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  1. I am looking for the commercial rims with 6 holes and one large center hole for my '37 Cadillac sedan Do you have theses?
  2. Not sure but when we sell a car here in Pa you have to have it noterized in order to be legal transaction , I think this is also to protect the seller from being resposable for the car once you sell it, BUT you must transfer the title at the same time, to just sell a car without a title if you had one for it I think is silly on your part since you would be responsible for that car till a New title was issued for it. But in some cases let's say a Model T you built from parts, You have to prove where you got the parts etc before you can get a title from the state or you can skip all that and just get one from a place like Broadway Title. they are supposed to do the research and make sure there is not outstanding titles on that car, truck etc. I wonder if they ever find one what happens. Anyone know?
  3. I know they are on the map but are they going to be there ? The map said they were supposed to be by the golf course building like in Previous years but I hobbled all the way down to find no showers last year. Has this be fixed? the only ones on this years map is in the service building that a long way from the orange or Green fields. what gives? The ones on the end of the Green field was great when they they were there a few years back.
  4. The lettering on this bus is done in Gold Leaf or mostof it was anyway I have a sign guy that will do it in free hand style using the pictures I have from England of another bus that is like mine. I have also been finding on E-bay decals that they used in my era bus for the interior. That still needs loads of work so I'm not sure they will be re done for this year, I'm trying to get the exterior finished by the end of May, then go to the apolstery place and get the seats recovered. I just purchased 25 meters of the original style fabric, Just have to figure out how to get it to the USA cheap. it mioght be cheaper if I flew over and got it then to have it shipped. I would hate to restore this bus with out this seat covering. Up stairs I'm doing original style in Leather $$$$ or maybe Vynle if the leather is way over budget. with 30 seat sections it's going to cost me a fortune. Anyway thanks for the tips and help. I'm hoping to have a good easy spot in Hershey to get out of the field and have the bus there this year. even if not finished to show. Come see me and introduce yourself. You will not have a hard time finding this bus in the fields
  5. on the plating of the bolts if you have a company tha tis doing thier own plateing like Fasten all or a local hardware company sometimes they will plate your bolts for you of course for s fee. I have used that crome paint with good results, if you do a good sanding and de greasing of theheads first the paint sticks very well. But if you want to do it yourself there are a few sites on line that tell you how to set up your own plating vats. why not black oxide the parts insead of cad plating since cad plating is not an original part item . You can get Black oxide kits on line also or from MSC tool supply.
  6. Just wondering how my bus would be judged I'm hoping to have the exterior done to original colors with some signs that should be on it. How would the judges know what should be on the bus and what should not? How do I prove this is original? The interior may or may not be done by Hershey, I have decided to restore the bus 99% correct there will be an addition to some of the seats changed to a sleeping area but nothing really outstanding. No kitchen no bath room Just minor changes like a rear seat removed for the spare front tire. and New heating, the old units might still be in the bus but not hooked up. How do you judge something like this. this is how it looked when I bought it, it's now being painted Blue & Cream Mark Golding
  7. Hi again, am I to understand what your calling a "chat" is just another secret board? or forum like this one? or is it a LIVE chat where folks talk to each other on line? that's what a Chat is to me. check out this chat site http://pub20.bravenet.com/chat/show.php/1656280923 this takes a few seconds to load . What we do is set a time , weekly usually and meet in the chat room for a few hours and chat about bus problems , or in the Model T club ,T Problems etc. Anyone can use this any time they want this is on the British Bus Club's web site http://www.britishbusclub.org
  8. I for one will never post that many posts , And the basement chat is not that important but the information I gleen from this site is. I'm a member of AACA in good standing for many years, I sell at Hershey and some other car shows, But the need for a chat that you have to have a large amount of post to be able to read is kind of silly, the folks that need a chat to help restore a car are the ones that should be allowed to chat at any time. I have done a few web sites where I offer a free non download chat I also have MSN and ICQ and a few others so if someone is looking for Model T or TT or British Bus help I can chat with them no matter where they are, there is no set limit to time spent posting in the forum before they can chat and ask questions. Sometimes these conversations get lead astray and end up a social club but when a car question is asked they get thier answers. As for raising money for the Museum roof , that is a good thing but why not have a fund raiser just for that? And leave the chats for those that need help not hidden in the "basement" where ever that is. Like I said before I like Chats I like sharing information with others, and it should be open to anyone that wants to chat, not just those "know it all" folks that are there now.
  9. When I first got into Model T's and other antique cars and trucks my wife Peg said what can I do? boy that was a big mistake , We rebuilt about 20 T's and some other cars and now we are working on that Bristol Lodekka Bus , More seats than she really wanted to redo but she's doing them one at a time. Upstairs will be Black Vynle since Leather,like it was is very expensive and with 66 seats you have to watch what you spend on material. And she's going to learn to drive Big Blue once it's finished. This I got to see, But this is what she wants to show for the next few years. I'm hoping to have it finished for Hershey This year , or at least most of it.I ordered the original lower deck seat material from a fellow in England and I hope it will be done soon so I can get those seats done before Oct. It would be great to have the bus totally finished by then but this is a Huge project and with something like this that is so big physically and it's hard to drive Right Hand Drive and slow. Parking it is a breeze since you can see the curb but getting out of parking spots is another thing. Yep and Peg still cooks for me, Not sure how much longer that will be since more is getting done more fun this is going to be to drive around. Next stop tire shop, OH well There goes the Birthday and Christmas and every other holiday money for this year. 3 10:00 x 20's and 4 9:00 x 20 tires that's a lot all at once but I'll feel safer on new tires. this is Before I started to repaint it. I'll post a finished picture when it's done. Do we have a Club gallery?
  10. I also Thank You for clearing up that the entire white field may not be effected since I'm in the pond end where the black top stops so Maybe for this year I'll still have the same spots. Bringing this Double Decker bus for the first time to any show is going to attract a lot of attention. I am hoping I'll have the interior done also by the meet if not I will just be using the bus in my spaces this year and maybe bring it to the field for judging knowing I'm going to loose points because the interior is not finished and maybe someof the gold leaf signs on the outside of the bus. Here's a picture of it now. this is how it looked when I found it in 2002.
  11. Does any one know where they plan on moving the venders from the White & Blue Fields this year, I would like to have a heads up before sending in my money to make sure we are not going to end up in the Yellow field. I need a flat area to bring my Double Decker bus not some steep hillside. Just wondering in advance. I liked the spots I have had for the past 8 years.
  12. Hi All , Golding's T Parts, Ford Ton Truck Club and The British Bus Club will all be in my spaces this year. WCN 5&6 Hoping to get more next year some where in the same field. Just look for the bus. You all won't miss this one.
  13. I'm rewiring my bus to 12 volt from 24 volt and I need to install a flasher unit for the signals. I bought a head light plug with three wires and a flasher with three prongs , I think I have it figured out but before I burn up the system I want to make sure this is right, the prongs on the flasher are marked "P" = Power "L" = Line to turn switch? and "X" Ground this one I'm not totally sure about is this right? Thanks and stop and see the bus hopefully at Hershey this year you will not miss this bus.
  14. I have read all the replys from my post and the other persons post of getting younger folks involved. A little about me, I am 59 and just got started with Antique cars and other things, I'm retired and never really liked working on my own cars and never thought of the 56 TR-3 or the 65 Dart, or the other early cars I had as Antiques they were my daily drivers. . And to join a club , well I never even know about the clubs for cars. When I found the AACA and I did that after I got involved with Model T's and wanted to sell at Hershey. I Had to join national to sell in Hershey. So I was a Member of the AACA and did nothing else but Hershey then one afternoon a freind of mine asked if I could help him with one of his cars. Of course I said OK. From then on I was hooked, in his old barn he had what I consider a Museum, Packards,Lincolns, Cadi's, Model T's and a Saxon which I don't know how anyone ever fit into that car. Any way back to the subject in hand. I am 59 and love old cars and trucks and of course my Bus. But "We" as a club need to get more young folks involved in the local clubs, I see the younger set at the cruisin's and local one night a week car shows. But they are not involved in the club. There has been a lot of critisizium about Hot rods and Street rods, But if I remember back in the 50's and 60's Hot rods were the thing even stock Chevy's and Ford's . I think we just have to allow later cars to creap into our clubs, after all what was an antique in 1950 is really still an antique and the 1980 corvette is now an antique also, I just think that the club has been ran buy too many old folks for too long and we need "NEW BLOOD" and yes Newer cars in the club. The old cars are great but like mentioned in the other post are very expensive to repair. I have a friend spending a small fortune on a Alburn that he bought that was supposed to be restored, but still needed minor work, well a repaint and fiberglass work and interior would be way beyond my pockets and the work taking it apart and putting it back together is beyond my experences. I see why we don't go and get young folks involved , it's because the old folks kind of look down on the young guy that wants to bring his dad's 65 Mustang, or his Mom.s 81 Lincoln, etc. I just think we have to start and try harder to get young folks involved. Not just stick a car in a College hall and hope we get members, these younger guys and gals need to be shown why they should join. One thing to remember most colege kids today are on fixed incomes that thier parents give them not independly rich. I'm not giving up just getting started.
  15. Hi everyone Just wondering how your Branch of the AACA attracts younger folks to join your club? We are mostly 45-99 year olds in our club maybe one or two that are younger but want tohave the youth of the area involved in our branch How do you go and get them? Thanks , Mark G web master for the Wayne Pike region.
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