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  1. Need a Catalytic Converter for my '89. Any suggestions? Anyone try discountconverter.com out of Houston?
  2. Anyone know why I can't get hold of PartsZone (P & G Chevrolet) [color:"black"] ? I have a pending order from February 3rd but, they won't respond. I'm afraid to go to another source and end-up doubling my order.
  3. Wufibug,<BR>I have an '89 coupe, white with burgundy interior. I just let go of my '90 convertible, red with tan interior. I live in Eastlake Greens next to the Clubhouse. There is a red coupe 1 block away from me. Is that you?<P>Don,<BR>I had assumed that Pep Boys does not carry this item. I'll check with them today.<P>Thank You everybody.<p>[ 06-14-2002: Message edited by: Rick Villeza ]
  4. Can't find a source for stabilizer (anti-sway) bar bushings. GM Dealers (in San Diego) don't have'em. Auto-parts-for-less.com did not have-em. Any suggestions?
  5. You sound electrically inclined so, I'll skip the obvious.<BR>I assume you've checked the output of the alternator. Have you checked for AC leakage? A significant amount of AC leakage (measured at the battery while the engine is running) indicates a failing or shorted diode (no frying, nothing lit). Generally, I would consider anything less than 100 millivolts AC acceptable. "0" would be ideal. You may have to monitor your battery output for an extended period to allow your "phantom" to re-appear.
  6. From my post 2 years ago:<BR>....I have also spent a lot of time and effort analyzing and trying to fix this problem. This is my experience:<BR>I started by adjusting the parking brake cable. This worked for a couple of days. I then replaced the clips which hold the pads to the piston. This worked for a couple of weeks. Besides these failures I've chamfered the pads, resurfaced the rotors, installed anti-rattle shims, applied brake lube, and even resorted to applying high temp RTV behind the pads. My pistons are free, my brake cables are free and well lubed, my fluid is clean. Still no lasting fix.<BR>To add to the confusion, I do not have this problem with my '90 even though I used the same pads (Raybestos).<BR>We have a lot of talent contributing to this Forum and most testify to having success after using OEM pads, though I cannot determine the reason for this.<BR>....I finally got to my brakes. Inside the box of my new OEM pads was this note: "When installing these new shoes and linings on 1986 and early 1987 vehicles, you should discard the bracket insulator shims that were installed between each end of the shoe bracket. These new design shoes are longer than the original shoes and do not require the bracket insulator shims."<BR>I've replaced my pads. What a relief it is to get rid of that noise. The brakes sound solid. Apparently this issue includes 1989.
  7. More info please (color, location, etc.).
  8. Use the search feature of this forum. Type in "brake rattle". There is some very helpful information and resolutions on this subject. Yours is not an isolated case.
  9. San Diego....I know it's not Jersey but, it's New.
  10. San Diego....I know it's not Northwest but, it's Great.
  11. ronvb,<P>I think Mike out-classed you.<P>That person in my house the I'm married to is already "on" me for the lack of flowers. Can't tell her that I spent the money for a catalytic converter instead.<P>Rick
  12. ronvb,<P>Good idea!!! I like it. Thought I knew all the tricks-of-the-trade.
  13. You guys are thinking along the same lines that I am. My car isn't sluggish but all the other symptoms seem point toward a clogged or leaking (under the heat shield) catalytic converter.<BR>Thanks for the hints.<BR>Rick
  14. Can't find where the noise is coming from. My car sounds like a "Hot Rod". I can only hear it when the car is going slow and under load. During idle and fast acceleration the sound goes away. Appears to be coming from somewhere between the exhaust manifold and the catlytic converter but, when I crawl under the car with my stethoscope (car in neutral, idle) no noise! Maybe internal to catalytic converter? Maybe at spring loaded manifold to tailpipe joint? Sound familiar to anyone?
  15. I would be very interested in your manual. My tape deck does not work and I'm sure it's the belt. I am now an Aviation Inspector but, I came up through the electronic (tech/engineer) world and very capable of accomplishing this repair. It's on my "to do" list.<BR>By the way, who makes the unit? Where did you get the belt?<BR>Thanks for your efforts.<P>Rick<BR>villeza@att.net