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  1. Just a few more photos from the recent Thunder Road Golden Anniversary Tour held on June 20-22, 2008
  2. Congratulations to the East Tennessee Region AACA.... and especially Randy Moats.... for a great tour during June 20-22, 2008 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Thunder Road movie premiere! Di and I and our daughter Shannon had a great time on the tour. This was a great follow-up to last year's 2007 Thunder Road 50th Anniversary Tour hosted by the Great Smokey Mountain Region AACA. The 2007 tour commemorated the 1957 filming of the movie in North Carolina. Di and I and our daughters attended the the 2007 tour in North Carolina that visited the filming locations and other places during the weekend. We had such a good time that we were very interested when it was announced at the time that another Thunder Road 50th Anniversary tour may be planned in Tennessee for 2008. Actor James Mitchum, who starred in the movie with his father attended both the 2007 and 2008 tours. The three day tour this year included beautiful destinations in both Tennessee and Kentucky. The grand finale of the tour was the showing of the movie at the historic Tennessee Theater in Knoxville, Tennessee (where I believe the movie originally premiered). The street in front of the theater was closed off with the Thunder Road Tour cars displayed on both sides of the street. A simulated chase between a 1950 Ford moonshine hauler car and a 1958 Ford police car was also staged on the street. The public turned out in large numbers for the event. The enormous historic theater was packed for the showing of the movie. Approximately 50 cars were on the 2008 Thunder Road 50th Anniversary Tour, consisting primarily of cars from Tennessee, but also from North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Maryland. Our 1949 Plymouth and a 1956 Ford from our Region (which also made the 2007 tour) represented Maryland. Thanks to Randy and all of the great people we met on the tour for a great weekend.
  3. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Steve Moskowitz</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I am a bit surprised by the unique cover not generating any discussion on our site.... </div></div> Steve, Perhaps we've gotten spoiled from such great work done on Antique Automobile, both in its covers and content that it doesnt surprise us any more. I know after receiving our issue, I kept picking it up and looking at the front and back cover a number of times before I had a time to sit down to read the content. I kept thinking about how it was a great cover idea and it was so well done, and when I finally did get a chance to read it, the article was great. I don't believe that the car and story was too old. Di and I both love all old cars from the earliest pre-brass horseless carriages to the 60s and early 70s factory muscle cars. We love to read about all of them!
  4. I did a quick 30 second search on the AACA Library & Research Center online catalog for literature on thye Kline Kar and came up with the following: Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">KLINE KAR 1911 </span>/ B.C.K. MOTOR CAR CO., York, Pa. Marque or Author Kline Kar 1911 Summary: 7x10 two-color catalog; 36 pages plus covers; Copyright, 1911; Catalogue G-11; dealer imprint on title page and pencil notes on front cover and page 14. Illustrates, details features, includes standard/optional equipment, and provides specifications/prices for Kline Kar four/six cylinder passenger and commerical models. Call number: 98-K0409 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">KLINE KAR: ANNOUNCING Series "D" Models </span>1915...KLINE MOTOR CAR CORPORATION, Richmond, Virginia Marque or Author Kline Kar 1915 Summary: 6 7/8x10 two-color catalog; 8 pages. Illustrates, details features, includes standard equipment, and provides specifications/prices for the above-titled models. Call number: 98-K0410 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">THIRD SERIES / KLINE KAR MODEL SIX-THIRTY-EIGHT </span> Marque or Author Kline Kar 1918 Summary: One-color sheet folded to 9 1/8x12 1/8 and printed two sides; major repairs to folder. Illustrates, details features, includes standard/optional equipment, and provides specifications/prices for the above-titled models. Call number: 98-K0411 Title: Instruction Book: MODEL 6-55 / KLINE KAR / Marque or Author Kline Kar 1922 Summary: 5 3/8x7.75 one-color manual; 32 pages plus covers; date in ink on front cover. Illustrates and provides instructions for the operation and care of the above-titled models. Call number: 98-K0412 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">Kline Kar Clippings </span> Marque or Author Kline Kar 1910-23 Summary: A small variety of one-color newspaper/magazine advertise- ments and a December, 1992/January, 1993 issue of RICHMOND SURROUNDINGS magazine. All pieces pertain to Kline Kar models, the company, etc., for the period, both in York, PA, and Richmond, VA. Call number: 98-K0413 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">Advance Information ABOUT THE 1911 KLINE KAR: A COMPLETE LINE </span> Marque or Author Kline Kar 1911 Summary: Six photocopied pages of a 7x10.75 two-color catalog; dealer imprint on front. Illustrates, highlights features, and provides specifica- tions for 6-60, 4-40, 6-50, and 4-30 models. Call number: 99-K0560 Title: Custom Built KLINE KAR Model 6-55 Marque or Author Kline Kar 1921 Summary: Two-color sheet folded to 4x9 1/2; printed two sides in Richmond, VA.; eight panels; Auto Show, Jan. 1921 rubber stamped on front. Illustrates, highlights features, includes standard equip-ment, lists colors, and provides specifications for the above-titled models. Call number: 06-K0904 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">KLINE KAR 1912 </span> Marque or Author Kline Kar 1912 Summary: Thirty-eight photocopied pages stapled together; cover and title page are in color. Illustrates, details features, includes standard/optional equipment, and provides specifications/prices for the above-titled 4-30, 4-40, 6-50, and 6-60 models; also relates testimonials and some competition successes for 1911. Call number: 07-K0912 If you are interested in obtaining copies of any of the pieces listed or to see if the Library has more literature not listed on the online catalog, you can contact the AACA Librarian Kim Miller or any of the Library staff at (717) 534-2082 or Hope this helps.
  5. I did a quick 30 second search of the AACA Library & Research Center online catalog ( and came up with the following: Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">Moore 1906-07 Clippi</span>ngs Marque or Author Moore (Bridgeport, CT/New York City) 1906-07 Summary: A very small variety of non-color magazine advertisements and misc. clipping; also includes a page from the STANDARD CATALOG OF AMERICAN CARS. Illustrates the "Ball Bearing Car" manufactured by The Moore Automobile Company in Bridgeport, CT with offices in New York City. Call number: 07-M6991 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">MOORE "30" MODEL C</span>. Marque or Author Moore (Danville, IL) 1919 Summary: 7 1/2x10 non-color sheet printed two sides. Illustrates and provides specifications/price for the above-titled touring car model. Call number: 07-M6992 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">MOORE "30" SPORT MODEL </span> Marque or Author Moore (Danville, IL) 1919 Summary: 7 1/2x10 non-color sheet printed two sides. Illustrates and provides specifications/price for the above-titled model. Call number: 07-M6993 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">Moore 1918-20 Clippings </span> Marque or Author Moore (Danville, IL) 1918-20 Summary: A very small variety of non-color newspaper and magazine advertisements and misc. clippings; also includes a page from the STANDARD CATALOG OF AMERICAN CARS. All pieces pertain to Moore models manufactured in Minneapolis, Minn. and Danville, Ill. for the period. Call number: 07-M6994 Title: <span style="font-weight: bold">Moore-Car Clippings </span> Marque or Author Moore-Car (Indianapolis, IN) 1917 Summary: Two non-color magazine advertisements and one misc. clipping. All pieces pertain to the above-titled two-wheeled car. Call number: 07-M6995 You can contact Librarian Kim Miller at or call 717-534-2082 to see about getting copies or to see if the Library might have any other literature on the Moore automobile. Hope this helps.
  6. Leonard, Yes... I meant to say Martinsburg WV Thats what happens when you try to make your fingers type faster than their capability... sorry.
  7. Th Shenandoah Region's Apple Blossom Meet is held in the Jim Barnett Park in Winchester. There is a judged car show, car corral, a flea market, and food vendors. The event flyer is online at: Show car registration opens at 8:00am. Most of the cars that attend the meet are pre-registered by the April deadline. They will let you register the day of the show but all day of show registrations are parked down the hill from the main show field and are not judged or receive a dash plaque. only pre-registered cars are judged. Its a fun show that we have attended for many years, and yes, rain has occurred an a number of them. When it does rain, the Region makes an effort to keep the mud down. Most of the show field is on high ground, so most any mud is on the entrance path. The show field always has lots of interesting vehicles on it. They still do the tour on Friday and the early bird party on Friday night for pre-registered attendees. This year, it appears the tour is going to a private car museum in Martinsburg Va.
  8. Mark, The web sites are eligible for the same type of awards as the newsletters. Those are (in ascending order): Award of Merit Award of Distinction Award of Excellence Then there is the Master Webmaster Award which is similar to the Master Editor awards for newsletter editors.
  9. I agree with Peter that you might want to give the AACA Library & Research Center a try. I did a quick 30 second search of the Library's online catalog on its web site ( and found the following pieces of literature listed in the Library's collection for the cars you named: Title: ADVANCE SHEET OF 1907 GREAT SMITH CAR Marque or Author Smith (Topeka, KS) 1907 Title: The 1908 Great Smith Runabout-Specifications Marque or Author Smith (Topeka, KS) 1908 Title: INSTRUCTIONS AND PARTS PRICE LIST 1909-1910 (title found on the first page) Marque or Author Smith (Topeka, KS) 1909-1910 Marque or Author Sellers 1909-1912 Title: Sellers Clippings Summary: Various sizes. Several clippings, all items related to the above titled model. Call number: 07-S1177 Title: FEATURING 1921 MODELS / Jones Six PASSENGER CARS Marque or Author Jones (Wichita, KS) 1921 Title: Jones (Wichita, KS) Clippings Compilation Marque or Author Jones (Wichita, KS) 1916-21 ------------------------------------------------ Contact the AACA Librarian Kim Miller and she may be able to find more litarture on those cars and send you any copies you want for a nominal fee. You can also email Kim at to discuss litertaure on these automobiles and fees for research and copying. Good luck.
  10. This link is a good photo of both cars during the chicken contest in Rebel Without a Cause from the Internet Movie Car Database: The IMCDB lists Buz's car as a 1941 Chevrolet, but I thought 41's had the wings on the ends of the bumpers and 1940 Chevrolets had the straight bumper ends like those in the photo.. but I may be wrong.
  11. This link is a good photo of both cars during the chicken contest in Rebel Without a Cause from the Internet Movie Car Database: The IMCDB lists Buz's car as a 1941 Chevrolet, but I thought 41's had the wings on the ends of the bumpers and 1940 Chevrolets had the straight bumper ends like those in the photo.. but I may be wrong.
  12. Some of the DF'ers that have been on the Forum for a longer period of time may remember this thread. I came across it the other day as I was searching for another thread. It is quite a timely coencidence that I found it again at this time. The story continues...... About a year and a half ago, I received a phone call out of the blue from the fairly new Executive Director of the local museum in Havre de Grace (where the car was built) The museum had received a large collection of the family's personal items from the early 1900s and they wanted to make a display of the items but she knew absolutely nothing about the family, the carriage works or the automobile. It seems that everyone she talked to in town had given her my name due to my research on the topic (I didn't know anyone even remembered me). So I went to her house and spent several hours discussing the topic and before I left I gave her some prints from my presentation. A few months later, she invited me down to see the new exhibit at the museum. In addition to the items displayed, along one wall was a very nice display of my prints they had made showing various aspects of the family, carriage works and automobile. They were also nice enough to include my name on the wall display. This was about the same time that I was asked to present a shortened version on the automobile itself as part of the AACA Library & Research Center Seminar at the 2006 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, which I did. But anyhow, back to finding this post and the timely coencidence.... One of the towns that sponsored one of the historical lecture series notified me last year that 2008 would be the last year for their series. Their monthly lecture series has been going on for about 6 years (my presentation was given during the first year of the series) and they were running out of new topics so they have decied to cease the series. However, during the final year, they wanted to present what they considered their favorite topics as a kind of "best of the best" presentations from past lectures. So tomorrow night, I will be (yet again) presenting my research on the Burns Automoibile and related items. And from what I have heard there has been much interest generated and the turnout may be quite large. The company I work for found out about tomorrow night and has promoted it internally for employees wanting to attend as a group by holding a gettogether beforehand and providing dinner for those attending the presentation! This may indeed be the last hurrah for something that has gone further than I ever imagined on an obscure early 20th century automobile that no one remembered was built (but anyone that has read the previous posts knows that I have mistakenly thought the same a number of times before). I still intend to provide a copy of the presentation and accompanying notes to the AACA Library as soon as I have time to make the notes more user friendly. Thanks to all the moral support form my DFer friends over the years. Its been a fun ride.
  13. Hi everyone! I need help to help a friend (who is a fellow AACA member)! My friend is restoring a 1926 Pontiac Coupe (Model 6640). His car is missing the latch mechanism on the inside of the trunk lid. The latch is a unique twin lever design that Pontiac used only on the first year of production. From 1927 on, they used a more commonly used latch design. My friend has searched high and low for a latch but has been unsuccessful. Attached are some photos that I took of the trunk latch on Pontiac #1 from the General Motors Heritage Collection when it was displayed in the AACA Annual Meeting Trade Show a few years ago. I am hoping to find someone that may either: 1. have a working latch like that used on the 1926 Pontiac Coupe that they are willing to sell, or 2. have a latch he can borrow for a while in order to try to replicate the assembly, or 3. be able to tell us if the latch was used on any other make of automobile in the 1920s. Any and all information and/or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. #2 is a good idea TG (a lot more useful and a lot less painfull than #1 ) I had already posted the theft warning in our Region newsletter when I was preparing it for this month. Perhaps all of the AACA Region/Chapter newsletters can post the info to spread the news. I always try to include useful information from the DF in our Region's newsletter when the opportunity arises. Lets hope the stolen items are found and returned intact.
  15. Hi Terry, Baltimore, Ohio is just outside of Columbus. Both Champion and Autolite have or had spark plug plants in Ohio. Champion has a plant in Toldeo and about 60 miles east of Columbus in Cambridge; and Autolite had a plant about 120 miles north of Columbus in Fostoria. Was thinking maybe one of these companies, (or maybe another company entirely) also had a plant near Columbus at one time? Just a thought.... might be wrong... most likely.... ahhh.. forget it....
  16. Hey Rick! Thanks for the reply; it solved the debate.
  17. Having a debate here..... Could someone please settle it by telling me what the correct color is for the underneath of the fenders on a 1936 Ford? Body color? Black? Thanks for any and all assistance.
  18. The following URL is a page by page scan of a Brooks Steamer automobile sales brochure with some interesting photos of its internals:,%20Brooks_Steamer.htm
  19. West and David, Thanks for the responses. I emailed Dave about the name of the restaurant after West's reply but I think you are correct David... as I remember the name was unique sounding. Looked up Yonny's on the web and it sounds like it could be the place and looing at mapquest, it is within an easy walk from the hotel. Was thinking of trying out the place on Sunday before we leave for home(instead of the $15 breakfast buffet at the hotel) but I see it is open only Monday through Friday. Might try on Thursday or Friday if the coffee and donuts on the Ballromm level don't do it.
  20. Last year near the end of the Annual Meeting, I seem to remember hearing another AACA member mention they had found a place for breakfast within walking distance from the hotel. It was a small place with good food that could be gotten to by walking south from the hotel on 17th Street a few blocks and turning east on a cross street. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name or exact location of the place. Does anyone know of such a place that fits the description? Thanks.
  21. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: R W Burgess</div><div class="ubbcode-body">West, that's supposed to be our little secret!!!! </div></div> Wayne, I hate to break your heart but I think the secret is out I've seen Kim offer kisses to lots of people at the L&RC.. even total strangers, right there at her desk. And if the person really likes the kiss they get from Kim, she'll offer to give them another kiss.
  22. A lengthy history of Murray including some photos and drawings is preesented on the Coachbuilt site at: Hope this helps.
  23. It is actually a 2 day event. The AACA calendar (see link in the yellow header above) shows the following information: March 21-22 - Frederick, MD - AACA Sugerloaf Mountain Region's 38th Annual Indoor/Outdoor Auto Parts Meet & Parts Auction. For more information contact: Robert Clubb (301) 831-0300 or email:, fax (301) 831-5144 Have been attending this for many years. I don't always find something I can't live without, but its an enjoyable swap to attend. I'll keep an eye out for you Terry.
  24. Di and I wish Peter a very Happy Birthday!
  25. Earl, I don't know what any of the others who mentioned quality might have been thinking, but I was not refering to the quality of writing in terms of phrase and prose. Maybe quality was a bad word to use. I was thinking more on items such as the logic and use of the newsletter layout and presentation, and the usefulness of the information provided, among other things. In my opinion, a well laid out newsletter not only shows the time and effort put into it, but it also tends to make the members more likely to read the information in it. For an extremely exagerated example: 1. The AACA is having a tour in Virginia. 2. The Northern Neck Region AACA is hosting a Glidden Tour in Warsaw, Virginia during June 3-7, 2008. For more information, contact Wild Wayne Burgess at 1-800-BIGRIGS. #1 technically fills the requirement of presenting an AACA news item but has little usefulness while #2 provides the information that is more useful to the reader and wasn't the work worthy of a Pulitzer Prize winner.