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  1. Here is a president. When you view the car next week the body code tag is located under the hood, mounted on the drivers side cowl edge where the welting meets the hood. Tag location photo.
  2. Chis Tom Shrock made them but labeled them as 35. I bought all the molds from the Shrocks but have not found that mold yet. Many many molds. I know I did not get the metal logo molds. If I find the patterns I will make some.
  3. There is a shaft/pin that runs through the trans case to the od case. When the trans is put in reverse the gear pushes the pin rearward and disengages the overdrive. The pin is either missing or damaged.
  4. Still have the 29 touring in storage. Keeps my other cars company.
  5. You should check with the museum for the body prints. I have bought the full sized prints to scale from the museum for 29, 31 and 35 presidents. And have seen prints there for earlier bodies so you might be in luck. The prints will show the details you are asking about.
  6. This is where I get mine. https://www.restorationspecialties.com/
  7. post a photo of what you have to find out if it is correct.
  8. I don't know what this came out of. I have parted out many 1929 to 31 presidents. Do you think it will work?
  9. 1931 president and commander used tilt ray until the last month of production than used glo lite.. 1932 and 33 used stabilite and glo lite. Sorry never researched the details on models and when the change happened. Maybe Quinn has the details. Easy way to spot 31 from 32/33 is the 31 is a split rim with a medalion on the bottom covering the split. 31 large and 32/33 smaller. see photos
  10. Message sent. Need to know the number of door trim 44 3/4 pieces and the number of hood pieces. And price. Thanks.
  11. The door trim is 44 11/16. The upper and lower and right and left are the same number 274587. The rear quarter trim is 47 upper and 47 1/8 lower. One end is capped on each which is the reason for the 4 different part numbers. The commander hood trim is about 61 inches and could be made to work, but I want to try finding the right trim first before making something work. If anyone needs trim for a 4 door I have parted out several and have a bundle of shorter trim. Also I am willing to buy a parts car that has these trim pieces.
  12. Wow, nice find. I never would have thought the champ 2 door sedan and commander coupe sedan doors were the same length. Can you check the length of the ones you have to compare? Thanks.
  13. Looking for the stainless body trim for a 41 commander coupe sedan. I have the hood and cowl trim. Anyone know of a parts car that has this trim? If part numbers help they are 274587 for the door and 281066, 281067, 281068, and 281069 on the body.
  14. Not Fords, but I bought his also.
  15. I have had six 31 roadsters. Moved on to a 32 president. and a 29
  16. Yes. But I will have to search for those lights again. That was a year and 1/2 ago and things get buried in my buildings.
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