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  1. Tom I would like to thank you for the lead on the 31 Oakland Manual. I have been trying to find a hard copy and your lead did the trick. Lisa was very easy to work with and they have the product. Thanks again Bob Cirilli
  2. That is really sad he did a lot to support and promote the hobby.
  3. Harold has been very active with Brass era cars, evenings on tours amounted to going to the hospitality room and like kids around a camp fire just sitting back and listening to the master speak.
  4. I am attaching some sad news that was posted on the Brass Buick web site, I am sure many of you know Harold. It is a sad subject but I can't pussyfoot around it. Harold was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1999. At that time the life expectancy was about 3-4 years. He's had good medical care and for a long while (as cancer of this kind goes) has enjoyed driving his antique car, writing his book, and giving advice. A couple of months ago, as predicted, his kidney function failed. Dialysis has not helped him and today he and his doctor agreed to stop it and concentate on keeping him pain free so that he can die peacefully. If you are one of his many frinds and would like to send him a message please address it to haroldnjo@cox. com and I will be sure that he gets it. I'm not computer-savvy enough to deal with messages on the BB site. Joanna Sharon
  5. The fitting is tight, I will try to attach a picture.
  6. I have paint cards for 1930 and 1931, unfortunately they don't help a lot as the colors have faded to the dark side. In 30 Buick had Aristo Gray, Verda Grey, Etoile Blue, Gramercy Blue, Aristo green, Boulevard Maroon, Algonquin Green, Valescure Brown, Valescure Tan, and Cairo Green. For 31 Classic Blue, Sport Tan, Capital Maroon, Everglades Blue, Chancellor Blue, Venetian Yellow, Cavendish Green, Korenzo Blue and Chatham Beige. I hope this helps a little but I am sure there are better sources.
  7. I will attemp to tighten it up some more but I think it is pretty snug. I don't want to make it worse. Is there supposed to be a gasket of any type in there? It was attached when I bought the car, it had not run in 22 years.
  8. On the top of my 31 Buick motor is a water jacket that takes coolant from the radiator through the block. At the end is a fitting that the water temp gauage turns into. That joint is worn and of course leak when the engine runs. It is made of a metal like pot metal. Does anyone have any idea on how that is repaired?
  9. Can anyone tell me the types of horns used on a 31 Buick series 65? Some people tell me they were Delco, my book says they were Klaxon model K-18-C.
  10. I know I should remember this but I don't. I just purchsed a 31 Buick Phaeton that has not been run in 22 years. As you would expect the old fuel has turned to Lacquer or Varnish. At any rate it is hard as a rock and needs to be removed before I can try to start it. I can't remember the best ways to get it to soften up so it can be removed. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. I resently purchased a 1931 Buick 8-60 model 65. It is a five passenger touring that has not been run in some 22 years. The car is very complete but in need of everything. I am not very familar with Buicks so I have questions. The engine is loose but before trying to run it I want to put some oil in the cylinders. My thought was to very simply pull the plugs and squirt some oil in. That is when I had my first problem. None of my Sockets that appear the right size will go in deep enough to hit the plug base. There appears to be a metal flared ring inserted in the block around each plug. Am I missing something? Does that ring come out or is there a special method for removing these plugs? Thanks.
  12. I don't believe I will go this year because there are just to many things on my plate. I have attended 21 of the last 25 years. I always enjoy the fellowship and the seminars. There is always something new. I enjoy going to the auction and used to assist with it and had been on the board and committees. It is a good relaxing few days.
  13. Thank you to those who contacted me. It was in my Dyke's all the time. I just didn't look in the right place.
  14. Can anyone give me a source to understand how an early teens transmission works. One such as were used in Buicks, model T's etc. I would apreciate info leading to pictures and verbal explainations. All I know is that bands stop certain parts of the tranny from working and that makes the car go forward or backward. Not much to go on.
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