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  1. Ron, is what Briggs-Stratton/the AACA member did a legitimate thing according to AACA by-laws?<P>Inquiring minds want to know!<BR>Jeff<P>[Posted this at about the same time HVS posted his reply...don't mean to beat a dead horse, and from what Howard said, this DOES sound legitimate! JSH]<p>[This message has been edited by Jeff Hansen (edited 11-21-2000).]

  2. Dan,<P>It has been my understanding that the original meets prior to moving to Hershey were held at the Devon Horse Show in Devon, PA just outside of Philadelphia.<P>Not sure what you have, but it sure sounds interesting!<P>Jeff

  3. The Chocolate field was such a night and day difference from the Yellow field that it was unbelieveable. There was some mud on the Chocolate, but NOWHERE near the conditions on the Yellow. Most of the Chocolate field was just wet. Water flows down hill and it sure did in this case!<P>Jeff

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