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  1. I posted a thread about a Reatta for sale about 3 weeks ago. It looks as though it has been moved??? WHY? Is this not the Reatta forum? Are we not allowed to post Reattas for sale?? I guess I am confused. It would have been nice to have been informed that it was going to be moved, or locked or deleted or whatever. I guess I shouldn't care about the car, I am just trying to help a guy sell his car instead of sending it to the trash/junk. So be it......
  2. The car is solid and has mainly surface rust and scale rust on the cradle. I work with the mechanic who is working on the car and he says it is a solid car. The owner told me this afternoon that if anyone wants the car he will sell it for $500.00!!! If it's not gone by the end of the week, he says it's going to scrap. His name and number is in a post above. Call him guys, I hate to see it junked. John
  3. Have you guys contacted the owner? Anyone else interested? Car is still for sale, may go to the junk pile if no takers. The owners name is Mike Struensee and his number is 715-797-0709. Call him, he can tell you more. Thanks, John
  4. Hi Bryan, Yes the color is Burgandy, and the car is sold as is. It does run and drive, so it could be a driver as is, it just needs a good cleaning. I can get you the owners number if you like, just let me know. Thanks, John
  5. PM's sent gentlemen....... Thanks, John
  6. OK Guys and Dolls, You gotta love this technology don't you? I texted the mechanic that is working on the car, asking for undercarriage photos and had 5 of them within 2 minutes, and within 10 minutes, they are on line! How crazy is that!! Remember the days of having to send the photos in the mail!!! With postage!!! Anyway, here are some photos that show some rust, not bad tho. Again, let me know if you have any questions, or want to get in touch with the actual owner.
  7. Bill and Roberta, Thank you for your help and input. I am driving the car on a 250 mile round trip this Saturday, driving to an All Buick Show in Stillwater, MN and I want to make sure everything is ok for the trip. I am looking forward to it. Thank you again. GSJohn
  8. Ok, I finally got a few photos of the Reatta. It is an 89 model with approx 100,000 miles. It runs good, but has a brake line leaking and a few other minor items. There is some rust. more surface than anything, but the frame and undercarriage are decent. The photos were taken by the son of the mechanic working on the car. If you want more or the name and number of the owner, let me know. I am not sure how much he is asking for the car, I am thinking to 1000-1500 $ range, but not sure. Please PM me or email me at: ruddracing28@hotmail.com Thanks for your time. John
  9. Can any of you help me? I am wondering how much oil goes into a GS400 crankcase? The dipstick says 4 quarts, is that correct? Thanks for your time, John
  10. A guy down the road from me has a Reatta sitting on his farm and I understand he wants to get rid of it. I am not sure his asking price, or the condition, but if anyone is interested, I can get photos and condition and price. Is anyone interested in this information? Let me know and I will seek out the info. Thanks, John
  11. 1969 Skylark/GS400 Shop Manual I am looking for a nice condition shop manual for my 69 GS400. It's the manual with the green cover. I would like to find one that is free of creases on the cover (front and back) and is complete. Basically looking for one that hasn't see much use. I will use it when needed, but want it as display at car shows as well. PM me or email if you have one you would sell. Thank you for your time. John email: ruddracing28@hotmail.com
  12. Still available guys...... thanks.
  13. Took the GS to a car show today, first one since I bought it, and we garnered a really cool trophy! It's nice to see dfferent trophies given at car shows. We called these, the Piston Cup trophies! 3 of my buddies were there with their GM classics and they won as well! Red 69 GS 400, Black 76 Trans Am, Orange 69 Camaro SS, Blue 70 Corvette. Had good fun with good friends!! P.S... yep, my trunk lid was ajar.
  14. Say Jim, Is there a website or anyway I can get more information about the All-GM car show Sunday the 10th? If the weather is good I should make it. Will there be a place I can clean the bugs off it at all or a place I can get a little water to spot spunge the bugs? Been trying to talk the GM guys I hang out with to caravan up with me. It would be fun to make a day of it! Thanks John
  15. Would anyone like to make an offer? $100?? I know it's old and how many are out there?? Thanks, John
  17. Hi. I have this old 1950's era Chevrolet desk Lamp I would like to sell. It is in very nice condition for it's age. It has a plastic shade that does have one crack in it, but it works great. I will email, text or post more photos if anyone inquires. Asking $150.00 OBO. PM me or email me at: ruddracing28@hotmail.com Thank you for your time. John
  18. Just want to take this time to wish all you Norwegians out there a HAPPY NORWEGIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!! UFF DA! GSJohn
  19. Thanks for all the kind comments guys. David did a splendid job on the restoration, and it's kinda neat, knowing that Jeff once owned it. I have had several dealings with Jeff over the years and I hope he likes the way it turned out. Some of the guys I hang out with locally have been after me to get a muscle car for the past several years, little did they know I was saving for something like this. One guy has a 69 Firebird 400 Convert, one a 70 Corvette, one a 66 Mustang Convert, one a 69 GTO and another a 69 Camaro, so needless to say, I was the odd man out (had no cars). NOW,.....I get to show them up! It's fun to go cruising with them and the neat thing is, we all have different cars! (Mine is the only red one, and I must say,.....the nicest!!) Jim, Thank you for the personal invite to the car show in June, I will consider it. Everyone of you have a great day, and keep cruisin'!!
  20. HA! I guess you're right Paul! Forgot, probably the most crucial part!! I need the 7/16 thread pattern for Skylark/GS. What a dough-head I am!!! Thanks for the heads-up!! Have a great day, ya'll!!!!!!
  21. Hi fellow Buick fans,..... I am looking for some lug nuts like the ones pictured. They are 1 3/8 inches tall and use a 13/16 socket. They have what I call a "skirt" at the bottom of them, before they taper off to the bottom hole. I need a minimum of 5 of them. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. PM me or email me at: ruddracing28@hotmail.com Thanks again, John
  22. My wife and I aquired a new "old" car! 1969 Buick Gran Sport 400. Full restoration and beautiful (if I do say so myself!) Can't wait to get it to the car shows and show those Chevelles, Camaros and Mustangs what a REAL car is like!!
  23. OK, Here's the deal guys,.....I work as a service advisor at our local Buick dealership and the "late" owner of this car always brought it to us for his maintenance, so I know the history of the LeSabre. Walt told me once, that upon his death, his sister was to try to sell the car, and if she was unsuccessful, she was suppose to crush the car. I don't know about you, but I would hate to see an 18,000 mile car crushed. Darlene (the sister) called me and said that Walt wanted her to call me to help sell his car, so this is why the ad. If anyone wants more information about the car, more photos or contact numbers, please email me at the address in the first post, or PM me. The car is 20 minutes from me and Darlene lives in Illinois. Thanks for your time. John
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