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  1. Yes-those Model T's were called "Coupelets" and the removable side pillar opend them right up. It was first introduced in 1915 and was a coupe body with landau bars and a soft top that folded down. The 1916s got fancy with small oval windows the the top also, but sometime during 1917 the folding top idea was cancelled out and the couplelets were delivered with fixed tops but were still fabric covered. 1918 was the last year for them and although the removable side window pillar was sitll there, the top was no longer padded. A friend in the local club found one a few years ago in Norfolk being used as a "christmas yard ornament." It's now owned by one of our Tidewater Region members and is awaiting a full restoration. Very interesting car! Terry
  2. Well, as many of you know Ive been collecting "automobilia" for about 30 years and have assembled most of it into a faithful recreation of a circa 1915 auto parts store, complete with old shelves, showcases, counters, even a brass cash-register. Store stock consists of a lot of NOS stuff in original boxes and it's not uncommon during an open house (oops, thats "open garage") for the local clubs to find someone in need of a special radiator cap, or a something that is on display in my old store. I think I've given a lot of stuff away over the years, but its always come back to me in other items that help fill the shelves. So, just like a real store, there is some turn-over. Speaking of wall-hangers, I know a lot of folks collect signs, ads, license plates, etc to hang on the wall but Ive got this great collection of early after-market accessory stop lamps (tail-lamps) and have them all wired up, hanging on the wall. It sure attracts attention! I did have one lamp there that said "Studebaker-Stop" and it ended up going to a studebaker guy who needed it. In it's place is an even better one though-a unique three-panel tail light that says "Right-Left-Stop." Gads-I gotta figure out how to use this new fangled digital camera so I can post some pics! Terry
  3. We get such little snow here in the Norfolk Va area that its a real treat when it happens. My 14T handles well - it's a wide track T (Southern tread) and Ive got hasslers on it to stiffen things up a bit, but it sure is fun to get it out when the white stuff does hit. Its a real thrill for the neighbors, and with a good lap robe there is enough heat coming up from the floor boards to keep driver and a passenger reasonably warm even without side curtins on. The dog loves the back seat regardless of the weather! Terry
  4. Interesting topic - had a good friend who painted card in his spare time, decided to try the latex glove thing, but started having trouble with fish-eyes in his paint. Turns out there was a silicone dust on the gloves to make them easier to put on that was causing the paint probs. Mucho trouble getting everything clean and the last time he wore the latex gloves. Personally, my wife wears them when she works on the MG, most of the time. I try to remember to put them on since dirty finger nails in my line of work isn't too highly regarded. Ive discovered however than sand paper and steel wool are incompatible with them. Its almost worth starting another thread about dentists who play with cars - mine is not only the best darned dentist in the world, he is a good old car buddy too. I have absolutely no regrests that my dentist bills have helped finance some of his wonderful restorations! Only thing I dislike is when he gets all that equipment in my mouth and then wants to start talking car stuff! Terry
  5. Did anyone mention the "close-coupled sedan?" Think Cadillac and others in the luxury/semi-luxury end of the game made them. Its really a shortened sedan, or is it a lengthened coupe? Not sure which but still just basically a two seater with possibly jump seats in rear area. Think the Model A Victoria was a take-off on that styling, although that was a full rear seat vehicle. Handsome styling and a bit roomier than a standard coupe. Terry
  6. My favorite is the 28/9 Model A Busines Cpe with the oval windows instead of landau bars. Neat looking car and fairly scarce. Terry
  7. Ron-I've never heard you speak so eloquently before! I'm impressed. Obviously Rachel's presence has had profound impact here! I have really enjoyed the bantering about - having lived over seven years in Scotland gives one some special insight into the significance of dialect. Why some evenings I go out to the garage to just sit in my 1935 Morris 8, swing out the windscreen, sip a wee dram and turn on the telly to watch the re-runs of "all creatures-great and small." You know in all my travels overseas I was always able to play with old cars and met the most wonderful people doing so - some say music is the universal language. I say it's old cars!!! Terry
  8. Geeeez-if I had that much moola I'd hire someone to restore and maintain what I already have - them Id go shopping for a neat brass car like a Locomobile or maybe an Olds Limited (smile Steve!). Having that much money could be a big problem however - which motor home to buy; where to build the dream garag etc. Terry
  9. Congratulations to all who received recognition for their hard work during the past year. Region and Chapter Web Sites are getting better all the time! To let you all know how it works and what we look for, here is a rather lengthy but important post - first, each site linked to the AACA National site is evaluated by the AACA Internet Committee. The review is a year-long process that includes many site visits by committee members to evaluate them. Here are some of the areas we consider to be important: - Functionality and ease of use - Originality and creativity - Presentation, graphics, design and appeal - Content including a calendar of events, promotion of activities, promotion of AACA, articles, activity reports, photos, club info, etc. - Timeliness of content and currency of info. - Interest to the membership and prospective members. - Value to the membership and prospective members. - Is the Webmaster clearly identified and able to be contacted? - Are the officers of the club identified and able to be contacted? In short, a good web site mirrors a good newsletter. It must be current, active, and of considerable value in serving the membership, encouraging participation and must also serve as a recruiting tool for prospective members. You don't need to register in advance to participate in the review process. Everyone receiving an award of Excellence, Distinction or Merit received a special logo that can be displayed on the web site. I will be posting a complete list of winners in the next day or so, but take the time to look at the many wonderful sites linked to the National AACA page and you'll get plenty of ideas. Terry Bond Chairman, Internet Committee
  10. Had to work fast to get a coat of primer on some MG wheels so I could tune in. Wow-what a finish!!! Dale Jr. almost did it! That was some great racin and a great start to the season. Gotta go with DEI to keep it all in the family as son-in-law and family are world's biggest fans. Terry
  11. Congratulations on receiving the award and welcome to the forum! Your question is quite timely as I was preparing a post with info about the website awards and contest. This duplicates some of that info but it sure won't hurt to offer it more than once. Basically, the AACA Internet Committee reviews all region and chapter websites that are linked to the AACA site. There is a long list of items we are looking for, and it is a year-long process with each site getting several visits by committee members. The top sites are very much like good newsletters. They are active, up-to-date and of great value to the club in terms of providing useful information for their members. Good sites are also good recruiting tools, enabling new and prospective members to easily contact the club leadership, participate in activities, and join. Links to national, the junior page, etc are all important to serving the membership in the best possible fasion. The sites should be user-friendly, graphically appealing, functional, quick to load, and up to date. Let us know how we can help, and again, congratulations on gaining important recognition for your club! Terry Bond AACA National Director Chairman, Internet Committee
  12. I love em all, but of course am partial to the 67 GTO out in my garage! Cant count the times I've seen the tail-lights of a hemi, and a few other cars of the era, but nothing beats the sound, sight and feel of my GOAT! If I could go back a few years and pick a stable-mate for it, it would be one of the Nikey or Yenko Cameros. But if you recall those days, a big factor was back-seat room. And I'll leave that part of the discussion alone! Terry
  13. Got a soft-sport for the '55 Desoto-can remember when my Dad bought one brand new. Can also remember when Mom dented the passenger side door trying to learn how to drive! Great car though, two tone green, BIG motor! Very comfortable on long trips to visit family down south. I can still hear Elvis coming thru that aftermarket radio hanging down under the dash! Anyway-back to your orig ?, you don't even need to own a car to have fun in this hobby. Belonging to a Region/Chapter will give you plenty of touring opportunities tho. Heck, the cars just get us from one restaurant/picnic to another (we are really an "eating" club don't ya know?). One of my favorite events for our own club is the annual garage tour where we get to tour around peaking into members garages at all their projects, collections, junque piles, etc. On a national scale, the Divisional Tours are fantastic fun, and of course the larger national tours (like Founders, Sentimental, etc) are perfect for that DeSoto. If you want to be part of the excitement at a national meet, DPC (Drivers Participation) is the way to go. Members displaying that DPC badge are really proud of it. I think my 1914 Ford T is slipping towards #3 as Ive had so much fun with it on the road. It was a Natl 1st car in 1965 at a meet in Roanoke Va and this year I plan to bring it back and enter it as a DNJ (Do Not Judge) in its proper class for their spring meet there. It should be quite a reunion. So-don't worry, have fun and enjoy the car the way it was meant to be. AACA provides plenty of opportunity. Terry
  14. Wow-makes me want to rush home and play! Terry
  15. Some copies of the touring brochure were handed out in the touring seminar but Sharon Lee did announce that it was being revised to include new info on tour scheduling, etc. Im certain it will be available in the near future. Terry
  16. Welcome to the forum Jonathan-its great to have some more input from across the pond. Many of us have strong interest in British stuff-our garage contains a 1912 Triumph M/cycle, 1935 Morris 8, and a couple of MGBs, one just about ready for paint after extensive bodywork. We even have a black cat named "Lucas." Terry
  17. Philly is fun and fantastic. It is a pleasure to have met everyone and renewed old friendships. Only wish it was possible to be in more than one place at a time! Its always a learning experience and I was especially pleased to see so many younger folks in attendance. We are fortunate to have a great facility with dedicated staff to help arrange everything. Mike Jones and the entire annual meeting crew including our headquarters staff deserve a big thanks for all their hard work and attention to detail. It was a great weekend! Terry
  18. A couple of years ago when I was serving as VP Natl Activities, our committee printed up a booklet with info on car games. It has been passed around at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and was going to be something that could be ordered from Headquarters - I'll mail you a copy if you give me an address, if anyone else is interested, I'll check with Steve and make sure they are available through HQ. Terry
  19. I think the Pontiac GTO was first to begin all of this with their emblems pronouncing it a "6.5 liter." I guess as long as they were using the euro-association with "GTO" they just added the liter designation to stay with the theme. Only touble is that it had the good old USA 389 CUBIC INCH engine! Funny though, when they went with the 400 in 67, the ID badge kept the 6.5 liter designation. Even Ronnie & the Daytonas got it right "...3-duces & a 4-speed, & a 389." Terry
  20. At great risk of getting all this dumped into the Rants & Raves section, I'm going to upset the apple cart here and give you my humble opinion - I like my 1914 Model T Ford!!! So far we've identified the biggest, fastest, most difficult to crank, most expensive, etc but for all around pleasure the T has got my vote. Easy to find, fix and run, cheap, easy to haul when needed, parts-no problem, everybody loves em, and their aint tooooo much brass to polish. Plus, you don't have much choice but to slow down and smell the flowers as you drive by. I'm taking my much road-worn '14 touring out to the Natl Meet in Roanoke Va. It was first shown there in 1965 and won a first. Ok Bob-from a fellow T guy, I'll be looking for some support on this one! Happy motoring. Terry
  21. Yes-looks like the lunch for DFers from 12 on and a short meeting for Moderators at 1:30 will fit nicely. If the Logan room isn't available we'll meet upstairs where the box lunches are and go from there. I'll be involved with the publications seminar which is supposed to last until 12:45. For moderators who plan to attend - check the moderators forum for more info. Terry
  22. Sal-we wish you all the best in 05 - I know those kids will be driving before you realize it. We'll miss you at Philly. Terry
  23. Happy new year to all Region and Chapter web masters! The AACA Internet Committee has completed a review of all Region and Chapter Web sites linked to national. Actually, it's been a year-long review process! We have made the final selections for recognition - awards of Merit, Distinction, and Excellence. From those Regions and Chapters with sites rated as "Excellent" a number of "Master Web Masters" have been selected. Watch your mailbox (snail-mail kind) for notification. The Master Web Master awards can be presented at the Annual Meeting in Philly if the recipient is planning to attend - letters will contain all the details. Web Sites were evaluated for currency of information, effectiveness in supporting the Region or Chapter, promotion of actiities, reporting of events, encouraging involvement, recruiting new members, support to national AACA and overall value to the Region or Chapter. Presentation and functionality were also items of interest to the committee. Its been a great year looking at all of your web sites. Congratulations on your effort and the use of this great technology to enhance our enjoyment of old cars! Terry Bond Chairman, AACA Internet Committee
  24. I was kinda stuck on one comment made "If you don't judge it how is anyone going to know what they have to do to their car...," there is a tendency to rely on the judging process to tell people how to restore their vehicles. Thats not the purpose for which the DPC or even any of the competitive judging classes were created. The owner needs to take on the responsibility to do the research, ensure the standard they desire to achieve is met, and then decide if they want to enter into a competitive situation. If there is interest in having a vehicle evaluated and some guidance provided about restoration or maintenance, best advice is to belong to an active AACA Region so that some more experienced judges might be called upon to offer some advice. I know in our region we have a lot of members who have restored vehicles and competitvely shown them who are more than willing to give their time and expertise to help another member. We've even had club judging events where we hold a mini AACA-style judging school to learn more about the process. A willingness to learn is all thats required, and its a whole lot more fun as a group. Brenda said it best - we could use all the help and knowledge available, so see you on the show-field! May your snow be light, your sunshine bright and your Christmas holiday absolutely perfect! Terry
  25. Hi Matt - you too Steve! Been a long time. Stay in touch and keep your keyboard oiled, you're always welcome to participate here. Terry
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