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  1. My daughter's '96 Century doesn't have a bracket on the front bumper to attach a license plate. We've moved to South Dakota and there's 2 plates on cars here. Anyone have an idea or has run into this, does Buick make one that bolts on. I haven't found one. I'll probably buy some universal one and have to modify the hell out of it to make it fit - Murphy's Law and all. Thanks in advance. :confused:
  2. Well the dirty deed is done !! I've completed the sale of my Roadie. I had the buyer send me his banks's customer service card of a person that my bank could contact. He sent a Bank of America business card and they were expecting a call. Once the cashiers check was in my hands I went to my bank and they called the person on the business card. They verified that funds were taken out of the buyers account and used for the cashiers check. My bank also put a hold for 5 days on the funds. The money is now available to me and I transferred it to another account in a different bank. I sent him the title priority mail with signature verification. I just had some reservations about providing my bank information to someone. He is scheduling transport and will notify me when they are to pick it up. He's getting one beautiful '50 Roadmaster 2 dr hardtop. Thanks again for all input.
  3. Well, I appreciate all the good advice everyone has posted. After much thought I've decided to accept a cashiers check. I've told the buyer that he must provide the name and phone # for the bank where the cashiers check is drawn from and a contact there for my bank to call and verify the check has actually been paid for already. Once that's done to my satisfaction the check will have a hold placed on it for at least 10 days by my bank. The buyer has provided me with his personal info, as I've already run the reverse check on his phone #. It is for his company. As I stated earlier his emails have no suspiciousness as some have spoken of previously. He has called me and I've called him on many occasions. He seems like a very nice gentlemen. I did send him a copy on a Word document of my title (front and back) and a letter from my bank when I paid off the loan for the car a long time ago. I understand why he needs to make sure that he's buying a car without a lien on it. He needs to somewhat cautious also. The car will not be getting picked up for transport for at least 3-4 weeks. I believe that I've done my due diligence. I'll post an update once the transaction is completed. Thanks again for all the advice, as always this forum shows it's value over and over again. Thanks all.
  4. Thanks Derek. I'll post when she's gone. That will be a sad day I think.
  5. JohnD1956 - I didn't get one. Can you email me at : snelson12@verizon.net ??
  6. I've got a buyer for my car. He wants me to send him a copy of my title so he can see if there's any leins on it. He will then send me a cashier's check for the full amount. Once the check clears he will come get the car. He also wants my address etc. (to send check to). Does this seem reasonable? He seems like a nice guy and all, I just want to make sure I'm not giving too much info. Any suggestions for a rookie selling his first car this way. I'm used to face to face. Thanks.
  7. I'm selling my 1950 Roadmaster 2 dr hardtop to help pay for my daughter's last 2 years of college. It's a model 76R. It is a really nice car, better than a 10 footer but not a 100 point car by any means. Probably a real good #2 car. It is located in Dunedin Florida. Lamar almost bought her a few years ago - and he could give an honest opinion of her condition when he saw her. The price is $19,000 and worth every penny. If your looking for a sweet 50's Buick cruiser this one may be something that interests you. I'm going to try and attach a few pics, but I never seem to be able to accomplish this feat. Contact me at : snelson12@verizon.net and I'll send pics to you if it doesn't work. Thanks for your time - and "God Bless America".
  8. Mr. Earl - Glad to see your alive and well. Hope the family is in good health. I still have that royal maroon Roadie down here in Florida. Took her out to a cruise-in last month and people really enjoyed her. They are superior cars and have a real high "cool factor" in my opinion. Pete - I would try and find a Fulton visor if you can, they add a nice gangster look eh ! Good luck on the restoration, and contact me for any info or pics to reference if needed. Merry Christmas to all Buiick lovers !!
  9. I was able to to the v8 site today at lunch. Thanks God it's back !!! Hope this doesn't get deleted because I mentioned "God".
  10. From the album: Buick

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    Pictures of my 1950 Buick clock after opening it up to clean and restore it to some degree.
  17. I appreciate all the info Joe and rlbleeker. I will give it a shot some time later this week when I get a few spare minutes and the 'honey-do list' is completed. At least with only laying out $70 for all three I can tinker around a little bit and maybe learn something. I love tinkering anyway. Thanks again and I'll post some pics with 'before' and maybe some 'after' if all goes well. Have a good day guys!
  18. I need some help from my Buick brothers! I just purchased 2 gauges and a clock for a 1950 Buick ( my Roadie's all work fine ) . I'm trying to figure out how to open them up (get the glass off of and try to clean them up and make them look better. They aren't that bad either! If I can get them cleaned up inside real nice I'd get them re-chromed. The amp/temp gauge has the sensor still attached to the temp gauge portion. There are 2 nuts screwed onto the top portion that have a gasket type material that is quite large. I will post pics later this week of the back and side views of all 3. How do I get the glass off? I don't see anything to remove to get the glass off the clock? The fuel gauge/oil pressure gauge has 2 screws on the back/ down on the oil pressure gauge section, and 2 nuts holding on a couple of empty fittings on the back at the top where the gas gauge portion is. Again, how to get the glass off so I can clean them up and make them look nice? I'm assuming they work, as the seller stated on ebay. I paid $60 for all 3 and $10 shipping. Did I pay too much? I realize that without pics my descriptions may be lacking. I'm hoping someone experienced can get me started (maybe a new hobby - cleaning up gauges). Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom (instructions accepted) that my Buick brothers can provide.
  19. Joe - Would the NAPA Gold 1126 also fit my 1950 Roadmaster (320 cu.in. straight eight)? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  20. There is this stuff called "Goo Gone" that is sold at Walgreens I think, and I'm sure a lot of hardware stores etc It removes sticky junk from stickers, glue and a lot of stuff. If any of you have ever used it you would love it. Hope this helps.
  21. While I was at work on Friday my wife called up to the Buick dealership (Dick Norris Buick) where I went for my supposed warranty work and asked the service manager who to call and complain. My wife can be a bulldog at times! He gave her the # to GM Customer Assistance, not the same as the Buick Customer Assistance I've been dealing with. She spoke with 2 people and gave them my case #, and both were very interested in keeping me from going to the local TV station's consumer advocate (whatever there called) and the newspaper. One woman is supposed to call back tomorrow, yes on Saturday and speak with me. I will follow the previous advice about the state's secretary's office and try to find out the dealership that went out of business insurance company. GM took the dealership over before it was closed. There is no doubt that fraud was committed and there should be some liability somewhere. I would really like it if they give me a 5 yr extended protection plan. In my dreams though they would take the Lesabre back and give me the full price I paid for it back and apply it to a new Lucerne!! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> Yea right, that'll happen. I will post info from my conversation with the lady tomorrow if I can find time in between cars at the Barrett Jackson auction. God I love watching them, you see such nice cars - never mind the out of this world prices! Later fellow Buick lovers.........
  22. Well are you ready for this, the Buick Customer Assistance rep called back tonight and I'm totally floored. He told me there was nothing they can do for me because the 'in-service' date is correct. "They" did so more research and found out that my car was titled before I bought it!!! Can you believe this crap, it takes them 3 weeks to find out that the "new" car I bought wasn't new - it was used. And they can do nothing for me, and "is there anything else we can do for you Mr. Nelson"!! I have a contract for a new car that wasn't new. Was there fraud commited here or what? I don't know what to do right now. I will probably contact the TV stations consumer advocate or whatever they're called. I'm also going to go the dealership I took my "used" car for warranty work and talk to them and see what they recommend. So the dealership I bought the car from is out of business, who do I sue? Any suggestions from our savvy Buick crowd. I'm so pissed off I could ..... Any helpful ideas appreciated. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />
  23. NTX5467 , yes there was and is a case #. The reason I brought the Lesabre to the dealer was for a few reasons. The A/C fan blower was getting quite loud (had been replaced previously), the passenger window motor was sporadically malfunctioning and a few other small things. Hopefully letting the Customer Assistance personnel do his job will bear fruit. I realize that it may be assumed that I received enough of a discount to offset the price of an extended warranty. Well, I can't buy the GM extended plan now. And I thought I'd have a until somewhere closer to when my warranty was supposed to expire to at least have the option to buy one. My point is that the contract says full warranty, and the Buick Finance person at the dealer I brought it to told the Customer Assistance guy that. It doesn't say remainder of warranty, or anything. it says "new" car and full warranty. What does that mean? I have faith that it will all work out. On a side not I just got my new battery for my '50 Roadie charged and installed. What a pain that heavy battery is to hoist onto the battery tray! But it's done, and hopefully good for another 2-3 years. I will let you know what happens in the saga of the expired warranty.
  24. Well, one more time he calls and said the man he contacted said he was not the correct one to make the call on this, so he sent it to the man the man said to contact and that he would get back to me by this coming Monday, and by the way .. thanks for buying Buick !! This is getting old and turning into a circus. And I really have no recourse but to be polite to this guy.
  25. Glen - I looked in my Master Parts book and Shop manual later today and found out this part is for my '50 Roadie. I'm not sure I want to get rid of a "spare" starter. I will contact you if I do want to sell. Kinda having reservations about letting it go now. Sorry for being on the fence. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
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