be sure that I was not unnecessarily removing that panel before I dug into it. The switch is still working properly. HRP
  13. Labrat, Thanks, Did you have to pull the panel below the steering column to get to it??? Mine is still behaving, but I'd like to replace it before cold weather unless I have further problems before late Sept. Dick
  14. Just a FYI. Disconnected the battery and then after letting it sit overnight, reconnected it and everything seems to be working well. Will watch carefully and if this problem recurs will replace the switch. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. HRP
  15. I installed real battery posts onto the sides of my battery. Got them from AutoZone. They bolt through your cuttent connectors, but give you a real post to use if you need to use jumper cables. Easy install and they bolt right in.