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  1. Hey guys, Mike T here. I have templates for all year Buick's from 1959 through 1976. They do not have the "scroll"holes along the edge. I use factory literature and copies of original stickers to make them look as close to the original stickers as possible. If you are interested in having a sticker made you can email me at Thanks for the positive feedback.... That '64 Riv sticker was made way back in July of 2003... Its been so long since I have been on this site I forgot I even had a user name, lol
  2. Keith, No problem using the photo, I may actually put those wheels on my GS this year just to give it a different look. I was searching the internet for new 14" trim rings for my current GS wheels and I came across this post. Anyone have nos or very good condition 1968 14" Buick trim rings for sale. Chrome, not the brushed finish used on the pictured wheels.
  3. Hey Keith, that's my car! LOL... I took that photo just to see what those wheels would look like on my GS. You are correct, those wheels were only offered in 1967 and 68 and came standard with disc brakes but they could also be ordered without the disc brake option. Mike Trom
  4. I live in the area and I knew nothing about the show.. It was not very well promoted around here...
  5. Thanks Roberta, It was a very rainy day for a car show today....I did not get a chance to go...
  6. Is this an invitation only car show? Can anyone come to veiw the cars? When is it?
  7. Mind if I jump in.. All 1968 and up Skylarks/GS's had the Vin serial number that could be viewed through the windshield, they were never located on the hinge pillar. What book are you using that shows this location? Also the '68/69 GS body can be told apart by the VIN serial number 44637"8" for 1968, 44637"9" for '69. Another quick way to tell on would be that the '68 GS coupes had a crank vent window and the '69 GS Coupe did not. There were 3 steering wheels used in 1968, standard two spoke, a deluxe and the sport wheel (simulated wood). They are all very difficult to find because the plastic is usually cracked. You may also want to specify a color wheel you are looking for.
  8. I know its not a classic but I would like to know if anyone knows of or has a 1978-79 Starfire with the Firenza package in either white or silver for sale. I am looking for a running, complete car. Please email me at Thanks... Mike Trom
  9. Brian, The cars look great.....Cool photos... How many had reproduction window stickers
  10. MrEarl I lightend up your first photo so you can see your faces..
  11. Chris, I have shown my GS at two different BCA Natiional Meets and I lay my convertible top boot on the ground under the gas tank. I keep the trunk clear of any clutter that way. I would think that you could have it in its bag (if you have one) ready for inspection if asked or close by. Good luck at the show... Mike Trom
  12. Does anyone have a clear copy of the "coat of arms" logo that is used in some of the 1962 Buick literature and on the 1962 Buick window price stickers? Its not the traditional "tri-shield" or the square with "buick" on an angle. Thanks, Mike
  13. Norb, Are those rims off of a '67 or '68? Do you know if they were always painted black? The only reason I am asking is because I have been told many times that '67 rims like yours were painted silver (argent) and any other color was incorrect (except red on the GS340 cars).. I have a photo of your style rim painted yellow (same as the body) and they were off of an original owner car. I have a set from a '68 GS that were factory painted blue just like the body of the car. So I believe that some of them came from the factory painted body color and others black.
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I believe there is a guy on that does them, might be worth a search. He's a member there I believe. </div></div> Thats me. <img src="" alt="" />