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  1. I knew I had more. Let me know how you project is going.
  2. I looked today and was surprised that this is all I have in 29 30 president steering. I've parted out so many.
  3. I know you enjoy the challenge of doing these projects the hard way. The farm tractor guys do supply the pins and shafts. Check the sizes that might fit. I also might have a gear box around here. I parted out many 29 and 30s. Also the early ones that did not have a adjusting screw did the adjustment by cover shims. https://antique-tractor-parts.steinertractor.com/tractor/Steering-Gearbox
  4. One of you 38 guys should start a roster. I know of two 38 coupes.
  5. I spoke with Tom on Monday. He is OK, but still recovering. He said he had to threaten to call the police to get out on the nursing home.
  6. When I did my 35 it used the wing type joint. Also the front upper control arm used the joint end caps. This company can cover all your u joint needs. https://www.actionmachineinc.com/collections/wing-u-joint Right down the street from the old studebaker plant.
  7. Thanks for the new word. Had to google it.
  8. I have a extra body by studebaker tag I will trade.
  9. I'll check some tomorrow. I think they are 1/4 -28.
  10. What cowl are you looking for? I have a few.
  11. invest in a shop manual. Has info on axle bearings end play adjustment. Important.
  12. Sean Before you remove the whole clutch assembly to see what was none in the restoration before you bought the car, there is the adjustment you can try. See attached photo. On the center plate E2-5 are 6 spring fingers, E2-6 that push the plate away from the flywheel. Inspect those. They become flatten or broken. If they are good then adjust the center plate by turning screw E1-34 in until touching center plate, then back off 4 notches of adjuster. Rex
  13. If you have a choice put in a 40 or later overdrive.
  14. Yes Alex, I seen it when Mike Race owned it and rode in it with Ed Prince when he had it. Solid car. Enjoy.
  15. Hey Alex, don't give up so soon. You have only had it about a year.
  16. Club member Bob Erdelyi made them before he pasted. I bought his molds but haven't made any. I might have a set laying around. Shrock made them for awhile but out of urathane which can split under load.
  17. 1929 Studebaker president . I bought it in a 3 car package over 10 years ago. Need to move to make room. Drive train was removed when I got it, but will go with body. Interior is still there. It has no rust and wood is good. 8500.00 sold with bill of sale. Located in South Bend indiana
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