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  1. I purchased an entire case of these filters from a local chevy dealer that went out of business. I'm keeping a bunch for myself, and unloading the rest of them to try and recover some of the $$ I paid for the case. I put them up on eBay, I am asking $11.95 plus shipping. eBay - Magnefine 3/8" Inline Magnetic Oil Filter These are intended to be used on the trans cooler lines, and on power steering lines. I'm sure they could also be used in-line with an engine oil external cooler.
  2. I have an '01 Chevy 2500HD with the 6.0L gas engine. I average 9.7 MPG with my open car hauler with a full size Buick on it. Running empty I get 10 city/15 highway. It's not bad running with a light load, but the 6.0L is definitely working if I'm pulling a loaded trailer up a decent grade. I would consider an 8.1L gas chevy, if you can find one. I've driven a friend's '01 3500HD dually with the 8.1L gas motor on several occasions, one time pulling an enclosed 8.5'x22' trailer full of construction equipment (read : severely overloaded), and another time pulling a 7x20' dump trailer with a CAT skidsteer, welding generator rig and other equipment on it. NEVER did it feel like the 8.1 was even working. Everything this truck does is effortless. It averaged between 9-10 MPG loaded. I've heard some people have issues with the 8.1L motor, but the 3500 I referenced above has 125k loaded miles on the clock now and has had nothing but regular maintenance.
  3. I have a 1970 Cadillac Hearse for sale. It is a 472/TH400 car. It no longer has the rollers in the back. This is a very restorable car, however the interior is mostly gutted, but it can be driven as-is. There is some repairable rust on the driver's floor, and the rear bottom of the front fenders. The engine has a replacement Edelbrock carb. The car runs/drives nice. Asking $2000. The car is located in Hershey, PA about 1/4 mile from the Hersheypark Drive/Hanover St intersection, so if you're going to be in town for the fall meet, we could handle the transaction then.
  4. The previous owner said he put the different trunk lid on the car, he said the original was in bad shape. According to the car's title, it is a '72. It does have the egg-crate grill. I guess I should move the car up a few feet so I can get a good front end pic.
  5. I have for sale a 1972 Buick Riviera. I originally bought this car for the driveline, however it seems too good to cut up, so I'm offering it for sale. This is a car that someone wanted to restore, got about 1/4 of the way into it, then lost interest and $$. Most of the trim and fasteners are in the trunk, labelled and bagged. It appears the ignition coil on the motor is no good, I could not get spark after swapping out the points, condenser, cap and rotor. There is +5.3v at the coil but for whatever reason it wouldn't spark. I dropped in a spare HEI I had on hand, and the motor fired immediately. The motor sounds good, valvetrain is quiet. The car moves both forward and reverse. I have not driven it on the road, as there are no tags on it. There is some rust on the car, mainly around the rear wheelwells. The floorpans are in excellent condition. If you're going to the AACA fall meet, I live about 1/4 mile off of Hersheypark Drive (on N Hanover St), so if you're interested, and going to be in town anyway, we can arrange a time to meet up. I can deliver the car if needed, we could arrange that as part of the terms of sale. Asking $2000 obo. I can be reached here on the board, or you can call me at (717)215-5863. Thanks!
  6. Fender Skirts - Starting Bid - $20 Inner A-Pillar Trim - Starting Bid - $5
  7. Fender Skirts - Starting Bid - $20 Inner A-Pillar Trim - Starting Bid - $5
  8. Complete 1965 Dashboard/Dashpad/Instrument Cluster Starting Bid - $20
  9. Complete 1965 Dashboard/Dashpad/Instrument Cluster Starting Bid - $20
  10. 1965 Buick Electra Hood Starting Bid - $20 Buick 455 Heads - 1976 Starting Bid - $20 Buick 455 Headers Starting Bid - $20 Buick 455 Camshaft Kenne Bell MK +1 Starting Bid - $25
  11. 1965 Buick Electra Hood Starting Bid - $20 Buick 455 Heads - 1976 Starting Bid - $20 Buick 455 Headers Starting Bid - $20 Buick 455 Camshaft Kenne Bell MK +1 Starting Bid - $25
  12. Frank - Thanks for your input. My question is, what is the best way to remove *ALL* traces of rust? A buddy of mine sandblasted the body panels on his '79 K5 Blazer, and it made the surface of the metal quite rough. What about blasting with a different media type? The car is parked outside right now, but I'll have it indoors in a few more weeks, and it will be able to stay there all winter. Thanks again!
  13. I've owned my '71 Skylark since '97. Back then, the paint on the roof was in poor shape, so I repainted it. Using a drill mounted sanding pad, I took the roof down to bare metal, and used spray can primer, wet sanded, then several coats of automotive spray can white. Here is a picture I took in Feb '98 -- Picture of My 1971 Skylark in Feb 1998 This looked fine for about a year and a half, then I noticed some small specks of rust coming through! I was in college at the time, and didn't really have time or money to do the needed repairs. I was also in an accident with the car in Aug '98, I rear ended a jeep cherokee which wiped out my driver's side fender, and tweaked my radiator core support I've been working on the car now the past 3 years since I got out of school, but mainly on the drivetrain and suspension, while leaving the body alone. Now I really need to get on this, here are some pics of the body in its current state -- Two shots of the roof - closer.... The trunk lid looks similar... This progressed from a small spot to a large one in just the past 2-3 years -- This is the only spot on the car where the metal seems to be rusted to the point where it is weakened. I think if I pushed on this too hard it would go right through. Rust around rear window.. Another shot of the rear window Where the quarter meets the roof The next set of pictures relates to the bodywork from the accident. The fender was a replacement I got in early '99 from a vendor I found in Hemmings Motor News. I wish internet forums for this kind of stuff were more prevalent then, I probably could have gotten a better fender for my $250! And here's some shots of the core support after my novice (poor) repair attempt As you can see, I never got the core support and fender mounted properly. It took alot of "persuasion" to get it this far, as I remember. Sorry for the extremely long post. I just want to get started on this bodywork, and I'd like to try and get something accomplished soon, before it gets too cold to work on it! Thanks in advance!
  14. TTT All of these parts are still for sale! I've had no takers yet