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  1. According to the Kruse auction listing, it is the 1957 Simca Concept car. Info from Kruse is as follows: 1957 Simca Concept car Virgil Exner Jr's Master's Thesis at Notre Dame! This one-off concept vehicle comes with extensive provenance, including magazine articles, photos of the building of the car and letters from Virgil Exner. Debuted in Road & Track April 1959. Shown in Paris Show in 1959. Rescued from destruction in 1964, it was completed by the current owner (designer/builder) and was driven for many years in San Francisco. The sleek profile is reminiscent of Virgil Exner Sr's gracefully finned Chrysler cars of the mid 50's. * ENGINE - 4 cyl * EXT COLOR - White * INT COLOR - Black Photos of the car for the auction listing can be seen here:
  2. Does anyone have any information on that big red racer with dual chain drive in the Car Corral near the entrance to the tunnel. My first impression was that it was either a locomotive on wheels or something built by Caracticus Potts. I took a photo of it on Wednesday when it was nice and sunny but somehow Greenawalt's photo in the Photo Gallery looks more appropriate with the ominous fog surrounding it.
  3. Mitch, The results of every National Meet is posted under the "News" heading on the front page of this web site sometime after the meet is over.
  4. I picked up my DF button from David early on Wednesday morning.. and after talking with him and his parents for a while, started to walk towards the AACA tent in Chocolate Field. I had not gotten more than 50 feet when suddenly someone calls my name. It was mrpushbutton who had seen my DF button as we were getting ready to pass each other. I know Bookreader wears hers. I was spending most of my time in or around the Library tent so I didn't get much opportunity to see if anyone else was around. I usually can't hang around for Saturday so I always miss the DF meeting. Usually got to see most everyone when the DFers used to get together on Wednesday nights.
  5. Wayne, I got mine first thing Wednesday morning at the AACA tent in the Green Field (I think they were still setting out items at the time). I soon changed into my new shirt, and with my DF button, I was ready for the day. It is a great looking shirt and I thought reasonably priced. I also like the fact it is an AACA shirt without being a dated shirt for a specific meet. I agree that Steve had a yet another good idea with this one. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: R W Burgess</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> They had already sold 1,500,000 of those t-shirts </div></div> One point tho...Are you sure they had already sold one and a half million shirts by Saturday morning? That would come out to about 27 shirts per every AACA member!
  6. Its bad enough to think that some punk off the street might come by and vandalize or steal something from a car... but to know it could very well be a member of the hobby??... and not only the hobby in general but of the same marque! If that is indeed the case, I hope that the public knowledge of the cowardly crime and peer pressure will make it so the disgraceful, scumbag culprit is unable to use the parts in public and he will have no choice but to return them to you.. even if it is anonymously.
  7. Anyone that knows please feel free answer my question When I saw the pics of MrEarl's 1965 Sport Wagon at his link on the buick forum: I showed it to the wife because we have talked about getting an older station wagon. She didn't care for the 65 Sport Wagon because she didn't think it looked old enough. However, she did like the looks of the white Buick station wagon parked next to the garage in thr first photo. Can someone please tell me what year and model that white Buick station wagon is?
  8. Despite their name, I believe they may sell more than just air shocks. From numerous postings on the web, they appear to sell all types of shocks for automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. I saw the company was given as a reference on the Classic Oldsmobile forum to another Toronado owner looking for the horizontal shock absorber for 66-70 Toronados. The reference was given by someone that replied he found the horizontal shock available at Airshox a number of years ago. The posting listed two part numbers for the horizontal shock absorber availabl at Airshox, one as a regular hydraulic shock absorber and another as a gas shock. The URL for the posting is: Guess I should have posted the URL the first time. Sorry for any confusion caused by my previous post. Just found another post dated 2006 on the subject at: The posting states: "There are no suppliers left for horizontal shocks for Gen 1 toronados. A set of delco NOS shocks just sold on e-bay for $255.00. Fusicks has sold their last set and will not be getting any more. There is a ford shock that can be made to work. Try the toronado e-mail list. for some more help and info. You do have to subscribe but it is free. Send a blank e-mail to with the word subscribe in the subject line they will reply with all the info you need to get on."
  9. I saw the following listing identified as a possible source, although the information may now be old. Might still be worth a call though. Airshox Inc - Philadelphia, PA 2321 North 15th Street (215)229-3200 Hope this helps.
  10. Rogue also describes an animal living apart from its herd. Using that definition, I can see where it kind of ties into what Nissan says was the purpose of the name According to Nissan: "The Rogue name was chosen to reflect its independence-oriented positioning"
  11. You are correct. Another good job is being done with the Fall Meet this year. But it is the Hershey Region of the AACA... not the AACA... that does all of the work organizing and hosting the event. The Hershey Region are the ones that should get the credit for the successful event. In regards to parking, the Hershey Company (HERCO)... which owns Hershey Park... stipulates all of the parking for the event. The Hershey Region of the AACA only rents the land for the event and they have no say in how HERCO wants to layout the parking or any other aspect of the grounds. Herco controls how the land is used. The closest parking is probably the HERCO farm located on the corner of Hershey Park Drive and Rt.39....directly across the road from the Green Field.
  12. The AACA Library & Research Center literature auction held yesterday had 497 lots of automotive literature to bid on. The bidding started at 10:00am and continued non-stop until 4:00pm. Librarian Kim Miller and her dedicated staff did a great job in the long and arduous task of organizing and marking the huge mass of literature in preparation for the auction.
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Steve Moskowitz</div><div class="ubbcode-body">$5.00 this year! </div></div> Yes,... thanks for making the correction Steve, I didn't know about the price increase until I saw Nelson's sign at the L&RC literature auction yesterday (Monday). Sorry for giving outdated price info, ChaplainLar
  14. There is no set pattern to the swap meet fields as to where certain types of parts are. The swap meet at the Fall National "Hershey" Meet has been going on for 40+ years with about 9000 to 10,000 vendor spaces. Many of the vendors are long time (10, 20 30+ years) repeat vendors that request the same spaces each year; and new vendors come in every year. Plus many vendors sell a wide variety of items that cross different makes and eras. If looking for specific type of item/parts, the best suggestion is to purchase a directory when you arrive. They are sold at the entrances of each field for about $3.00 and contain the names and spaces of every vendor, catagorized by the type of items/parts they sell. It is a very helpful and useful guide. Hope this helps.
  15. I remember before the "reality" craze that there used to be some pretty good shows on television pertaining to cars. The show would be something like: "Today we are going to show you how to install the interior kit in our 69 Camaro, and later we will continue the tear down of the rear end and install the high speed ring and pinion in the Ford pickup." They weren't restoration shows but they were a lot more interesting and provided much more useful than the reality junk on now. I'd love to see a good show on automobile restoration. It wouldn't necessarily need to cover the entire job in detail but feature the more interesting and informational portions. It might switch back and forth among several restoration projects. I can almost hear it know.... "Welcome to Hoover's Garage". I am your host Rick Hoover, and today we are going to remove and clean out the gas tank on the 1932 Packard.. and later we will check on the boys as they continue to prep the body of the 1954 Chrylser for paint. Also later on, Steve Moskowitz will join us as we show you video highlights of the AACA Founders Tour held a few weeks ago." Just a thought....
  16. I guess it depends on your likes and what you do with the car. We have a 1931 Ford Deluxe Tudor that is mostly original. The only major thing I have done to the car was to rebuild the engine in 1997 when a babbit went bad on a long distance trip (it was the first time the engine had been rebuilt). We prefer to keep the 31 Ford the way it is at this point even though it is now starting to really show its age 10 years after we bought it from the second owner. We do get plenty of favorable comments from passerbys and the majority state they wouldn't restore it either. The old laquer paint is egg shelling on the fenders and the interior is starting to really show wear from lots of use, so I assume one of these days we will have to eventually do a restoration on it, but for now, we will just keep driving it the way it is.
  17. Jay, I'd love to see a good restoration show. Something that is run by intellegent, hard working people that care about doing a good job on a restoration..instead of seeing yelling matches or watch the people do some activitiy totally unrelated to the premise of the show, such as go fishing or some other activity they really don't know how to do. Perhaps one reason producers don't push for true restoration shows is because a worthwhile restoration can't be done in a week or two like the creations that are whipped together on American Chopper or American Hot Rod. Although their creations look great on the screen, I've heard from people that have seen some up close that the work is really quite shoddy and poor. The "drama" between the employees is seems to be what drives the current "reality" car related shows and I think that is what the producers are really looking for. Unfortunately, they would rather have morons yell and throw tools at each other instead of discussing the 120 hours a restorer put into carefully repairing a hood ornament to prestine condition.
  18. I had the same thought and agree with Steve on stooping to Coddington's level. From the little I have seen on TV, he appears to me to be a miserable little man that needs to get his way or else he will yell loudly and throw a tantrum. No matter how much anyone disagrees with what he does with good antique cars, we should not make make a big deal in acting negative to his presence. That would just be positive PR for him (that he would enjoy and probably use to the fullest) and project a negative image for AACA. Instead, keep a positive attitude and let him see how happy being an AACA member and a TRUE car enthusiast can be.
  19. I just received the news about Dan in an email pertaining to Library business and I instantly came to the forum to see if the news was posted. I figured Steve would be "on the ball", as always. I had the opportunity to meet Dan personally several years ago at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and we got along very well. We talked a long time in one of the Hospitality Rooms. Dan did love the AACA and had a honest concern in making the Western Division feel a part of the organization. Dan will be missed by many, including myself. Dan provided much thoughtful input on the DF. At times, he could seem brash and a bit forward in his comments, but he always spoke his mind honestly. Although he might have outspokenly disagreed with someone, I never knew him to hold it personally against them. At various times, I received some very good advice from him. Dan gave Di and I an open invitation to his home if we and the girls ever made it out west. I am sorry we did not get the opportunity to take him up on his offer.
  20. sounds like a great idea Steve.... I wear an XL
  21. Well.. its getting close to that time of year when members renew their AACA membership, after which they renew their Region/Chapter membership. One of the problems that our Region experiences are late or last minute renewals because members forget or otherwide dwadle. Because rosters have to be to National by March, it is important that Region/Chapter renewals must be done in a timely manner. My Region president asked for suggestions on ways to encourage early.. or at least timely... renewals. I was wondering if any other Regions or Chapters have ideas or incentives they use to get their members to renew their memberships in a timely manner.
  22. Moepar, We had our 1931 Ford Deluxe Tudor on the 2004 Divisional Tour in Hendersonville. It is Maroon and had a wheelchair strapped on the luggage rack most of the time. Di had surgery on her foot a month or so before and she was out of her cast but had to wear a boot like contraption (looked like a big ski boot) and ride in around in a wheelchair. I think ours was the only Model A Ford on the tour (but I could be wrong). Seeing that photo makes me makes me realize how much out of shape I was . I had put on a lot of weight which I am still working to get rid of. I think there was a photo of the rear of the car from the photo CD that was put together for the tour. The photo CD with the musical scores was great and I am glad we got one. I used the CD for a program at one of our meetings a few months afterwards and the members loved it. Attached is a photo taken at the Cardinal Drive-in Cruise-in on Saturday night of the Thunder Road Tour that includes most of your Chrysler.
  23. Speaking of Mets.... Just wanted to share this photo from the Harford Region web site. It is some Harford Region members' 1960 Met sitting in line for last year's Christmas parade in the county seat. Seated in the car is Zeke, a rather large, full grown Bernese Mountain Dog that rides in the parade every year. Amazingly, both Bill and Eva.. who are both 6' tall or better also fit into the Met with Zeke.
  24. For as long as we have been going to DAF...about 12 years... the Mets have always made a good showing in force. Always look forward to seeing them there.
  25. Steve, Yep..thats definately the same. Found the photo online when searchihng for notices.. guy was talking about the ease of replacing fuses in a Chevrolet motorhome and he showed a photo of the fuses he got from HF. Thanks for the info.