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  1. Just a quick update. My daughter is now 8 and the twins will be 7 in December. I still look at a few things here. I did go to Hershey this past October, only for two days! Family comes first, I have been working a lot, so I had to work the weekend of Hershey. I did have dinner with Novaman of this site. I plan to attend Philly again, I am bringing the twins. I am still involved in Autism fund raising www.ddiinfo.org www.yap-cf.org and for the summer camp that Olivia attends for disabled children. Special Summer Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck Children Disability Long Island We all went to Disney World the l
  2. It is good to see some people still remember me. I am going to try to be active here more often.
  3. Hello forum folks. Some of you may remember me. I was active here in the horseless carriage age of this forum and now I am going to try to get back into things a bit. I saw webmaster Peter G in Philly over the weekend and he asked me to get involved again. I was an admin/moderator and I have been off the DF for quite some time. I have 6 yr old twin boys (Jon & Nick) that were born 11 weeks early and a daughter, Olivia who has Autism confirmed about a year later. I can let my old friends know that the boys are now main streamed since 9/2010 and Olivia is making very good progress. If you re
  4. I decided not to register my trailer in New York this year, the fee went up $30+ to bail out the MTA, and I don't use it much. (The Metropolitan Transportaion Authority, in down state NY got this $30+ on all car reg, including antique, along with a new payroll tax on top of the mortage tax and phone tax, etc. it already had.) A friend said he has his registered in Maine. Is anyone familiar with this and how it is done?:mad:
  5. It was good seeing all of my friends from national, you were one of the few people I saw at Hershey, I was there for two days, but having the knee surgery 6 weeks before was a little difficult to get around. (I didn't want to break my streak of 22 Hershey's in a row and going to Hershey is nornal, so it helped to set a goal to build strenght) I did make it to Macungie, PA. with the twins in August and I am planning to go to Rhinebeck, NY in May and try to get to some of the bigger local shows. I did take them to the Vanderbilt Cup Region indoor flea market on the 14th, this was their third vi
  6. For those of you who are old timers on the DF, this is from Christmas 2009, several people at Philly 2010 said I should do an update for the forum folks Another year gone by and time to write another Christmas letter to update everyone on our activities or lack of them. One thing that curbed our activity level this year was an accident Sal incurred doing yard work last Memorial Day. While weeding and trimming bushes, he decided to climb a chain link fence, landed the wrong way, and tore his ACL (ligament) in his left knee incapacitating him for months. Several braces, crutches, and an oper
  7. NEW UPDATE I made it to Magungie with my 4 1/2 year old twin boys on Saturday. I have surgery on the ACL on 8/27/09, doing well enough to go to Hershey, I will drive down Tuesday and be on the fields on Wednesday.
  8. Hello AACA, A lot of you old timers will remember me, some will not. I was very active hear a few years ago. An update on what I have been up to, but first a quick recap. I have a daughter who has Autism and twin boys who were born 11 weeks early. Olivia is now six and doing well in her class. She was receiving home services for a year and then at age 3 went to a school for Autistic kids that uses the ABA method (Applied Behavioral Analysis), she was there for 27 months ending in August 2008. The class is a 6:1:3.5, meaning 6 kids, one special ed teacher and 3.5 aids, but they had 5 aids, more
  9. Thanks to everyone for the comments, I hope to be back on the DF more frequently. Note to Steve Braverman: I do not remember that turn in the Model A the same way you do, I remember it being a little bit more dangerous! Sal
  10. Hi folks, Some of you will remember me, I was here every day a few years back. A quick update. (Sorry Terry Bond, for the delay) I have been busy of late with my three kids, and charitable work. As some of you may know my daughter, Olivia 4 1/2, has Autism. She has been receiving services for almost 3 years, first through a county, (Suffolk) and New York State program for early intervention for children under 3. We had speech, Special Ed, occupational thearpy (O/T)and physical therapy (P/T) at home. We then got the Autism/PDD NOS results and she has been in a special day school since June 2006
  11. http://www.weather.com/weather/local/USPA0710?from=recentsearch
  12. NEW JERSEY ANKOKAS REGION Thomas McLarney 212 Leon Avenue Delran, NJ 08075 GARDEN STATE HALF CENTURY REGION Eugene P. Tesch 40 Sandra Lane Wayne, NJ 07470 GARDEN STATE MODEL A REGION Richard F. Howey Sr 17 Bancroft Road Marlton, NJ 08053 JERSEY CAPE REGION Dorothy Maxwell 1217 Elmhurst Avenue Pleasantville, NJ 08232 MID-JERSEY REGION George Pywowarin 10 Greenview Drive Chesterfield, NJ 08620 NEW JERSEY REGION Matthew Verzl PO Box 65 East Hanover, NJ 07936 NEW JERSEY REGION WATCHUNG MOUNTAIN CHAPTER Paul F. Kielblock 162 Baskingridge Road Millington, NJ 07946
  13. I use J C Taylor for my 1925 Model T Touring and pay $117 for a value of $11G and coverage for passengers out of state. My independent prewar club on Long Island pays less then $300 for 75 members with Haggerty. Both have been in the business for years.
  14. This was discussed at Philly, there are people trying to do this, but many road blocks. The presentors at the seminar on plates plan to do it again next year.
  15. http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/tenday/17033?from=36hr_fcst10DayLink_business
  16. Well, got mine today on Long Island, always shows ip late. (Yes, I am in the data base correctly for mail.)
  17. No sign of it on Long Island, we always seem to get if all of you guys. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
  18. What about all the guys using their spaces just for camping or parking their car? You will never catch me using my space for parking my car. (That's because I quickly park and start walking the fields) <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  19. Model T's are getting better money in recent years, take a look at the $ they are getting on ebay. My '25 touring is worth $11 to $12K, I would call a Model T parts dealer and ask questions, don't use the 800 #, spend your own coin. I have spoken to Lang's and got good info in the past Lang's Old Car Parts, Winchendon, Mass 1-978-297-1919 Gaslight Auto Parts, Urbana, OH 1-937-652-2145 Mac's Lockport, NY 1-716-433-1500 Snyder's Old Car Part, New Springfield, OH ?(has a web site)
  20. Hi friends. Just a quick update, the twins are almost 16 months old and doing well, starting to take first steps. Doctor visits are less and they are growing and sleeping better. I have not been on the site in weeks, time is limited, but things are getting better. Hope to see many of you at Rhinebeck, NY in May and Macungie, Pa in August and Hershey.
  21. I went for the first time. Good event, easy to find 5 miles off the end of the Jersey Turnpike. No admission or parking fee (we part on the sod farm) 150 miles from central Long Island. Six hours in the car, 2 hrs onsite. Not a good show for me, I have two '25 Model T's, but if you are into 60's to 80's a great event. Bought 1 dozen work gloves for $15 bucks. Met Peter J. and Fran Shore (Peter will deliver the raffle car to me when I win) Sold and light rain, but by Hershey standards no big deal. Traffic at 9:30 was heavy, when we left it was crazy.
  22. Wayne, Checked out your pictures, wish I was in Philly. I am waiting for 12 inches of snow Saturday night. So little snow this season, it will be the first use of the Troy Built of the season. Give my regards to all our friends. Sal PS The kids are doing well, 14 months old and getting stronger all the time.
  23. Got my 1999 Taurus inspected a few months back, they now have a new machine that plugs in under the dash and talks to your computer, they put on an old fashion sticker with 12 months and a hole punch. They place needs two machines now. I think the guy said the new machine is 97 and up.
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