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  1. I now remember clearly Pete Levchik creating this early 2000s. Started as a 4 door sedan. He had obtained also a 49 Olds convertible also which was the most gone car I have ever seen, as a convertible donor. For stiffening the body and who knows what else. Think he planned on using the folding top from that but did not work out. Talked about having to spend big bucks on covering with canvas what he did build up for the top, which was non folding and a take off. He used to love putting the newer Mopar drivetrains into his cars for some reason at that point. His creations were
  2. Hold on - I think Pete L. in Bynum was doing this car. His last project, doesn't look like he finished.
  3. I think these might be 56 olds 98 convertible seats. Do any of the olds folks on here know? If so, can they fit 1958?
  4. Bill, Thanks so much for sharing that. Now I have a starting point for Sanden. I guess I'll have to buy one and then see what mods I can do to the factory compressor brackets to make it fit. To start with toward getting my after market AC unit to work. Did your 60 use a sealed A5? Or an A6? If it used an A5, how does your Sanden work out with the factory AC brackets?
  5. Sorry guys, should be asking the vendors.
  6. Thanks Ed! Yet another way to preserve metal and refreshing my memory a bit. In my industry, Metal Etch has an entirely different meaning. Car sized machines that process Silicon wafers. Wafers are later sliced into computer chips. Uses way more dangerous chemicals than this.
  7. This compressor, pully, and bracket stuff has been on my mind for years. I have two cars: First: A 1958 41 series (non factory AC). Replaced the 364 (still have it with matching VIN but not rebuilt) with a rebuilt 401 with 59 factory AC setup on the engine only. Takes an A5 Sealed compressor as bolt-in. Will use an underdash unit. Second, being built, is a 58 Century Convertible built in California no AC. 58 364 low mileage engine which I do not intent to rebuild at this point, got all the pulleys and brackets again but this time for a factory AC setup, engine only
  8. Are the 57 A5s bolted together and hence rebuildable? The 58/59 (and on up to?...) are sealed and not rebuildable. Except I hear a place in Florida can do it for many $$$s. Also, I know that the 58/59s don't bolt to the 57 brackets. Sorry just sharing this random knowledge trying to get a compressor in my 58 with a hanger AC.
  9. That's right! Been so long since I thought about it. But now I recall seeing many later model lamp reflectors in white as well, from the factory on various cars I've owned. If that works better than silver paint, then issue resolved. Thanks to both Pete and EmTee's replies. They both helped me sort this and I can move on.
  10. Thanks Pete. I was thinking that any attempts to paint the reflector would not result in as bright a lamp as a proper reflective surface. Chrome is the best thing I can think of, I know I have seen on here where a guy had a local place in Michigan coat his reflectors with the "right" stuff but I don't want to send anything off, yet.
  11. So I've got a lot of exterior parts lined up to take for chroming for my 58 Century. Some are lamp housings. These are chrome plated on the outside in some cases, but all have a reflective plating on them in the lamp area. Should I just get them plated in chrome (would that work OK for the lamps)? Or is it best to find someone to do the special reflective plating. Look forward to hearing the replies on this. Thanks.
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