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  1. Hi all, Logging into this forum brings back many good memories. I sold my Select 60 in January 2006. She went to a great home in Michigan to a father and son. I sure do miss she still out there? Actually, I need a name and address of the family that bought her. My local county tax collector is still showing her in my name. Thank you. Dolores West Palm Beach, Florida
  2. Yes, the car is sold. I said goodbye to my Select 60 last night - after 10 years of ownership. It was a pleasure meeting F14Crazy and his Dad. Although it was a very sad moment to see her go it is comforting to know she will be well taken care of and joins a very nice Reatta family. This forum has been very helpful and it was nice to talk to a few of you over the years. Take care. Today, I'm out looking of another convertible.....and I hope whatever I get has a support forum almost as good as this one.
  3. Pictures of the car are available on autotrader.
  4. Ok, guys and gals, I know you have seen my car on and off for sale. Well, I've always kept my price high as I couldn't make up my mind whether to sell her or not. But now - I'm ready and my price is FIRM. 1990 Select 60 - $7,000 108,000 miles - very well maintained Within the last month replaced struts, motor mounts and fixed a long time ABS problem. I recently ordered a new top - hasn't arrived yet - cost $689 from ReattaDude - price includes top uninstalled. Also have almost new weatherstripping also from ReattaDude cost $280. So any serious buyers out there?
  5. I just went through this problem with the left sensor. Good luck in finding one that works. Even though sensor passes the ohms test most of them (went through three new ones) do not have enough magnetic pull to send a signal. You will need to find a good used one - all the ones at the warehouse by AC Delco are bad according to my mechanic - all 40 have the same production number.
  6. I had the same problem where my brake pedal went hard and the red light was on. The dealership replaced the Brake Pedal Switch and the red light went out. Actually, when I had the car towed the next morning to the dealer I had brakes again but scared to drive it.
  7. Dolores

    Floor Mats

    Barney I'm sorry to hear that you are out of the floor mat business - yet I understand. I was one of the folks that asked for a sample years ago and never ordered them. In hindsight I wish I did. Please keep us informed on any other possibilities. Thanks.
  8. Dolores


    I've noticed a clicking sound for a few seconds after I turn the headlights on....does this mean the motor is going. Using the word "clicking" reminds me a very funny movie I watched tonight - "The Gods Must Be Crazy" from 1981 - it was about African Bushmen.....but believe me you will be laughing your butt off.
  9. Dolores

    Floor Mats

    I went to and noticed the floor mats. Are they still available? If so how do I order them. I tried the but didn't come up with the correct site. Thanks for the info.
  10. I actually didn't know there was a difference in visor clips for the coupe and convertible. Like Randy mentioned, I have a 1990 Select 60 Convertible. Apparently there wasn't enough interest for the production of the visor clips that's why we haven't had any response. So I'm left with trying to find a possible parts car that has the flame red visor clips and driver side visor. Both of my clips have cracked ONCE AGAIN! and I just want to find another driver side visor as the mirror on mine is loose and I'm not sure if it can be fixed. Anyhow, any information is appreciated....I'm not holding my breath to find them as I know they're a hot item.
  11. Hello all, Does anyone have flame red visor clips for sale? Also looking for flame red visor - driver side with working mirror.
  12. I thought someone else besides Mike was the one ordering the visor clips. Any thoughts as I remember a discussion with Mike and it wasn't him.
  13. Same here, I sent an email still no response!
  14. I'm not a mechanic but my ABS light was on for nearly a year and I heard mixed reviews about the need for ABS brakes. Most said it was safe to drive and one here on the forum told me to worry about it. Well, the brakes are finally fixed and the ABS light is working. The brakes are night and day. So I would try to fix the ABS and not remove them, unless you are going to replace them with an entirely different brake system and not keep the current TEVES II. Good luck.
  15. I did tally up my expenses for the car for the past four years and the highest was less than $2,500 per year. Excluding the $3,000 paint job. If I want a comparable car (one that I like) in my neck of the woods, the payment will be over $700. After the recent repairs to the brakes and replacement of the struts, my cost for 2005 may be just above $3000. And in FY06 if there are no major repairs most of the costs will be cosmetic which will be around $2,500 total (top, seats, steering wheel & labor). So based on those estimates, it probably is worth it to keep her. I don't have a second car but I hope I'm finished with the major repairs Today, I'm keeping her......