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  1. the 62 trunk lids on all models are the same. However the '61 trunk lids carry a different part #.
  2. I had a Pertronix system on my 64 Riviera and while I was on a trip to Flint MI it started acting up while approaching the Eisenhower tunnel. So when i got to the Flint area I had it removed and went back to the stock system and I have never had anymore problems.
  3. in the Nov issue of the OCC Running Board we have the history of the M18 Hellcat Tank Distroyer. The full story can also be found at http://tinyurl.com/pv6c2r2
  4. I have several AM stock radios that will fit your car. Is this what you want? my email address is compactbc@dslextreme.com
  5. took me awhile to figure out what a PM is, is it a Private message? if so i am not sure i know how to do that.
  6. Since I am comming from California, I will not be driving any of my Buicks. I will be renting a car and driving around the area. What provisions are being made for members that do this???? If i drive to the Bulgari Museum, where do I park my rental car???
  7. I notice that "Martin Guitar, Historic Bethlehem, lunch, "America on Wheels" tour seems to be the Tour of Bulgari Museum. Is this true? It is a bit confusing to me because unless you know the name of the Bulgari Museum to be "America on Wheels" you could completely miss this major part of this National. I think this needs to be clarified!
  8. I would suggest you get ahold of AAA and get a map of Lehigh Valley, PA. The Bulgari Museum is called "America on Wheels Museum" http://www.americaonwheels.org The address is 5 North Front St. Allentown, PA 18102. My reservation is at Ramada Whitehall/Allentown, 1500 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA which is 2.6 miles from the "Host Hotel" and only 2.7 miles from the Bulgari Museum.
  10. I have been asked to put together a bid for a National BCA meet here in California for the year 2018. I have come up with a great location in coastal central California. What i would like is some sort of a template or guideline that i could fill in the info required or needed to submit the bid. So far i have received no such guide. Bruce Andren, Golden West Regional Coordinator.
  11. You should join the Compact Buick Club it is only $12 a year, we can be a lot of help with parts and info. Out website is www.compactbuickclub.org
  12. what is a DD? really hate initials to explain things.
  13. Looking for a letterman's type jacket with a large BCA logo on the back of the jacket.
  14. GKK IS THE MOST LIKELY, WHICH WOULD BE Victoria Blue Poly TOP and Stratford Blue BODY. The other combination would really look bad and would not be in harmony with your interion.
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