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  1. Has anyone considered charging non-AACA members say $5.00 to get into Hershey Fall Meet with AACA Members getting in free. Wouldn't that get more of the attendees at Hershey to join the AACA? What are your thoughts?
  2. To answer Howard on number of employees at the AACA Museum, my information shows 9 full-time employees and 6 part time employees. In looking at four other major antique auto museum across the country, the staff at the AACA Museum is less than the other museum, except for the Gilmore Museum in Michigan, which is open only in the summer months.
  3. Thanks for all of your "sign" ideas expressed in the past few days concerning the AACA Museum. These have been very positive ideas and will be explored. Just remember that signs cost $$$$ that are in short supply right now and the big question is whether we spend dollars for more signs by borrowing or do we balance the budget first. Would appreciate your thoughts. We definitely need more persons coming through the AACA Museum doors, no doubt about that.
  4. Novaman: I like your suggestion about the billboard showing a picture of the Museum and featuring an antique vehicle. It is an idea that we might be able to use. Thanks.
  5. As a member of the Board of the AACA Museum, I haven't looked at the forum each day and just now read the thread concerning the AACA Museum and those who visited the place during the Hershey week. I want to thank Steve for answering many of the comments that were posted. Also Terry, for weighing in with responses. Just getting back form Hershey last Monday, taking care of some related hurricane damge, still involved in a small business and getting my car ready for the Paltaka Tour has kept me plenty busy for the last few days. The comments on this thread are noted and I apologize in not answering sooner I believe Steve has answered the reasons the Board placed the shotened name on the advertising. Perhaps there is a better name, as Dan and Ron have suggested and we will explore other possibilities. But don't expect overninight changes, it took two years to get the good people at HERCO to alllow the AACA Museum to place advertising at Chocolate World, where nearly everyone who comes to the HersheyPark, visits. The museum does have rack cards at all Hershey and surrounding area motels. I stayed at Howard Johnson in Harrisburg and I did find the Museum rack card there with a map explaining the Museum location. Apparently the 3,700 people who visited the Museum during Hershey week were able to find our location! The AACA Museum has now been open just over two years. Have we done everything right? No, we haven't, but we are trying. We got a lot of kudos from those who visited the museum last week, but we know that there are areas that need changes and by posting your positive comments, we will try to get all of these corrected, within our abilities. So keep your positive comments coming and we will try to respond to your satisfaction.
  6. For information about the Jones automobile manufactured in Wichita, KS, I recommend that you contact Bob Jones, 155 Sunset Drive, Mount Juliet, TN 37122. Bob has spent several years finding and restoring the few remaining Jones vehicles that are left and I believe that he will have one of his vehicles at the Hershey Fall Meet on October 9, 2004. There is also one Jones vehicle on exhibit at a Museum in Wichita, KS. As far as Jones manufactured trucks, Bob Jones is currently restoring a truck. In my conversations with Bob, I believe it is the only known jones truck that is still in existence. John Myer
  7. If you are an AACA Judge, there is an error in the January issue of "The Judge". The information concerning the Chief Judge at the Western Division National Spring Meet in Carlsbad, CA is incorrect. Jim Elder's correct address is: Jim Elder 306 S. Chapman Street Greensboro, NC 27403 Phone - 336-274-4381 e-mail If you have already registered to judge at this Meet, the AACA San Diego Region has received that registartion and it is not necessary to re-register. A post card will be sent to all active Judges shortly notifying everyone of this change. Sorry for the error - my fault! And yes, Jim does live in North Carolina. Nancy Myer Editor-The Judge
  8. Dave Berg has listed most of the vehicles that you find in Class 1a, but I wanted to add an additional location to find those vehicles that you find in Class 1a. AACA publishes each year a listing of all vehicles that have received First Junior Awards and higher. The publication is "National First Junior, Senior, Preservation, Grand National and Annual Trophy Award Winners". This publication is available from National Headquarters for a small fee, and this will list those vehicles in Class 1a that were shown at previous National Meets, and received at least a First Junior Award. The list began with the start of AACA Judging in 1952.
  9. David was a dear friend and we shall miss his easy smile and willingness to give everyone a helping hand.
  10. Someone asked if the AACA Museum would offer extended hours during Hershey week. The Museum will be open on Sunday after Carlisle, and again on Monday through the following Sunday. After Hershey week is over, the Museum will resume regular hours, Wednesday through Sunday. During Hershy week, the AACA Museum will also be open late, probably until 9:00 PM so that persons who do not want to leave the flea market during daylight hours, can visit the Museum in the evenings. Announcement of the Museum hours are planned to be made periodically during the day at Hershey over the loudspeaker. Attempts will be made to make similar announcements at the Carlisle event. We hope that many collectors will take time to visit this new facility.
  11. I am having a set of 1931 Chrysler Wire wheels being rebuilt by Dayton and I have had great reports from persons who have used them. They do complete rebuild of painted and chrome wheels. I suggest you call Mike Edgerton at 1-800-862-6000-0 and discuss what you need done.
  12. Having lived in Tombstone, AZ back in 1954, I think Peter has been out visiting Boothill Cementery when he found this one! Let it rest!
  13. I have been driving in Alabama with the Vintage Tags on several of my antique vehicles. I think Ron is correct, no one will bother you if you do not abuse the priviledge of exercising your antique vehicle.<P>Generally, on a Sunday, I will drive one of my antique vehicles to church services, just to give each car some exercise. This may not be entirely legal as stated in the statutue, but I would be very surprised if anyone ever bothered to stop me for illegal use of my car.<P>Buy your Vintage Tag and use reasonable use of your car.
  14. I need a fan clutch for my '63 Buick Skylark with a 215 engine. Anything available in your crate of parts? <P>Nothing available from the part houses will fit (all fan clutches too tall)
  15. Hard to believe I'm 69 but tis true. I am driving my '63 Skylark Convertible on tour next week in Wisconsin, hopefully with the top down!