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  1. I looked at the photos and it sure looks like Studebaker. The only guy I can think of messing with 25 and 26 was Bob Burk. I remember him telling me about the goofy brakes. He is in Elefredia, Az now. Past ASC president.
  2. Is what you have a race car or are you making one from what you have? The car was originally a touring car. I know where there are touring body parts. I think Dick Quinn took photos of it when we seen it around 2009.
  3. Nicolas Could you post a photo of what you have? If you are thinking of making it the original FEL-2 I know where there is a rear touring tub and 3 doors and one spacer between the doors. That would make the only body metal to be made the one door and spacer. And all the wood. The full size to scale body prints are available from the Studebaker museum.
  4. Ignacio and his dad at my shop putting a 31 roadster together in 4 days.
  5. The "cylinder head was repair and the numbers were erased. For my bad luck without the engine and chassis number I can't enroll it. Will there be a way to identify these numbers? Nicolas the motor number was stamped on 3 areas. The top of the block twice. This is where they get removed when resurfaced. But the other number is on the front of the block under the support plate and should still be there.
  6. Nicolas I have read your other posts and now know what you are working on. I will be glad to help. First do you know Ignacio Antoine in Chille? I sold him a 1931 president roadster last year and helped him on two 1930 president cabriolets. He should have all the motor info I supplied. Contact me at studerex@aol.com for contact info and any info you need. Your motor was cast march 2nd 1930. The body started as a FEL2 president touring and body #6. The B is unknown. Rex Ignacio Antoine J. Gerente General Constructora Alfavial Ltda. Longitudinal Sur Km 683 Oriente Sector Metrenco - Temuco
  7. Have some president motors. What are you working on and what do you need?
  8. Hey Tom, What's the latest on the ASC meet since the SDC has canceled their Chattanooga meet?
  9. Has headlight shields and check out the location of the rear view mirror.
  10. You can check with the Studebaker museum for the body prints. They had them for my 29 and 31. And I've seen many others there. The body prints are full size to scale and will show the wood patterns. Expensive though. The wood was white ash.
  11. I had to make that rumble seat rain gutter when doing my 29 president roadster. Might still have the old one around for pattern.
  12. The 5 hole was 28 to 31 president. The round gauges are 32 33. What are you working on?
  13. Ross has the pistons, Egge the valves and guides, Olsons has the gaskets. Have the bearings babbitted.
  14. I'll take them. Do you take paypal? studerex@aol.com
  15. Also 2 different style winged headlights. And cowl lights.
  16. 1928 had a 8 on the headlights and a different 8 on the cross bar than the 29. See photos.
  17. If you are not staying original you can always change to a 12 volt negative ground. Here is a photo of the change I did to the Peking to Paris 29 President. Worked perfect. Find a VW Thing or regular VW generator. They have the rear output shaft to run the water pump. The VW Thing had had higher output. Photo taken after the 38 day, 8000 mile rally.
  18. Bill, See the attached pages. Looks like the 836 could have a 927V or 929A. Wonder what the deluxe was used for.
  19. Bill I can look in my old delco books that detail the components of each generator to see the difference between the Stude and Pierce. It might be just the pulley as I think Pierce used a double belt. I have one spare 927j and know of one club member with one on the shelf.
  20. 1932 President is 927J is much more difficult to find than 955C. Don't know if Pierce is the same.
  21. Hey Steve. He moved and the car is for sale. Contact Quinn if interested.
  22. What car did that gauge cluster in the upper photo come out of?
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