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  1. It's stock. They often are lost because of the difficulty to put it back on. Do you have the rest of it?
  2. look on the top and you will see stamped the name burgess air silencer. Want to sell it?
  3. Yep, you have to have the key also. Is there a number on the tumbler face. I have over 100 different studebaker keys from a locksmith.
  4. You will have to drill a hole in the right place.
  5. Tom, I have those 31 hood corners for 31 commander and president. Mesange me if you want them.
  6. There were many parts that Tom and Dave made that were not their web site. They are good guys that would make a part when asked but never put it on the website. I am still going through they molds and am shocked at what they made with limited application, like floor steering column plates for right hand drive.
  7. Dave See attached photos of what is needed to hold your horn button in place. I do not have enough (3 pieces) but will be making more.
  8. Yes, just now starting to get things in order. Over a 1000 molds. Some inventory already made in stock. Rubber first then plastic and then steering wheels. http://www.shrockbrothers.com/studebaker_reproduction_parts.html for list of items.
  9. I have those rubber horn button retainers. I bought the Shrock brothers inventory and molds. Better than a piece of paper.
  10. The first thing I would look at is the condition of the upper A arm rubber bushings.
  11. Gary, I remember now, I have a exhaust pipe cut to size.
  12. speedi sleeve comes with the tool. It does not stick out. see photos.
  13. I have changed to a modern seal on over a dozen cars. I remove the slinger and install a speedi sleeve. I have the numbers of the sleeve and seal if you want to go that way.
  14. Olsons gaskets should have it. https://www.olsonsgaskets.com/
  15. It looks like a 1940 president that I was just working on and adjusting.
  16. I don't have a answer for your problem, but I have used their coils on my presidents with no problems. Keep us posted on your results.
  17. We should be here. Just sold this one with a good steering and shock links. Street rodder should not need them.
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